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Hi there folks welcome into today’s video you know i’ve been so caught up into covering everything that’s going on the market that haven’t even really been covering what i’m up to in the market what my plans are in this market right now and those sorts of things because we it’s been a dramatic market there’s been so much news coming out there’s obviously been uh

You know russell hit bear market recently and uh has has come out of bear market now and russell’s been trending pretty well last couple weeks uh but there’s so much going on with the fed inflation all there’s a lot of drama there’s a russia situation and i thought let’s just do a video where we talk about what i’m up to in the market and what my plans are over the

Next month or two hope you guys enjoy this as always if you’re not already subscribed the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button it’s absolutely free to do so to subscribe the channel uh i thought i just want to start out here at the top talking about this uh hungry bowl they put this out on the app today a year ago today kathy woods ark innovation fund

Hit its peak yes literally today one year ago uh the ark fund hit its peak it’s all time high it’s incredible and here today it’s about half the value it used to be actually it’s less than half the value it was at this time last year the this exact day a year ago 154 dollars and now it’s obviously um you know less than half of that and that’s a massive move for an

Etf just you know it just shows you i think it’s just another thing to look out out there at how devastated anything seen as more of a riskier play growth plays anything like that it’s just been absolutely devastated and uh the arc fund is just kind of the the face of i guess you say of that devastation out there it’s been nasty you know what’s not nasty is getting

Some free stocks from mumu the professional trading platform check out pin comment down there even got a deal right now deposit 100 bucks get a free tccf share it’s no better than that okay so let’s get into what i’m up to in the market what my plans are and all those sorts of things now okay so first off tdcf so they’ve got to report earnings uh they’ll probably

Report earnings i’d say in the next three or four weeks you know i’ve got to keep some money on the sideline for whatever happens here with ttcf um this stock bottomed out recently at 1089 10.89 right i’ve got to keep some funds around just in case this makes any move down the the thing um there’s a few things that make me there’s two core things that make me

Really really confident that ttcf’s probably not going to move down with that being said i’m still keeping some capital around just in case it happens okay one is i’m extremely confident the numbers are going to be good uh the guidance is going to be good and all those sorts of things like i look at what they have coming out into stores how many new products are

Coming out in the new skus the new products are going to have coming over the next few months and i see all this right and so i’m very very confident in the numbers this company’s going to put up not just over the next quarter but over the next several years so that makes me pretty darn confident in terms of its stock price and those sorts of things the second

Thing that makes me actually pretty confident that the stock’s not going to go down in any meaningful way and when i say meaningful way i mean a 10 plus down and like i said if that happens cool i’ll be ready to buy um it’s hard for me to see that if we look at volume volume is dead on on the shaft volume is completely dead on the shaft the the truth is when it

Comes to chef and this goes for a lot of these smaller cap companies to be quite honest right now many of these companies um any of the weak hands or or folks that were were playing this maybe got in the market just for a short amount of time and then feel you know didn’t want to do it anymore something like that most of these people are gone now and you see

That in the trading volumes and what we’re going to see with some of these stocks we’re going to go through here is there’s no trading volume on them i mean 593 000 shares traded today average volume is a million the stock was up today on you know a day that the market wasn’t doing good the stock was up yesterday on a day when the market wasn’t doing good right

Stock went up after hours after hours is down so across the board this is just one of those stocks that you know who where where are the sellers at where are the sellers at now at this point in time in you know when it comes to an earnings like this that they’re about to report i mean at the end of the day i think the law the longs none of none of us are changing

Our minds about this company we know what’s going on here um we’re excited for the future if anything we’re buying more shares and acquiring more ownership of the company and we’ll continue to acquire more ownership of the company and in terms of you know uh traders this isn’t a attractive stock to trade and it’s just not it’s it hasn’t been doing much it just

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Where’s where’s the volume where’s the trading activity so now at this point in time we pretty much just got longs and then you know a few people that that you know always have to sell shares that goes with every stock um and that’s just kind of that when it comes to chef and so the good news for the chef is if this really gets any serious momentum around it

And this could be said for a lot of these small casts my gosh the move is going to be absolutely insane because of of how little trading volume there is on the stock if you had a mass buyer come in and want to acquire let’s say you know 10 million 20 million shares of the stock over the next um let’s say let’s say they want to do that over a three six month span

My gosh you know what they would do for the stock price is just crazy even even a buyer that might want to come in to acquire a million or two million shares you know it’s just it would take quite a while to kind of fill that out it would just be immense buying pressure day after day after day week after week after week for an extended period of time to really

Build out the that position because you obviously you can’t just buy them all at once you send the stock price like up a million percent right and maybe not that much so yeah i’m keeping some money just in case uh this one goes down in a meaningful way i don’t think it’s gonna happen but i i’ll rather be prepared just in case it does happen okay next one keeping

Some money around for the planet there’s another one of those i look at and i’m just like in case it goes down um you know let’s say back to the 270 range it actually bottomed at 235 which is just crazy 52 week high on this one 787 600 million mark cap now to refresh people on the planet when it comes to the numbers that are expected here current year over 100

