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Well folks welcome into this exciting video here today i hope you’re having a smashing a day as always out there already in today’s video we’re getting into my next big stock it’s probably been i want to say maybe a month or maybe even a couple months since i brought a new stock to youtube which i never talked about before and today is that big day where i’m

Talking about my next big stock i’m going to explain to you why this is my next big stock why i’m buying so much of it how much i’ve bought so far how much i want to buy in the future i’m going to talk to you about the buying prices obviously my bullish thesis on the stock and yes this is the first time i’ve ever shared this stock on youtube this company is

Very exciting okay here’s the thing with this one very easy to understand business model this isn’t some complicated business model that took me like six months to look into just to understand it like some of these companies out there know very easy to understand the growth for this company is off the charts okay strong like donkey kong growth i will show you

That in this video in depth okay there’s a huge tam opportunity for this company which if you’re wondering what tam means that means total addressable market and companies that are going after huge total addressable markets have a big opportunity in front of themselves and that is this company it is also a very profitable business model and the profitability is

Going up substantially actually much more rapidly than the revenue is which is one of the best things you can ever see in a stock and on top of all that the valuation is actually fairly dang low for this stock i mean you know with all that i just told you like you’d think oh my gosh evaluation for the stocks got to be ridiculous like you know some of these other

Growth companies out here that are trading at four p’s of 500 and a thousand and and heck some of them aren’t even profitable right so they don’t even have a 400 p but this one very very fair valuation actually very undervalued valuation so hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you join the smash club if you have not already look at this person they’re my

Hero peter hart you are my hero in life look at this my wife is in labor and i still took the time to smash the thumbs up like my gosh okay that is a whole other level of dedication i mean my goodness okay there’s a common complaint us youtubers get sometimes they say you know like i’m too good to smash no no no i’m too good to smash okay that is such a bunch of

Baloney have you ever seen the movie saving private ryan like imagine if you know tom hanks and those guys were like no no we’re too good to go save mr ryan no no we’re gonna stay behind okay of course not they wouldn’t got that man you ever seen behind enemy lines they went and got owen wilson remember when they pull up with the choppers oh my gosh what a scene

That is that is so epic man they wouldn’t got that man imagine you wouldn’t even be alive you wouldn’t even be alive if this didn’t happen imagine if terminator in terminator 2 said you know what i’m not going to go back in time and save john connor you wouldn’t even be here right now skynet would have taken this whole place over okay there’s no one that is too

Good not to smash and sorry for all the 90s movie references i just don’t watch movies nowadays so that’s all i know okay so anyways more of the story is make sure you smash if you want to join stockholm it is absolutely free to do so i will have that linked in the description might also have that as a pin comment that’s the best and biggest free discord chat in

The world if you want to learn directly from me or be coached by one of my seven figure coaches in the stock market you’re looking to scale your portfolio to six figures seven figures and up we have that opportunity for you you can check that out in the description area i might also have that as the pinned comment as well alright guys let’s get into this so this

Stock is tesla my no i’m just kidding okay that is one of my stocks i do love that phone but it is not that okay corsair gaming is the company ticker symbol c-r-s-r in this one and oh my goodness am i falling in love with this stock okay now why am i falling in love with this stock so much why am i so bullish on it what is my bold case how much have i put in the

Stock how much am i looking to put in the stock and what are the buying prices i’m thinking about for the stock okay so so far i have bought 104 dollars worth of this stock in my main private account okay which accounts for two thousand seven hundred shares then in the public account i bought a little over two thousand shares in that account so far for right

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Under eighty thousand dollars so i have you know over 180 000 in this stock as of right now as of today and i definitely want to buy more and i’ll tell you guys exactly how much more i’m looking to buy worth of the stock okay corsair gaming is a 3.5 billion mark cap it is my specialty okay i mean i will invest in companies sometimes that are under a 1 billion mark

Cap and i will invest in companies sometimes that have you know market caps of tens of billions or hundreds of billions but at the end of the day 1 billion to 10 billion companies has always been my specialty and still is to this day because what i find is there’s a lot of companies in those brackets that have proven enough to make me feel comfortable investing in it

Like this company has but still have crazy growth ahead of themselves for the next five ten years and that’s exactly how i feel in regards to corsair gaming they make a ton of different gaming products okay if you’ve never heard of this company they make so many different gaming products i actually just bought one of these elgato wave 3 microphones literally just

The other day i think it’s getting delivered to the house tonight okay so looking super forward to that i’m going to use that microphone for basically the videos i do on loom right now i use like a logitech one and that one’s decent but i’m really looking forward to trying this one and basically anytime i do uh videos for like loom those loom videos i always use

Like an external microphone like that for these videos i just use like a little lavalier like a clip on but for those loom videos i do for financial education three i use like a nice microphone so i’m looking super forward to trying out that product there but gaming gear i mean you know this is an ultimate gaming play okay gaming gear all those different products

