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Could be subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about three different youtubers three different youtube channels here on youtube guys one is going to be tight lopes one is going to be gary vaynerchuk and the last one would be dave ramsey and i kind of give you my opinion on these

Channels and maybe if you should be watching them guys so i’m going to really enjoy sharing this with you guys today hit that thumbs up button if you enjoy and let’s get into this so first let’s talk about dave ramsey dave ramsey’s channel here on youtube is a very good channel if you want to have some personal finance take tips his channel does a phenomenal job

As far as that goes it’s not really into depth about stock market it’s not really into depth about entrepreneurship but anything personal finance related his channel is very very good for that stuff guys i mean you can learn a lot of stuff about credit cards about mortgages about car loans like you know what if anything that is in the personal finance category i

Guarantee you he’s probably got one to eight hundred videos on it and he has a program where callers call in they ask him questions hey i’m in the situation i got one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of credit card debt i got student loans of this much we make this much how do we get out of a situation he’ll give his opinion okay this is what you need to do is what

You need to do things like that guys so if you have any type of personal finance type questions that’s a great channel for that in personal finance unfortunately on my channel we talked about it but we talked about it so little because my focus is always so much towards stock market and always so much toward entrepreneurship because those are my two main passions

That personal finance kind of it’s like rare to get a personal finance related video on this channel so if you’re looking for a lot of personal finance channels the dave ramsey channel is definitely one in my opinion that’s a good one he’s a little older guy so he might not relate to anybody it just depends guys but that’s my opinion on his channel very good channel

For anything personal finance related next want to talk about this talking about gary vaynerchuk channel his channel is phenomenal if you want to start a business you want to own a business especially especially any type of business relating to social media so i don’t care if it’s we’re talking to you to volunteer for talking snapchat instagram facebook twitter

Anything like that he is actually has a company that deals a lot with those type of systems you know anything social marketing social marketing related guys so anything social marketing related there’s a phenomenal channel anything entrepreneurship it’s a phenomenal channel anything if you need a kick in the back and my thing his channel is absolutely motivational

He’s a very motivating guy you know he comes with a lot of pep happiness steps and things like that guys so really good channel as far as that goes and his channel is it’s a little bit of a different channel because the main part of his channel is like this blogs he he blogs but it’s not like him doing it he has a guy d-roc that films him going around everywhere

And then he gives his advice through there or he’s talking on the phone and sometimes you can pick up on something the thing about his channel is you do have to sift through a lot of monotony to get to the good gems there because he does give out some gems but it’s kind of like you got to watch through this whole vlog and i enjoy blogs anyway so i watched his

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Channel from time to time and it doesn’t bother me but some did the one i guess you could say complaint people have against him is he’s given too much clouds and not enough dirt and he even admits to this you know in a video we did recently because he basically is in a situation where he is a whole business wrapped around giving out advice to to customers and

Whatnot so he can’t necessarily give all the dirt away by those a lot of times he’ll get out some good gems on there some good some good opinion and you could pick up on them and be like well i should’ve ducked that to my business or i should do this or i should do that a lot of good things like that guy so he’s got a brilliant mind as far as anything social

Marketing related entrepreneurship great channel for that guys and he last want to talk about here talk about tie though has definitely the most controversial of the three like without a doubt so ty lopez one you mean pretty much everybody knows him not because he got famous organic or you know organically or something like that but because he places ads all over

Youtube right especially anything that’s like a financial or business relational first off before we even get into him personally what is reason you guys see so many tight lopez ads all the time but when he’s spending a lot of money on those but the problem is everybody as soon as they see a tight lopez ad just skip that skip and skip ad you guys skip them right

Away or you know everybody just does they don’t want to see him because you know they have an opinion on him in next fine but the problem is is when you skip ad on him these ads going to play again it’s going to play again so if 19 out of 20 people are skip an ad then he still has that money too so advertise to 19 more people in 19 more people so if people just

Watch 15 30 seconds of his ads there’ll be less ads all over youtube because then you would actually be spending the money rather than and keep popping up every five seconds because people would go skip it and then you don’t have to pay youtube if you skip an ad at that point guys so think about that and if you dislike them then you just think about it if you’re

Watching that on a creator you love right then you’re taking money out of toilet as its popping you’re putting it in that creators pocket at that at that point in time guys but if you’re skipping that ad you’re not doing anything except making that ad come up again to you or making the ad come up again to somebody else so i just want to explain that and kind of

Change people’s mindset of that whole thing so tai lopez a common thing is like in tai lopez a scam like if you type in tai lopez i think like the first thing that comes up is tai lopez scam in my opinion hi lopez is not a scam unless unless you’re if you knew so if you have paid for his courses right which is like the main thing he sells he sells these packages

And courses and whatnot if you paid for that and he hasn’t delivered to you in then it’s a scam if he didn’t deliver what he promised and that 68 steps or whatever his program he’s selling i think he sells a few different ones if he and deliver that then he’s a scam but if he delivered the product that he’s not a scam so you can’t just say well because he places


