My Name is Jeremy and…Im an Addict

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Hello my name is jeremy and i’m an addict i’m addicted to money i love fast cars i love buying stocks but i don’t love selling stocks i don’t know what it is it’s just something i don’t like about it i just can’t do it i need help i’m sorry anyways i don’t know i i recorded that literally like seven times okay and every single time i started laughing i had to

Try to keep a straight face for it we got a lot to get into today that was serious though i am an addict and i’m addicted to buying stocks and i think everybody by now knows that and i just can’t stop doing it and i bought stocks again today okay another twenty thousand i i’m literally addicted i can’t like i like i gotta increase my ownership today today i gotta i

Got a bad guy bye bye okay um i want to talk about a lot in this video i want to discuss a lot i want to show you a lot what’s going on the market i’m going to show you exactly what stocks i bought today i’m going to show you um i’m giving you my perspective on if i think this market’s got about to get a lot lot worse um i’m going to show you a graph that is uh

Somebody sent me this on instagram instagram dm today i looked at and it was this graph that shows the trajectory we’re on is very similar to 2008 right now and so i want to show you that as well and kind of give you my perspective on that now first off here so 2022 um today you know we came back strong but basically at the lows today we were down over 25 percent

On the russell small cap stocks now 25 this is no longer a small dip this is no longer a um good size dip this is a uh monster seven layer dip now at this point in time okay the qqq which is the nasdaq down 24 at the peak today these sorts of drops come very few and far between do keep that in mind but they do happen in the stock market this is not the first

Time this has happened this won’t be the last time but they do come very few and far between the s p 500 was down over 15 percent the dow uh jones the dow 30 was down around 13 at the lows here today to reference fall of 2018 dip it’s interesting so the russell’s still even at the peak of of bottom today was not down quite as much as we were in the fall of 2018

But what’s interesting is a nasdaq was actually at the peak down the lower to date than it was in that massive fall of 2018 dip which is quite interesting s p 500 is still a little ways off and dow 30 still a little ways off by the way thank you ftx for being the partner of the channel as always if you guys want to sign up for ftx use a pin comment use my referral

Code holy smokers and get yourself some free crypto when you start trading through ftx 24 7 customer support there okay now this is the worst uh start to the year b-man sent me this today worst start to the year and i’ve been covering this um i just never showed a chart essentially but this is the worst start to the year we’ve seen you know pretty much ever in

The nasdaq i mean it’s been um you know pretty much pretty darn dramatic now what you’re seeing here this looks like s p 500 here but what you would find at the nasdaq far worse than this and i mean far worse for than this what you’re seeing in front of you there that’s child’s play okay that’s child’s play compared to what the nasdaq’s been been down okay and

So the nasdaq’s actually um through the first four months of the year from what i found the nasdaq is um the worst ever like i could not find a time period worse for the nasdaq through the first four months a year ever in history ever in history um that’s crazy to think about 2020 2008 2009 um the tech bubble i could never find a time period worth for the nasdaq

For the first four months a year then literally the one go through right now so that that’s pretty extraordinary to think about but even for you know the s p you know worst start you know for for the averages in in general in decades decades think about that for a moment right and the interesting part of that is you know it’s not like necessarily company earnings

Are awful right now um we’ve seen a lot of companies obviously report numbers that aren’t very exciting okay um but it’s not like we’re in a situation where it’s it’s the end of the world or something like that it’s very clear you know if you look at it from from that angle it’s not like we’re seeing um you know company revenues go negative um and they’re just

Not as exciting of growth numbers right especially on a year-over-year basis with very very tough comms you know look at like something like amazon google look at all the big tech for instance apple amazon google microsoft um you know tesla all those big dog companies right they’re all still growling right and some of them are growing actually beating analysts

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Expectations a few of them are not right and they they’re they’re not beating those analyst expectations but they’re still growing i think that’s very important to remember that these are still growing companies and we don’t have a shrinking economy right now although you know the worry is that we can go into a shrinking economy and that’s why you’re seeing such

A rough start to the year um this year it’s just been absolutely vicious so as far as me you know i’m like uh you know rocky you know when they try to knock them out and he just keeps buying okay and he just keeps punching and it’s like gosh don’t this guy just get knocked down you know i’m just uh i keep buying man i don’t know what it is i just i can’t stop

I i look at these stocks and you know the countless stocks have 52-week lows multi-year lows all-time lows i love for the long term and i’m just buying stocks left and right and um i’m not going to stop i don’t care i don’t care what happens it doesn’t matter to me anymore um it doesn’t matter recession no recession um inflation fed it i literally don’t care

Because all i am very confident in is the shares i’m buying today are going to be massively higher a few years from now than they are today what we’ve seen throughout history is all these short-term situations you go through inflation deflation fed pumping fed not pumping um no matter what it’s always a huge buying opportunity especially for companies that have