Streaming gear for all the streamers out there pc components a ton of different products there gaming pcs software this company makes it all and what you’re going to find is they don’t just make products but they make really dang good products that their customers and clients absolutely love now go ahead and go on to amazon and what you’re going to find is product

After product that is four and a half stars or five star products i mean just look at this okay it is product after product almost every product they pretty much make gets four and a half stars or five stars it’s absolutely amazing and believe me the gaming community man sometimes they can be hard on some of these products so you know they expect very very they

Have very very high quality standards let’s just put it that way okay gamers do and this company’s products are absolutely phenomenal some of the highest rated products you’re gonna find out there and they’re in a ton of different retailers already with tons of expansion opportunities and obviously they have their own brand you can buy directly from their website

Amazon things like that okay what do we know we know gaming is a huge totally addressable market and it’s just getting bigger let me ask you this okay is gaming going to be bigger in five years from now than it is today i hope every single person watching this video said yes of course gaming is going to be bigger in five years now is it going to be bigger in 10

Years yes of course okay gaming is a growth piece it’s a huge growth category it’s one of the most phenomenal spaces to be in and the total addressable market is unlimited here what do we also know we know corsair’s products are highly relevant and a ton of gamers love these products and we also know they don’t just buy these products but they love the product

Okay they leave reviews and the reviews are high for these products and that is absolutely amazing in my opinion based upon the study i’ve done into this company i believe they have the potential to be the next logitech okay logitech ticker symbol l-o-g-i i like that stock as well by the way but honestly i think this company corsair could be in this company’s

Position longer term okay logitech’s approaching a 20 billion dollar mark cap okay 19.43 billion as of today i definitely think corsair gaming can be in that as long as they execute over the next five seven years i think they can be exactly where logitech is at today okay i think literally they can reach that in the next five ten years and remember corsair gaming

That’s only a 3.5 billion dollar mark cap so if they grow into a let’s say 20 billion dollar company over the next five ten years the gains on the stock price is going to be ridiculous and i see it as being a very realistic possibility in the end okay i feel corsair has actually a cooler vibe than actually companies like logitech right logitech it’s it’s known for

Solid products but it’s known for more like general market like not a not a super strong brand name in terms of coolness around logitech however corsair gaming because it’s a gaming related company there’s just like a cool like vibe around the company that is much different this company just reported earnings this past week okay look at these numbers ridiculous

Revenue was up 70 percent year over year 70 you’re not gonna find that many companies growing that fast okay extraordinary gross profit in the most recent quarter was up a hundred and eighteen percent year-over-year what a number net income was up hundreds and hundreds of percent year over year so gross profit net income they’re actually growing much faster

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In terms of percentage gain than actually revenue is and that is something you love to see with a business model like this you want it to be a cash cow in the end because the more this business is a cash cow the more money they’re gonna have to throw off to shareholders the cheaper the valuation is and two more things they can buy back a bunch of shares which

Obviously helps the valuation long term or they can use that money to buy other companies out there like they just bought a few days ago they just announced this okay they bought this company called visuals by impulse which a lot of people in the gaming space that was like super super into like the creator space in the gaming space we’ll know about this company

Huge potential there and corsair is so focused on acquiring smaller companies with you know great missions in front of themselves with 10 20 30 40 50 employees and are kind of early days and this impulse company has only been around since like 2015 okay now in terms of fiscal outlook some folks were disappointed by this and i think this is why the stock fell and

I was perfectly happy with this okay by the way corsair hasn’t been a public company for a long long time okay net revenue the company expects to be 1.8 billion to 1.95 billion in 2021 i think they’re sandbagging that okay adjusted operating income they expect 205 million to 220 million dollars adjusted ebitda to be in the range of 215 million dollars and 230

Million dollars i honestly believe all those numbers are sandbagged like i said this company hasn’t been a public company for that long so you don’t want to set yourself up into a situation where you know just in case like the orders aren’t there especially in the back half of the year at least you you know you save some face and you don’t disappoint the market

So i can understand that in a lot of newer companies to the market that haven’t been public companies for very long they do that but in my opinion these are total sandbags they’re going to blow through the revenue estimates they’re going to blow through operating income they’re going to blow through ebitda they’re going to blow through all those numbers like a piece

Of cake you’re not going to you know i mean they’re talking about 10 percent growth of the midpoint i mean you’re not going to go from 70 growth to 10 percent there’s just no way possible i think this company is going to grow probably 20 plus again in 2021 and if they do that well you know that’s just going to be a very very welcoming surprise let’s just put it

That way okay now valuation wise i told you guys this is actually a very underpriced company and it is i mean you think about the type of market we’re in and where a lot of forward ps are trading at and you’re looking at corsair gaming trading at a ford pf 25 was this not the company that just grew revenue 70 percent last quarter year over year i mean absolutely

Extraordinary numbers and huge growth ahead of themselves with a phenomenal brand growing tam everything across the board and it’s trading at a forward p of 25 and you got net income climbing hundreds of percent year over year you have gross profit up what was that 118 percent year over year i mean these numbers are extraordinary absolutely extraordinary to be

