My Newest Investment Skyrockets

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Holy smokers guys my newest investment which you probably know michael kors has absolutely skyrocketed today they reported earnings which we’re gonna look at in that stock is absolutely up massively as of taking this screenshot the stock was up to 45 dollars and 45 cents up 22% on the day guys this is absolutely amazing i just began investing in this one it was

About two weeks ago about two weeks ago maybe a little less than two weeks ago and so i just started adding shares recently and is absolutely skyrocketed so we’re a look at these numbers and then i’m gonna tell you guys kind of whether i’m selling off these shares and going into something else or kind of you know tell you my my framework of mindset right now so

Let’s look at these numbers first michael kors share soar after the hand bed makers earnings top expectations michael kors says net income for the latest period was up 125 million dollars or 80 cents per share versus thomas reuters consensus estimate of 62 cents so right off the bat guys on the bottom line there that’s a huge beat to come in an 80 cents versus 62

Cents was expected that’s a monstrous beat there then we go ahead and look at revenue total revenue for the first quarter came in at 952 million dollars again topping analysts expectations of nine hundred and eighteen million dollars very nice wall street is rallying behind the company it shows early signs of its turnaround efforts are paying off so as you guys

Know probably as i’d mentioned i’m sure the for stocks i’m buying video in august when i added this one the list i mentioned about michael cordes basically a turnaround play you know they they got the acquisition they’re doing with jimmy choo right now that’s still going through so none of the jimmy choo numbers are in any of those numbers by the way so the jimmy

Choo numbers aren’t in the net income earning the revenue cassette deal hasn’t even closed or anything yeah that deals still trying to go through but basically i told you this is a turnaround company this is a turnaround play it’s not like this is a a wall street darling that’s done great this is a stock that’s been very beat down and i’ve seen a lot i see a lot of

Value in this company let’s go ahead and look at some more things here so this is quote from the ceo here we are encouraged by our first quarter performance although we continue to believe that fiscal 2018 we’ll be a transition year for our company as we focus on laying the foundation for the future and executing our strategic plan ceo jon idol said in a statement

There earlier this summer korres announced plans to buy london-based shoemaker jimmy choo and a deal valued at 1.2 billion dollars this will not be michael kors last acquisition ceo idol said to cnbc in a phone interview idol has reiterated time and time again that michael kors is focused on forming a luxury group on tuesday he added that a more diverse portfolio

Will play as the retailer looks to its increased exposure in international markets not including results from jimmy choo kors raised its annual revenue forecast to about four point two eight billion dollars in called for comparable store sales to decrease only in the mid single digits and it previously expected sales of four point two five billion dollars so not


A huge bump up there so michael kors as a turnaround play it’s a company that is trying to go ahead and make it into a luxury group so they own the several different brands where you know up until this time they’ve only owned michael kors and if michael kors brand isn’t that strong at a particular time then the whole company falters right so now they’re trying

To acquire jimmy choo so they have jimmy choo which is the highest highest end shoe game play and they have michael kors and they have a little diversification then you add another brand in another brand you begin to get a little diversified group something kind of like a louis vuitton has where louis vuitton owns several different brands that’s the route michael

Kors is trying to go here own a lot of luxury names in that game and then your your more diversified and you won’t get hit quite as hard unless just everything luxury game just happens to get hit then you could get maybe get a hit at that point by the way i want to make a quick point on that a lot of people said well if a recession happens won’t these names get hurt

Yes but sometimes it’s not as hard as you think because a lot of the people i mean especially in jimmy choos if instance let’s not even talk about michael kors let’s talk about jimmy choo and with that acquisition we’re talking about a thousand dollar high heels the kind of people that are buying thousand high heels or only the richest of the richest people and

Those type of people get hit the least because let’s say your net wealth goes down to from what 50 million to 40 million you can still afford some thousand-dollar jimmy choos 2008 michael kors specifically get a hit a little harder because that plays a little more to the middle class but still to the upper end of that which those get hit but on the on the highest

Highest end of the luxury game sometimes those names just don’t get hit as hard because those people are just so rich already that if something happens a recession happens real estate prices go down stock market prices go down they still have plenty of money to go out and spend $1,000 on para i yields at the end of the day so now where am i at with with michael

