My Groceries for a Week

This is what I typically buy for the week for groceries. This represents most of the content of what I eat outside of grains and beans.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush a lot of you have asked me what i buy for my groceries every week this is what i buy i just came back from the grocery store all of this right here cost me $43.32 now this is on the expensive side because today i decided to buy something abnormal which is these medjool dates for $6.99 so if it’s not what for this it

Would have been about $35 and that’s typical what i spend this may last me 10 days i think i’m not sure it might last me a week or something i just buy you know a good amount i don’t go oh i’m gonna eat this for exactly one week or anything i just eat it until it’s basically all gone and then i go grocery shopping again it’s somewhere between 7 and 10 days everyday

I try to eat at least 2 servings of fruit one of them being an apple so i have these organic apples over here on sale for two dollars there’s seven of them in there or aren’t just two pomegranates and these cranberries i’ve never tried these fresh cranberries before so i’m very interested in trying these this rounds out to be about two fruits a day for seven days

It’ll probably last me eight or nine days even oranges cost me two dollars 32 cents each pomegranate is two dollars this bag of cranberries $2.49 purple sweet potatoes two dollars a pounds just these one two three four five six pieces is five dollars and 37 cents now most my starch would come from something like this steel cut oats and then i have a good cache of

Different kinds of beans split peas black beans garbanzo beans all kinds of whatever beans i meant you really could get one count at a time so i’ll have a huge batch of it and i can eat it over three or four days or so so i don’t have to keep on cooking new beans every single day same goes with the steel-cut oats i cook maybe two or three days worth enough of it so

That i can just pick it out and eat it the purple potato serves as a compliment maybe one day i don’t feel like eating steel-cut oats so then i would boil these potatoes with nothing else this is boiled for about 20 minutes or so until they’re tender and then i would drain the water and then i would eat one of them and then the rest of them just goes in the fridge

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And then whenever i want one of them i take one of them out serving would be about 3/4 of potato about that much and i just reheat it i have white mushrooms over here $3 a pound all of this for 487 yellow onions 2 pounds for $1 so i have 4 yellow onions $1 18 is pretty darn cheap in terms of a vegetable so i try to have more than i actually need so that whenever

I need it i generally put more into whatever i’m cooking i also have vine ripe tomatoes this is just one lime recta tomato is $1 you’re supposed to rub some garlic over the bread and also rub some tomato over the bread just to you know grab some little bits and pieces of the tomato onto the bread and it turns out those tastes pretty good so i’m gonna try that out

Myself garlic tomato bread that’s pretty easy right right now in the kitchen i have a bread that’s already finished making it’s been doing this this morning it’s been doing that for about 4 hours that also complements to what i eat in terms of starch i don’t normally eat bread but this time i’m just experimenting so i do have some wheat bread i mixed in some chia

Seeds and also some flax seed meal into that bread so we’ll see how that turns out what else it’s in here this 1-pound of baby spinach for $5 a purple cabbage this whole thing cost me $4 and this would last a really really long time it’ll be like six to eight meals worth of vegetables just from that one cabbage over there rainbow chard this one thing over here

Is $2 i’ve never had chard before i’ve never made a peep myself so i don’t even know how to make this i just soo i’m just gonna cut this up saute it or something and then try it and i think you’re not supposed to eat the stems i’m not sure i guess i’ll try to eat the stems in them it turns out too tough to eat then i won’t eat it i have these green kale over here

I know kale sounds disgusting it is to me too if you’re just eating it raw so what i do is i just make kale chips i just rip them apart two inch pieces stick it in the oven i stick it on pretty low heat for like 20 minutes or so until they dry out into a crisp so they look like little pieces of seaweed and it tastes really good that way when it’s fresh they don’t

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Taste as good at all and i don’t like it that way so that’s it i covered every little thing over here as you can see it’s pretty interesting here because most of these things i’ve had but this time is sort of new three things i’ve never bought before this rainbow chard cranberries i’ve never had these mad doodle dates and you know i really like buying brand new

Things i’ve never tried before and just trying to go you know out of my comfort zone get new things and then maybe i would really enjoy and then next time i can also get it again how did i end up getting this kale stuff is because i tried something new and i’m like hey you know i actually like it now so then i’m actually buying it all the time same thing with

This purple cabbage thing i don’t normally buy purple cabbage for the longest time in nine now i actually like it put peas it was not part of the grocery list but i just wanted to show you that you know these are the stuff i bought already that’s not part of the groceries i just bought just now so again all of this about $40 and you know if you multiply it out i

Probably spend $150 or something every single month on groceries this is not including you know the starches over here all of this is natural stuff as you can see there’s no packaged thing i mean these things it’s in the box but then there’s no preservatives in it you know the ingredients in this thing is dates dates that’s it this this cranberry stuff what’s in it

Cranberries durable preservatives in any of this stuff so you know this is the general way i like to eat and i hope this serves as a good example thanks for watching everybody this is my request so here it is this is what i buy if you’re interested suppo near this channel check out my audible link down in the video description below you don’t like this audiobook or

This service you can cancel it before this illusion expires you can still keep this audiobook and help enough at this channel as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and bring that bell icon thank you for watching okay i’m gonna try those things i bought i’ve never tried before including this cranberry thing this tastes very different than the sweeten

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Drat dried cranberries i had is this how you’re supposed to eat it i don’t know it’s like tart i’m much more airy when it’s fresh do you this might take getting some used to certainly not like blueberries this is the rainbow chard leaf i think is just gonna taste like spinach but i see it’s a bit thicker than kale tastier than kale like a thicker kind of spinach

I’m more clear with this when it’s raw yeah okay and now the mid jus round 8 there’s a pit in it and i’ve heard that it tastes kind of like caramel so it’s gonna be like a piece of candy here we go yeah tastes like mmm the inside has like a little bit of crunchiness i don’t know why mmm has a little bit of nutty flavor to it hmm i like it at $7 for that little box

I think this is about 50 cents each piece this is pretty expensive there’s this rich creamy flavor to it kind of like when i eat very rich and creamy chocolate it has that same rich flavor to it i like it this is probably better for you than chocolate but it’s very sweet so there’s a lot of sugar but then it also does have a lot more you know nutrients and fiber in

It so you still gotta eat this sparingly even though it’s like a date so there you have it mmm it was good a new thing that unfortunately expensive thing that i would buy just one second i think i talked about my bread you guys are probably interested in that let me bring it out of the machine and show you okay here it is it just came out of the bread machine i don’t

Know if i can show it to you but this thing is hot okay i’ll use my sleeve you can see like that there’s a bread inside so there it is i’m making my own bread it’s very easy just a couple of cup of flour and then i just press the button add a bunch of other ingredients in there and i left for four hours and i come back fresh loaf of bread thanks for watching everybody see you next time

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