My Opinion of Dan Lok, Graham Stephan and Ryan Scribner

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Oh my word it has been a minute since i’ve done one of these kind of videos okay so today we’re going to discuss three different youtubers and i’m going to give you my full opinion on these three youtubers one is dan locke one is ryan scribe dinner and the other is graham steph and i’m gonna give you my personal opinion on all three of these and it’s something

I’ve done in the past i’ve done this on tight lopes i’ve done this on grant cardone gary vaynerchuk i try to do it on you know some of the bigger youtubers that are kind of in the in the money space i guess you can say the entrepreneur space the investing space and whatnot and kind of give my opinion so my audience can kind of understand like the way i look at

Them because i keep an eye on everybody okay i keep an eye on everybody i know what everybody’s doing and whatnot and so i just kind of want to give my opinion on these three let’s talk about this first one here dan locks so this is a you know a channel that has been blowing up recently and then he’s adding like several thousand new subscribers a day it’s been

Absolutely unbelievable you know he was like pretty much a nobody on youtube and then all sudden he started taking a super serious about six nine months ago and that channel has just been blowing up i think he’s approaching 300,000 subscribers now just just crazy just crazy growth it is super impressive okay so his channel has been very intriguing to me okay i’ve

Seen a lot of his videos now and i think he’s definitely a channel worth watching okay on a few things one is selling he is very good as far as his videos and presentations on selling if you’re trying to which is at the end of the day if you’re in business of any kind you’re gonna have to sell products sell services sell yourself whatever it is okay you’re gonna

Have to sell and i think his channel is a good place to start first selling okay i think that’s a that’s a great thing he’s got live you know calls and whatnot on there he does a ton i mean he gives away a ton of tips i think his channels definitely very good toward that if you’re anything in business and trying to you know do sales i think his channel is really good

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For that he’s got a few other things going on his channel the only got a negative i would say about his channel as i’ve watched at least 10 to 20 of his videos now and i’m still trying to piece together like what his background is i kind of wished you know some people when they you know go on social media it would be kind of obvious like what they do is you know

Kind of there upbringing whatnot it i’ve watched a ton of his videos now and i still don’t quite understand like where he came from people always give me crap that i always give my backstory oh i worked a quick trip then i started my real estate marketing company i started this youtube channel that started to blow up i kind of you know start to push everything to

The side i’m an investor i did this did that like it like people always give me crap because i talk about my story so often sometimes that you know i wish other people talked about their stories more often because you know sometimes people start blowing up on social media and then it’s kind of hard to figure out like like where they came from and things like that

So i wish he would talk more about that but if you’re looking for anything sales related i meant his channel is freaking good ice all i have to say about that like i really like his channel i love the way it’s present you know presented and whatnot very good next jarrell up let’s talk about graham stefan so graham stefan his channel he has grown you know immensely

Over the past year and i think his channel is really good if you’re talking anything about real estate okay real estate i think he’s you know he’s a realtor out in los angeles and i think his channel is phenomenal if you’re really trying to learn about anything about real estate real estate investing things like that i think it’s channel also does he does have you

Know some very popular videos i have to do a personal finance related subjects and i think it’s also could be a good channel as a kind of like a backup for personal finance but i would say his real strength and my personal opinion is kind of anything you know real estate-related real estate investing you know i saw a video he did recently with another guy and it

Was basically about you know kind of the the best money you could put into your home so you own a home you’re thinking about renovating that home like what’s kind of like the best things you could put money in toward you know is that the kitchen is the bathroom things like that like i think anything real estate wise i think it has great insight there and i think

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That’s just a huge huge strength of his channel something i would love for him to do more of it’s i think he i think he’s in a very interesting space out there in los angeles selling high-end homes and and doing those type of things i wish we could see more of his daily life i think that would be a pretty cool thing if he added that to his channel at some point

Down the road something that we got to give a glimpse of kind of you know like what the everyday life of is someone like that i think it um i think it kind of brings a new element into it kind of like the closest thing i can kind of do to that is is kind of you know when i share what stocks i’m buying and whatnot most popular series on the channel is for stocks

I’m buying i think if we could get more of an insight on what you know i guess his daily life is and you know clients and whatnot if that was even possible i think that would be a really cool thing i think that would be really intriguing to kind of see what what’s it what’s his actual life like outside of you know making the videos and whatnot so that would be

Pretty cool and then the last one is writing scribe dinner which you know ryan’s channel has grown a lot over the past year or two and you know he’s taking that channel to very high places now i think he’s got well over 200,000 subscribers on his channel now and it’s been unbelievably impressive i think his channel is an important one to watch for a few different

Reasons one reason is i think just in the fact of like personal branding and kind of building a brand online i think you know he’s kind of come from nowhere and just built a you know fabulous brand in a very short amount of time that’s that’s very very impressive you know he’s had a ton of videos go viral where you know viral kind of meaning 500,000 plus views on

It he’s had several videos now i think that’s a really real you know area to kind of pay attention to it how is he doing that and whatnot i think that’s very interesting i think personal finance is a real strength of that channel i think he’s got phenomenal content around personal finance and kind of putting you in the right mindset and things you want to stay

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Away from and whatnot so something i would love to see him do a little more often is kind of he definitely you know talks a bit about stock market investing i would love to see him maybe get out there a little bit more and kind of talk about stocks he’s buying and whatnot the only stock i’ve ever been able to find out that he’s bought or whatnot has been amd i

Know he does a series kind of similar in mine which is three stocks to watch but that’s a little bit different because i you know my three stocks to watch is just like three stocks you know that are gonna be interesting storylines the you know different one in that i do that’s kind of the big one is for stocks i’m buying or for stocks i own which goes through my

Four biggest investments i think if he had is something like that to his channel i think that could be really intriguing you know we don’t have to know amounts of money or how many shares but if he could do something like you know these are my four biggest investments or these my three biggest investments you know not forcing on anybody but i think that could be a

Really cool thing you know to kind of see because people love those kind of videos and kind of you know pick up on them and you know look into some of those stocks for themselves and kind of understand viewpoints and somebody would believe in this stock over this stock and things like that i think that would be really interesting so those are my opinions on those

Three different youtube channels nothing negative really to say about any of them i would love for them to kind of add all those you know different elements i you know stated here and whatnot do you track any of those channels do you watch any of those channels i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section if you have an opinion strong opinion you

Know positive negative about any of those channels should feel free to share in that comment section i would love to read from you guys as always anyways thank you for watching have a great day

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My Opinion of Dan Lok, Graham Stephan and Ryan Scribner By Financial Education

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