Kors the numbers were great they were phenomenal numbers that you know that especially on the net income really impressed me revenue impressed me they they pretty much beat on everything you’d want to beat on right comparable store sales came in better so very good numbers but from my main account i’m not sure i’m a sell off the michael kors position i’m a i’m have

Not made my final decision on my snapchat account the baby snapchat account that i post on snapchat and i show you guys the trades i make every day i did sell those shares off in that account and i showed that if you follow me on snapchat you can see that now and i and i did put that money into a new stock which if you follow me on snapchat you already know what

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That new stock i put the money in toward and but my main account i have not decided if i want to sell out or not a lot of its gonna come down to i got a really listened to conference call i are you gonna listen to the conference call yet i gotta listen to that so really just safer this i got to look more into these numbers more than just you know the the baseline

Numbers things like that and then kind of make my decision over the next day or two i don’t like to just rush into things but one thing we know for sure is i just happen to invest in this and that’s i mean the company is up over 25% since i bought in so that is a huge huge move up and i’ve done this before where i’ve just happened to invest in a company and as my

Happens to be a few weeks before earnings and a skyrockets like that a lot of times i’ll just sell off and go into something else we’ll see if that is the case with michael kors i have done that in that baby snapchat account though which is doing ridiculously well so far i added two thousand dollars to that account and it’s like a live trading type of i guess you

Call it or whatever where every time i make a trade in that account i post it on snapchat yeah that’s already up to i think two thousand six hundred two thousand seven hundred dollars like it’s crazy no now something i want to talk about real quick i’m on a roll right now i’m on a roll and this is something that needs to be addressed gopro went up 20 something

Percent last week and then this week it’s gone up and up and up maybe another eight to ten percent of something like that michael kors now reports numbers you know it goes up 20 something percent i’m on a roll right now now what i need to say about that is first off i feel no emotions from this roll i’ve just been in the game too long to feel emotional about you

Know going up a ton of money or down but i will say it’s very addicting you know i made easily five figures in the last three trading days when you make five figures in three trading days and your regular person is not like i’m some kind of you know worth fifty million dollars or something like that so when you’re a regular person that’s a great sum of money and it

Can be addicting so for me my whole focus is like not trying to get caught up into that fast money game which is i have got caught up into in the past in 2015 i got caught up into it because i was just making money making money and it was like let me chase some more money and then things wouldn’t go as well no let me chase some more money so i’m not trying to get

Caught up in that game i’m just staying on a straight mind focusing you know whatever my next investment is if i get rid of michael kors it’s something i’m thinking about for the long term and you know and those type of things and if it next one happens to go up 25-30 percent then i like just sell out of that if that’s what happens though but i just need to keep


My focus as far as investing companies i really believe in for the long term if i do sell these michael kors shares or any shares for that matter because it’s addicting when you’re making that fast money and you’re making it quick and it’s just coming in like crazy so that’s my focus right now let me know what you guys think about all this do you have you bought

Any michael kors shares please i hope you did not buy michael kors shares just because i happen to focus or mention them in the august video that pisses me off so bad when people say they buy us stocks just because i happen to mention it on the for stocks and buying and that that like is my biggest worry like with bo pro doing so well now with this michael kors

Deal with wynn resorts we know how that one’s done with google we know that one’s done so right now just things are hot for me but i i’m really scared that people are gonna look at that and then just start investing whatever stocks i pick and that is absolutely what i don’t want to have happen at all i don’t want people just to start you know picking stocks because

I happen to believe in the stock because that’s the number one way to failure because i’m investing for the next few years generally speaking right unless i happen to get a big game real quick maybe i sell it off but generally i’m investing four years if you’re just investing something like the short-term and that stock goes down you might just sell it in panic

Because you’re not in it for the long term you don’t believe in that company the way i believe in that company so i’m almost like one side of me i’m so happy you know gopros coming around and all these things are happening but at the same time i’m like i kind of don’t because i’m like i’m scared people are just gonna start doing whatever i do and that really really

Scares me because that’s the exact opposite of what i want to have happen on this channel i want to teach people a fish not gold fish for people excuse me i don’t want to go fish for people so i hope that’s not gonna start happening i hope it’s not already happening so let me know in that comment section what you guys think about all this should i sell my michael

Kors in my main position i already sold it my snap and i bought some more shares follow me on there if you want to see that if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner and giveaways so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything

Check out my stock market strategy book it is linked in that description all about how i value a company thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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My Newest Investment Skyrockets By Financial Education

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