My Post-Election Challenge To Everyone Watching This

In this episode, Chelsea tells her thoughts after last week’s presidential election results, and gives a challenge for those watching.

It’s going up on thursday the 12th, so hello from the past. but i wanted to talk to you guys heart-to-heart a little bit we experienced it heavily in the four days between election day and we’re now feeling it after the election has been called, even though anyone who had been following the predictions around him refusing to fully and completely embrace the stated that i

Have that on election night, i was not panicking. even in group chats and personal conversations, that was sort just like we panicked between election day and the results, and those are two areas in which you actually can do something. and let’s not kid ourselves that the majority of the reason any particularly in this runoff that is of ultimate importance and i want to

Say something very clearly because although it’s and i on an immigration level, which is very tangible, even and that can cause me perhaps to be a little less panicked. panicking, fearing the worst, worrying, being drowned rent-free in everyone’s heads for the past five years, and are working toward policy goals that are positive rather it’s time to turn the page and to

Do something productive. to fall into that doom scrolling pit, to catastrophize publicly. or what was said last, or what is being threatened. from hanging on every single word that one person is saying.

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My Post-Election Challenge To Everyone Watching This By The Financial Diet

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