Trading at a 4p of 25 is borderline laughable let’s just put that way needless to say this stock is very undervalued and i love that okay what about the ceo we got to talk about that okay always important the management team of a company well andy paul leads a company it’s a founder-led company and i love that okay there’s something beautiful about a founder-led

Company there’s just more care there there’s just a better level of understanding there about the business i love founder-led companies and this company is one okay and you know what else i love their ceo of the company has been with their company since 2013. that’s a pretty long time to keep a co around okay because a lot of times those folks have opportunities

To go and get advanced positions like ceo roles and things like that so if you can keep a coo for that many years around that means you’re probably doing a pretty good job as a ceo okay and so yes i’m very impressed with that as well i like the stock okay let me be very clear i like the stock now i told you guys what about buying prices what about how much more

Money i’m looking to put in the stock things like that all right here’s what i’m going to say about that here’s how i view it in terms of pricing on the stock okay under 40 a share for this stock which is where it’s at today that’s a holy smoke is this ain’t no joker’s price okay that’s just like you know i bought a lot of the stock very recently and very fast

Because yeah the pricing under 40 i’m just like you know in a few years from now i don’t see this stock being priced anywhere remotely close to 40 a share so i’m like i need to get all the shares i possibly can under forty dollars as of right now under forty five dollars you gotta be flipping my flapjacks it’s still a deal and a half okay i think you know the

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Way i view this company over the next five plus years i feel like we’re you know i feel like i’m stealing shares if i’m buying under 45 dollars it’s just absolutely ridiculous there’s way too much opportunity here in this company long term under 50 a share i still love this stock as a long term buy obviously i love buying the shares more at 38.39 and let’s say

48.49 but at the same time with how big of a long-term opportunity in front of this company does it really matter in the end okay under 55 dollars i still like it by the way when i’m talking about these numbers and you know pricing something about buying them i’m talking about pricing in terms of this year okay let me be very clear about that i’m not talking about

Like what if the stock goes up over the next three years and it’s at these prices i’m talking about this year alone okay in a few years from now if you can get it under 55 or if i could buy an under 55 that might be like crazy deal okay i’m just talking about in 2021 okay over 60 dollars if you buy it over 60 this year i’m like eh man it’s like okay it’s like

Something like that that’s kind of the way i would view it and over 80 dollars if it goes over 80 dollars in 2021 which is a possibility okay especially if they report some amazing numbers throughout the year then i would say the risk reward is not nearly as attractive especially if you’re looking at more of a shorter term basis if it’s priced there this year but

Keep in mind three years from now five years from now if it’s under 80 you know that might be a crazy deal i’m just looking at it from this perspective for this year okay and so at the beginning of the video i told you guys easy to understand business model strong like donkey kong growth huge tam opportunity very profitable business model with profits increasing

Dramatically not a crazy valuation at all i want to say a very cheap valuation and all those things i hope you have been able to see in this video are all true okay and so in terms of how much more could i buy worth of this stock keep in mind i already own over 180 000 worth i could buy 25 more of the francs okay 25 more of the frogs so 250 000 more of this stock

That’s the way i’m viewing this that would put me at owning something like 400 something thousand dollars worth of stock somewhere around there and i feel very comfortable if i have 400 000 or so in the stock is this the type of stock i could build into a million dollar position in terms of me putting a million dollars in probably not i don’t see it being that

Attractive but could it be a stock that i put four hundred thousand dollars into five hundred thousand dollars i can definitely see that okay i mean honestly i could see myself even putting up to like let’s say seven hundred thousand dollars in this stock but uh yeah neither say i’m definitely looking for the 400 000 range somewhere around there so hope you guys

Enjoyed this video as always if you like to apply for my private stock group you want to try to get in there you’re looking to level up you want to scale your portfolio to six figures seven figures or up we can do that for you down there there’s all the knowledge you can ever get possible in terms of what i look for in stocks how i find the next one be part of

The private discord chat all those sorts of things and there’s something to be said about just joining a community where you can talk with other folks that have achieved a lot we actually have a seven figure chat in there now and although you know only people with seven figures plus in the stock market can actually chat in there even the other members can all see

What we’re chatting about in there and things like that so when you put yourself in that type of community environment i mean you know the chances you have a lot of success over the coming years let’s just say goes up substantially and i’ve been able to you know fortunate enough with the whole team being able to put something together there for a product that

Is like nothing that’s out there in the market and really there’s nothing to compare to it so i’m very thankful for that and yeah if you want to try to apply for that and try to get in there i’ll have that as one of the pinned comments down there and uh basically if your application goes through you’ll be able to talk with somebody on my team about the product

And see if you’re a good fit and things like that not everybody’s a good fit but if you are i hope you enjoy it i hope you enjoyed this video make sure to share it with somebody that might enjoy it thank you for watching and have a great day

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