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Man is so crazy my secret stock pick exploded oh what is going on my secret stock pickax mine my secret stock pick exploded i told you guys about my secret stock pick on friday you guys watching that video exploded x5 it exploded it’s true it exploded my secret stock pick exploded feels good when you’re right oh it was so good oh i called it an 11 cents i called

It an 11 cents friday let’s take a look at it the lord gets about to close we got 10 minutes let’s see what it finishes let’s see if you guys are watching if you guys know which stock i’m talking about i gave you this pic for trading days ago on friday and last week i told you i have a secret stock pick and it has exploded okay it’s exploded let’s see let’s see

How it finishes today let’s see the finishes in the great oh wow yes yes yes yes of 27% right now my number one pick i told you guys i told you guys i said i have a secret stock pick i told you last friday what was the pick you guys know you guys know the pick they’re up 27% today alone oh man this is good this is good oh man i’m excited i’m super excited right

Now i’m not gonna lie i love when i bring picks and then they go up nothing makes me happier this is a pick that i told you guys on friday was my secret stock pick it was that 11 cents it’s right now at 21 cents do you guys know which stock i’m talking about i don’t know if you guys are watching right now but it’s um it was my stop it was my secret stock pick on

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Friday this is why it’s important for you guys to watch rich tv live you know i mean i’m literally giving you guys different picks all the time and this pick is up from oh it’s at 22 cents up 33 percent oh my goodness it’s up a hundred percent since i brought it to you on friday thank you stock gods for our daily bread it’s gone from 11 cents to 22 cents in for

Trading for trading days from 11 cents to 22 cents it’s up 100% this pick is up 100% in the last four trading days he doesn’t want me to read you the news because i brought you guys this pic and i told you as my secret stock pick last friday and it’s up to date 33% it’s up since friday 100% it’s now at 22 cents i brought it to at 11 cents thank you guys for the

Likes if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe to rich tv live hit the bell for notification every time we go live and we have any breaking news any information anything that’s trending you will know first okay this is crazy this is absolutely crazy i’m literally watching it on my phone wow this is absolutely crazy you know what there’s only one thing you can do

The situation like this sorry i just happy debts have to do a happy dance i’ve brought you this pic first there are a hundred percent in four days four days 100% one percent in four days really good good thank you sometimes for our he regrets you doing oh it stopped because you’re not watching how could you not be watching don’t build in stockton you’re not

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Watching 100 percent in four days well does that nobody i brought you guys a pick four days ago told you is my secret pick and it’s up 100% since my videos hundred percent since my video i don’t tell the truth i apologize if you don’t know the pitch that means you’re not watching if you’re not watching not 100% recordings i don’t like if there is let me know

I’ll go subscribe right now tell me one person tell me one person who brought you spock four days ago know what a percent crickets crickets by department oh anywhere in the world that brought you a pick four days ago told you was their secret stock pick told you it’s thinly traded barely upper trades nobody knows about it but it’s my secret pick who is that

11 cents what’s llt at now guys let’s take a look let’s take a look a crypto man what price is it out right now cuz i’m pretty sure i brought it at 11 cents on friday today’s thursday the next week so i brought it 11 cents what’s it at now crypto man damir anyone who’s watching anybody know what it’s at oh it’s at 22 what does that mean it’s gonna fall hundred

Percent in four days does that mean it’s gone up 100% since i told you guys it was my secret pick now i want to know is there anybody else anywhere in the galaxy the world this is big universe of ours that brought you guys a pic that went up a hundred percent in four days i’m listening i’m watching anybody anybody home is there anybody home is there another is

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There another out there like rich tv live is there is there i don’t know i’m just wondering i’m just wondering if there’s anyone else that brought you guys a pic that went up 100% it was a free pic all you have to do is watch rich tv and you could have made a hundred percent i don’t know i don’t know tell you guys

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