Youtube ads therefore he’s a scam he’s not a scam he’s an internet marketer there’s a whole different terminology between a scam a scam is like you pay for his 68 step course in obtaining 68 dollars a month or whatever it is i don’t not i don’t think i’ve never bought a score so i couldn’t really know but i’m pretty sure you pay a monthly fee or one-time fee for

These courses and you buy them right have you bought it and he doesn’t even send you that that program or you don’t get that program or something totally different than what you were told it was going to be then you against fair game then he’s a scam but if you’ve never done then you’re just seeing is that he’s not a scam he’s an internet marketer he’s someone

That is just driving traffic to his program and he’s willing to pay whatever amount of money it takes you can understand you got to understand you can place ads here on youtube for very cheap even in the united states he’s probably placing his ads in my opinion probably between three and four cents because that’s what you can really get a is rarely even have to

Pay a nickel so he can be placing these ads for three four maybe five cents right and if he gets a customer that buys let’s say he’s on a two hundred dollar package imagine how many ads he can place before he he finally gets that one person to do it right and then when he does get that one person and do it they more than pay for all those ads think about it if he’s

Paying four cents an ad and those ads are only costing him money when somebody actually watches that ad you got to spend on a lot of four cents before you you get that $200 back great so his whole business model is is it’s a business model at the end of the day it’s not necessarily a scam it’s just a business model and if he’s delivering honest value then you know

So be it and you know let’s say not everybody’s successful in this program let’s say even that and i kind of feel bad because i’m kind of feel like i’m sticking up for him i don’t really want to stick up for him because deep down inside i’m not really a big fan of him because us youtubers we grower or most of us grow our basis organically so we do it the hard way

We don’t like buy a million subscribers we don’t buy a hundred thousand subscribers like we built up for years and years and like we take pride in our numbers because we’ve worked our ask to get there and so that’s why a lot of us youtubers are kind of like don’t really like him you know there but i want to stick up for him one more time what was he gonna stick

Up for him about it was in regards to him listing oh so my other point was in sticking up for him here is let’s say only 10% of his people are successful or maybe even 5% of his people are successful that do his program let’s say that in the end it’s not his fault if those people are not successful as long as some of those people are successful no different than

If somebody buys my book and they’re not successful in the stock market you know over the next 5-10 years not necessarily my fault if a bunch of other people did succeed you know what i mean so just because somebody read a book or bought a package or something doesn’t mean you’re going to be that i mean if somebody bought a gary vaynerchuk book right and they


Weren’t successful as an entrepreneur couldn’t just because they were lazy or they didn’t put in the work or they didn’t really listen to what was in the book they didn’t read it right or maybe they’re just really horrible at whatever that is so even if a lot of people don’t succeed in his program as long as some are succeeding off of what he says and they’re still

That doesn’t make him a scam so i kind of want to stick up for him in that respect cuz i’ve taken a lot of thought to it and there was a time when i thought man this guy’s a freakin scam artist you know he’s just paying for ads and he’s selling this program you know people scare for free and i was like i’m a capitalist you know if he wants to charge people for his

Information so giving away free i can i can’t get on them to that because i’m a capitalist and you know we all could eat at the end of the day right we’re going to eat and if we want to make money and support others and buy other people’s products and services and businesses and go spending money at the restaurant and do this and do that we got to make money and so

I shouldn’t i shouldn’t hate on him to that i think just us youtubers we just mainly hate on him the fact that we see is they add so damn much in the fact that he’s bought his audience at the end of the day it’s not organic he bought it he bought his audience from placing millions upon millions ads all over youtube and some people are watching like oh this guy’s

Cool or whatever and therefore it gets a subscriber here and there so that’s kind of my opinion and you know for full disclosure i bet you i make a lot of money off ty lopez i mean i wouldn’t be surprised if i made five hundred to a thousand dollars a month from ty lopez ads that play on my channel i can’t control it and i’m sure his ads play on you all the time

Let me know in the comments section if you guys have seen tylo on this channel i bet you have any financial related channel or business related channel that has a channel monetize i can almost guarantee you’re going to see tai lopez’s and even if you’re not on watching something financial or business related the jury will still see titles out there guys i mean i

Know there’s been times when i’m not watching anything like that i’m just watching entertainment or so a funny channel or whatever and i’ll see a thai lopez ad so hope you guys enjoyed this today that’s my opinion on dave ramsey on gary vaynerchuk in on ty lopez that’s my opinion let me know in the comment section what your opinion is well so let me know like what

Ad did you see before this video played or after this videos gonna play our luggages here like what ads you guys see out there just interested in general so if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance in the channel just a little bit though we talked entrepreneurship mostly i’m an actual business owner i give away so

Many business tips we talk to stock market the most of everything how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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My opinion of TAI LOPEZ, GARY VAYNERCHUK, and DAVE RAMSEY By Financial Education

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