Great long-term futures and have you know exceptional revenue growth coming for them in future years right that have tons of growth ahead and so that’s what i like to stay focused on so today i bought three um companies that i love for the long term one’s amazon i bought two shares and i know that sounds like a really small amount like two shares of amazon uh dude

Amazon’s a you know a pretty high dollar stock so it’s still like almost five thousand dollars worth of stock even though it’s only two shares okay i bought a thousand tattoo chef shares of 771 and i bought one thousand eight hundred eighty eight on a shares at 391 here today um you know i look out there at the market right now and for me it’s shooting fish in a

Barrel right now i want to be very clear about that you know honest tattooed chef planet amazon paypal um you know all these stocks have been buying facebook i bought some meta here recently all these stocks i’ve been buying like they’re all shooting fish in a barrel in my opinion maybe i’m wrong it may be the long term um those stocks don’t work out and they’re

Not higher three years from now five years from now than they are today maybe tattoo chef doesn’t make it right and they’re not higher they’re below seven dollars you know three years from now five years from now than they are today maybe amazon’s fifteen hundred dollars three years from now that or five years from now than it is today right maybe facebook it

Just keeps going you know these are all possibilities i think they’re very unrealistic possibilities based upon um everything i look into and that’s just my core belief and so that’s why i continue to buy these stocks the short term is going to be the short term and you know i understand for some folks it’s hard to continue to buy these shares when they just go

Down and down and down but for me i literally don’t care like it doesn’t matter all i know is i’m gonna likely the high probability make a ton on every single share i’ve been buying and yeah i bought chef at nine and i bought it at eight and i bought it at seven i bought it at 10 and i bought it at 11. i bought it at 12 and i bought it at 13 and i bought it at 14.

I don’t care stock’s going to 50 plus long term in my personal opinion maybe i’m wrong on that and it never does it i’ll be wrong that’s fine i’m very confident that i am right and that’s why i continue to funnel money in i’m very confident that amazon’s going to be you know much higher a few years from now than it is today i’m very very confident that facebook’s

Going to become a multi-trillion dollar market cap over the coming years very confident that that’s why i continue to buy that stock very confident that that paypal is going to 2x or 3x over the coming years that’s why i continue to buy that stock honest it’s a joke right now at four dollars a come on man it’s just silly um so i look at these companies and i see

Deals everywhere and if we get more deals fine i’ll continue to buy it doesn’t matter to me i don’t need to perfectly time the bottom not playing that game not playing the game of i need to perfectly time the bottom and if i don’t by right at the bottom i lost no that no one cares about that in the end none of that stuff matters all they want to know is did you

Run up the numbers over the next five years that’s all people care about that’s all i care about that’s all that’s going to matter to me and whether i buy it at seven and it goes down to six it doesn’t doesn’t mean anything in the end it doesn’t mean a dang thing all that matters is where these stocks are going long term and it’s a hard it’s a hard thing to get

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Through people’s minds sometimes when you’re in this sort of market that’s very very rough but for me i just don’t care it doesn’t matter i’m going to continue to buy regardless i don’t care the market can go down 30 40 50 like it did in 08 doesn’t matter i’ll just keep buying and buying and buying and buying and buying for me it does not matter in the end that’s

Just what i do okay um next up here the fed so if you don’t know on wednesday the fed’s gonna likely raise you know interest rates okay they’re gonna likely raise um half a percentage point 50 basis points this is um pretty known by the market now will this make the stock market go down well let’s make the stock market go up okay so first off everybody expects the

Fed to raise rates 50 basis points so if the fed raises 50 basis points and that’s all that happens i would say the market will either be neutral or will go up if the fed raises more than 50 basis points or has any sort of super aggressive tone in their commentary that would be a situation where the market would go down because that would be unexpected people would

Freak out oh my gosh they’re raising 75 basis points or they’re super aggressive with their tonality or whatever it is right that would be a very very different scenario so now keep this in mind right in march we had inflation rate coming in about 8.5 which is just insane and we’ve been going up month after month after month after month after month for a long while

Now okay now it has always been of my belief that april or may will be peak in terms of the rate of increase in inflation okay based upon what i’m seeing in the real world and also based upon the year over year comps and how tough those comps are to to get up year over year and so what i believe we’re going to see well it’s either seen in april or we’ll see it in

May is where the number starts to come down it goes from like 8.5 to like 8.2 or 7 or 6 or something like that which is going to be a massive sigh of relief and if you’re thinking about anything positive short-term in the market it would be a peaking of inflation okay now the new numbers are going to come out may 11th okay may 11 is when the new numbers come out

And if the the you know things are still increasing that would obviously be a bad thing and when i say increasing i mean the rate of increase so let’s say we go from 8.5 to 8.9 or 9.2 or something like that that would be a bad thing for the market that could shake the market up even worse right but i could tell you once that trend breaks it’s going to be a massive