Revenue growth next year 54 revenue growth and then a huge increase of profitability of almost 10xing eps essentially next year next year as far as eps it gets really really darn confusing because they’re supposed to open several stores during the course of 22. you know there’s like a ramp time essentially that happens with these stores so that’s the one thing

I’m honestly concerned about i know revenue growth is going to be incredibly strong i’m expecting anywhere from 40 of the low end to 60 on the high end but ebs could be confusing i’ll just be honest um a vegas store has been doing phenomenal from every time i’ve ever seen it um over the past six nine months it looks busy down there though c stores continue to ramp

Some everything as far as the fundamentals is going great from everything i’m seeing they’re continuing to you know distribute their brands they got more stores coming uh you know florida illinois so i’m excited but you know who knows you know i don’t know what can happen with these stocks in the short term there’s another one of those that there’s no volume on

This stock so i’ll be ready just in case it drops in a meaningful way i don’t think you know this is another one of those there’s no one’s trading the planet at this point in time the only people that own the planet by the way this one i don’t know if you guys saw the volume it was you know rewind the video but if you want to see the volume the average volume it’s

Like so ridiculously low for the planet it’s insane like people that own the stock now are long-term long-term investors in this one that are in this because we believe it’s going to be a 10 15 20 30 40 50 stock over the coming years and they’re going to be a massive player in a massive industry that’s continuing to grow in federal legalization it’s just a matter

Of time here okay keeping somebody around for honest in case this one moves down any meaningful way another one that i think is pretty unrealistic to see any meaningful move down but keep some capital around this one has a little better volume than some of these other stocks like look today almost 1.2 million shares traded 1.9 millions the average amount there

This is one of those that uh you know yeah it’s a triple bagger quadruple bagger over the coming years and it’s just been completely devastated this the stock’s going back to 20 to 30 over the next few years uh net income on this company i think they’re going to scale to you know 50 mil plus in a matter of snap of fingers here they’ve just had to get through the

Ipo that transition into becoming a public company they’re about to flip this business over the next uh you know several quarters to a profit business from a loss business which is going to be massive for the shareholder base and then um as they start to consistently get profitable i think they’ll be able to even enter things like the sp 600 small cap over time

And uh just continue to to you know widen their investor base get people more interested in this one uh i think the flip to profitability will in this one will be the biggest thing for them because a lot of people that own you know want to own bit you know think about the products they sell diapers wipes beauty products you know those sorts of things at the end of

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The day uh people want to see those those business models be profitable so i think this one getting to profitability is going to be the biggest change for the stock price you could possibly find and as they get closer and closer i think their stock price will start to increase because people start to realize oh man they’re about to flip this baby to profitability

And then when they actually start doing and they start putting up positive eps numbers it’s going to be a game changer for honest stock then you add on top of that just you know a rotation of money to small caps which has been needing to happen and um yeah i’m feeling very very darn comfortable keeping a little capital around in that one just in case um there’s

Any meaningful drop in that one it’s one of the companies i feel most comfortable with oh so oatley this one’s a newer newer position for me they’re supposed to report earnings on march 9th i love oatley i use a product every single day of my life now it substituted milk for me essentially and that’s amazing because i used to drink an insane amount of milk and

Now i just drink oatly strictly and when it comes to oat leaf this is a growth piece i mean we’re talking you know 50 plus growth next year you know uh this is one of those companies i think they’re going to grow top line 30 plus this entire decade like literally i don’t see any time in this decade where they’re not growing 30 plus like that’s just how crazy the

Growth is opportunity for this company is on a worldwide basis it’s insane the amount of products they’re gonna get to over the next few years it’s ridiculous okay and so when it comes to this look at the volume there’s no volume on the stock it’s half its usual volume 2.2 million shares trade a day at a 4.4 million on a fairly volatile day in the market right but

When it comes to this one a little bigger market cap here 4.6 billion i got to keep some capital around just in case this one goes down it’s pretty significantly off it’s 52 week low 52 week long this one’s 6 11 it’s trading at 780. so i’m keeping some capital around of the stocks i hold this is the one i feel like there’s the highest probability it could go down

On earnings even though i feel like that’s still a pretty fairly low probability this one is the the difference between oatley and maybe the chef in honest is the chef and honest can can likely flip to some sort of profitability at some point in the next you know um let’s call it four quarters you know i don’t mean consistently but at least a hit a quarter oh we

We made a little positive eps here right oh lee i don’t really see that uh they’re going to spend so aggressively on on everything with their business because their revenue growth is so crazy honest is a much lower growth company tattoo chef is a strong growth company at probably 30 plus this upcoming year but there’s a difference level when you’re talking about

Oatley that’s probably growing 50 plus revenues top line this next year when you’re growing at that rapid of a clip it is very tough to have a profitable business model i could tell you that much and so i think oatley is going to have trouble eating out any profits in the short term nothing that matters to me i mean at the end of the day this is just it’s too big

Of an opportunity to say oh i don’t want a piece of oatly like this is way way big of an opportunity so um but yeah that that’s what i’m thinking like hey maybe something goes down there and i would obviously be a you know somebody is adding shares okay now so small caps all my small caps are basically reporting earnings in the next three or four weeks for the

Most part uh pretty much i think all those companies i just talked about there through next three or four weeks no let’s say we get over this next three to four weeks all those companies report let’s say all the stock prices go up none of them go down in any meaningful way right cool i mean most those positions are already built out like i don’t have to buy more

Shares i’m willing to buy more shares i don’t have to but let’s say there’s a scenario where all those go up okay well in that scenario i’m putting more money in paypal then paypal’s a stock i just started buying here very very recently it’s you know this stock was just a few months ago look at this five months ago or so six months ago this stock was 300 110 today

Such a great business model paypal is consistently you know paypal and venmo are consistently at the top of the app store for the most popular apps right now is a few uh you know uh tax related products that are up there because it’s tax season right now a lot of people are filing their taxes but um essentially when it comes to paypal they’re almost consistently

A number two and number three paypal and venmo in terms of the most popular financial related apps in the world and uh this business just continues to grow acquire new customers make more money more revenue uh better eps and their long-term opportunities crazy now the one difference you’ll see in these sorts of stocks versus those small caps is running through

Volume is active on these stocks 20 almost 29 million shares traded hands in paypal here today when average volume is 18.8 million and that’s on the back of no news okay these mega caps they’re they are actively traded they still are you know paypal still trying to find the bottom it still hasn’t found its bottom yet that’s just amazing that’s just amazing to


Me that it’s fallen this day much for this great of a company to have fallen this much is is wait for it nothing short of extraordinary nothing sort of extraordinary smash the thumbs up for that one okay it’s nothing short of extraordinary in all in all seriousness that this one has fallen this much and so this is one that i’m more than a happy buyer of here

Especially if i you know those other stocks go up shopify you know i gotta say i’m not quite there with adding to shopify but if we get through small cap season i i don’t add in any aggressive way with any of those stocks and shopify continues to downtrend i’m gonna end up buying something shop okay those ones i don’t even want to say it okay i’m not even gonna

Say it but it’s crazy okay november 19th this stock was one thousand seven hundred dollars a share that was three months ago this stock is seven hundred dollar range today seven hundred dollars this stock has fallen around a thousand dollars a share in a three months it’s it’s incredible like absolutely incredible the the fall for shopify is is insane now keep

In mind that p you know they had a one-time uh kind of cost adjustment situation so it helped out uh their profitability look a lot better than it is when it came to this investment gain but but basically they’re not nearly that profitable so don’t get too excited when you see a 27 for shopify it’s like what what what yeah look at their 4p okay but at the end

Of the day when i look at shopify i’m looking at the stock super active look at today 9.7 million shares traded out of 1.7 million average you know if if paypal meta some of these companies are still having trouble finding bottoms you know who’s to say shop is gonna find one anytime soon outside of the nasdaq um starting to go the other way so when i look at shop

This is one of those it’s just it’s been devastated i wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to get devastated in the short term with all the fed stuff and how many you know wall street going crazy with how many times it’s a fed going to raiders rates and what that does for a super high growth high valuation names like a shopify so this one i’m waiting in the wings

Definitely a possible buy for me um especially if if um you know let’s say paypal starts to go up and those other stocks uh the small caps report good i’m ready to make a move there meta meta so meta a lot of people are saying this is dead money for the next year i can’t say those people are wrong what i will say with what i will say at the end of the day is this

Is freaking meta okay um you know this is going to be a multi-trillion dollar market cap when you think about their platforms yeah they’re going through a lot of crap in the short term the ios changes uh google changes that’s hurt their business in the short term but the thing is that’s going to hurt for a year and then those comps go away and then you start you

Know having your business active you know actively growing now when it comes to meta you know all these big guys are trying to attack them right that’s really why they’re doing this all these changes right they’re trying to hurt meta because they’re scared of meta flat out um and if you didn’t know meta’s stealing away essentially a lot of the best employees of a

Lot of the biggest tech companies in the world right now they’re paying them way more than they can make other places and they’re stealing a lot of folks away and there’s a war going on between big tech right now and specifically between apple google and meta and meta has learned that they need to control their own platform they need to control their own destiny

They can’t just be built on the back of these things and so um yeah you know is this the most exciting stock for the next year no and are they spending a fortune on on meta you know the you know the metaverse right now yes and that’s not going away anytime soon but the fact is they are the most well positioned company to win the metaverse and i’m telling you like

That’s such a big that’s a multi-trillion dollar opportunity in itself and um this this company already has a great business model that’s a profit and cash flow machine so yeah this is one of those i’m also looking to uh you know make that a bigger position than what i currently have it now that’s what i’m planning on doing with my money guys hope you enjoyed this

As always once again if you want some free stocks from moomoo the professional trading platform check out my pin comment down there and you deposit 100 bucks get a free tccf share it gets no better than that in life take advantage of that before that promotion ends make sure to subscribe the channel if you’re not already subscribed much love let me know in the moves

You’re making in the market and have a great day

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