Massive sigh of relief to the market and i would put money on it that it’s going to be um you know i don’t say a boom for the market but it’s going to be so big i can’t even explain it to you like how big that is when we start getting that now the even bigger thing will be when we get a second month of that rate of increase decreasing and we get a third one that’s

Going to be the thing that really like um puts a nail in the coffin to if you’re really really negative on the market because then what the fed’s going to start doing is if fed’s going to start dialing back their aggressive tonality in the fed it’ll start to become a more of a help to the market i guess you can say rather than like a fear-driven thing like oh they

Got to keep raising rates then the fed might be able to lay back and say you know we’re going to reassess we’re going to see if we need to raise rates anymore obviously the rate of increase of inflation is coming down dramatically and we’re going to see you know if we need to keep raising rates or not and they’ll be able to dial back a bit now simultaneously you

Get some real weakness in real estate that can make the fed dial back even more and i think that’s definitely a possibility this summer where you’re already starting you know what’s interesting is you’re already starting to see some some troubling real estate numbers into anybody that keeps up with real estate you’re seeing some troubling numbers already and i can

Tell you if we get into some sort of scenario where the numbers keep getting worse throughout the summer the fed is going to have to start backtracking and they’ll end up being in a situation where they have to start really don’t you know dialing down the tonality and start becoming a help to the market rather than a hurt to the market which is all they’ve been for

The past many many months now they’ve been a hurt to the market and so that’s a scenario that is very very bullish for the back half of the year which fits wall street’s narrative because if you paid attention you know to the end of 2021 essentially to the commentary of wall street bangs investment banks wall street in general they all said the first half of the

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Year almost all them said the first half of the year they expect a lot of volatility they expect probably probably a bad market right with a pickup of the market coming in the back half of this year and so if that’s a scenario it will fit wall street’s narrative to perfection and wall street be able to be able to say see we were right about that so it all just

Kind of fits the whole agenda of everybody um that that wants that agenda to be hit and so it’s just it all starts you start putting these pieces together and all starts making sense right so that’s coming up right now i want to talk for a moment about if this market could get dramatically worse because um you know somebody sent me this on instagram like i said

Sorry they sent it like a really small image so you know it’s not like the best quality as far as the image goes but they showed 2008 kind of how the market was moving and then they showed to 2022 and a very similar trend but you know notice things get a lot worse there okay now let’s talk for a moment and be real about this like it’s one thing to see because i

I you know being in the stock market for 14 years i’ve seen so many dang charts and it was like this and this and this and then it never plays out that way okay but what would it take for this scenario to actually play out and we drop down here okay so the first thing you got to understand is if you’re gonna get the market to do that you need to get the economy

To tank i mean dank i’m talking high on employment i’m talking uh fed’s still working against the market even as unemployment continues to climb a climate climb which remember if you remember the number one thing the fed always talked about right was maximizing on employment so if unemployment rate starts to jump and jump and jump guess what the fed’s going to

Do they’re going to dial back big time they’re going to dial back big time okay so in order to get that sort of drop you need to have devastation happen in the economy okay and you need to have the fed not really help that’s how you got the stock market how did the stock market fall over 50 for the indexes in you know to from the 2007 to 2009 crash that happened

Because we almost lost the entire financial system and there was economic devastation massive amounts of people lost jobs people people couldn’t get loans to buy anything credit dried up it was ugly times ugly times ugly okay and so if you’re talking about the market going from down you know like we at the peak today where we’re down 24 on the nasdaq or whatever

And talking about the nasdaq drop in another 24 percent it’s it’s a definitely a possibility but you need economic devastation you need housing to crash you need massive amounts of jobs to the loss i’m talking by the millions of jobs to be lost and you need just just a flood out of all assets which we’ve already seen a flood out of all assets that’s the only way

You get that sort of situation to happen you can’t get down 50 plus without the economic devastation we’ve never seen it in history if you’re talking if you’re trying to bet on things to to have happened that have never happened in history that’s a tough that’s a tough game to play the only way you can ever see the s p 500 for instance fall 50 plus was when there

Was economic devastation okay that’s what you got to see and if you look back throughout history the only time the s p 500 ever fell 35 45 50 was when we had economic devastation the last time this happened was march of 2020 right and uh the s p 500 fell about 35 and a snap of fingers why did that happen well we were shutting down the economy unemployment went to

Numbers we haven’t seen in decades right um that was incredible like we hadn’t seen unemployment really climb like that for you know probably since a great depression at the peak there was insane and so that’s how you got to that place through the economic devastation so the only way a situation like this happens is if you get the entire economy to collapse that

Happens yeah we’ll we’ll go through another 2008 that doesn’t happen um you know we’ll likely bottom you know soon i’ll just put it that way so we’ll see we’ll see how it all plays out um i don’t want to try to predict uh what will happen there that’s a tough game to play anyways hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you check out ftxus the official crypto

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