How y’all doing today so last friday i gave you guys a secret stock pic i told you guys that my secret stop pic was special i told you it had a chance to be a winner i told you that it was going to do well and it did i didn’t expect it to do as well as it did i didn’t expect it to go up 150 percent in one week but be that it did okay so i just wanted to kind of

Remind everyone that link technologies that secrets topic went up 150 percent in one week last friday i told you my secret stock pick was light link technologies it was that 11 cents it’s now at 26 and a half cents it’s true from 11 cents to 26 and a half cents our secret stock pic has exploded and made members money all over the world and i feel blessed to be

Able to bring you guys the pic i’m very happy for those of you guys that have won but the best part about this pic i don’t think it’s done i think it’s got hired to go i know it sounds crazy but it’s true i think light link technologies goes higher i know it sounds nuts but i think it goes higher i don’t know are you guys holding light link technologies are you

Guys still holding it did you guys sell it i still think it goes higher call me crazy i think it goes higher but you never know remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live i’m gonna give you a list of picks that i

Brought you guys since january collectively those picks are up over 1 thousand percent write these down cnn a p vo t ch m dl ry which i gave to you two days ago l lt light link technologies is ed why any labs la bs e gl x mc ld these are all pics that are brought to you guys first collectively they’re up over 1,000% and i brought these all since january of 2019 oh

Also you can add to that list gigi b green growth brands i brought them first and har v i brought them first as well that’s 11 picks that i brought to you since january that are up collectively over 1,000% 1,000% which means if you bought those 10 or 11 picks and you just held them you would have made over 10 times your money if you put in $10,000 and bought just

Those picks you would be up to a hundred thousand dollars in your account hey man i’m just telling you the fax numbers don’t lie but people do man and those numbers speak for themselves look at the charts on those stocks look at the results of those picks tell me if i’m right or if i’m wrong but i can assure you that when you look at those picks and you look at my

Videos and you look at the charts you’re gonna see i’m right so light link technologies i gave it to you guys last friday i told you it was my secret stock pick it went up 1,000% lately technologies went up a hundred and fifty percent in one week and collectively my pics have gone up 1,000% since january 2019 hey men it’s just what we do here bring your winners

And we bring them to you first i don’t want your money i want your eyes and ears on the prize the best part is the best part is manjo if you didn’t see my secret pic you’re not watching the videos bro i did the video last friday i told you guys it was my secret stock pick light link technologies and that stock went from 11 cents all the way to 26 and a half cents

In one week did you guys buy some light link technologies if you guys bought light link technologies and you made money on it please let me know please let me know if you made money on it okay you watch enough of me you know i’m not watching enough of me if you’re not getting the pics you know sup man say what’s up to youtube oh you put in a thousand bucks well

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Joel man you gotta watch the pics bro gotta watch the pigs man you know we got the best pics here brother you know we got the best pics if you guys made money on light link technologies let me know you know i’d like to know if you guys won right i’ve always wanted to know if you guys are winning always wanted to know if you guys win i’m at the soccer field we’d

Love to be at the soccer field we’d love to be at the soccer field making a video we at the soccer field this is the way we roll and yeah man just excited man i had a great day today i don’t know but you guys but i didn’t even make a trade but my account was up big a lot of it was due to zina today exploding i was very happy about that i had quite a few people

Talking about my zina prediction and saying that they didn’t believe it was correct and xena xena bus exploded today so i was quite excited about that having a very big day for zen abyss today this is the soccer field yo so did you take advantage of zen abyss and llt i hope you took advantage of zen abyss and l lt l lt man l lt light link technologies that was my

Secret stock pick last week i went up a hundred and fifty percent in one week and the only place you would ever heard of light link technologies is right here from your boy because ain’t nobody else talking about light link technologies nowhere ain’t nobody else know we’re talking about link technologies i promise you that promise you that you bought zen abyss on

The red genius good job buddy good job joe i didn’t think you were gonna buy his out of his job i’m glad you picked it up man glad you picked it up you guys want to see some of the future soccer stars the future future soccer stars so yeah just really excited man that my secret stock pick came through and the next time i have another pick for you i’ll let you guys

Know so take a look at some of the pics at bergen cnn a from 60 cents to a dollar 39 light link technologies from 11 cents to 26 and a half mc ld from 19 cents – it went as high as 45 pivot went from 19 cents today was at 47 i brought you guys labs at a dollar 50 it’s hit seven dollars this week i brought you said why any at five bucks to this week it hits 16 it

Was at 16 today so the list goes on and on and on i brought you a glx at around 80 90 cents and they’re at a dollar sixty something now i brought you ca chema thirty cents there at over 60 there were over 70 at one point the list goes on and on and on so we’ve brought more winners than anybody else on the planet that’s a fact i don’t know anybody else that have

Brought you 11 winners that have gone up over a hundred percent since january if you guys know anyone that has please let me know i’ll subscribe right now to their channel okay thank you guys for the likes i really appreciate it it really helps to allow these videos to go viral we try to bring the winners and we try to bring them to you first we try to identify

Companies that are undervalued underappreciated underexposed and we try to bring you companies and no one’s ever heard of before sometimes that’s pretty difficult you know i brought you guys dlr why a lot of people laughed oh it doesn’t trade rich it doesn’t have any volume rich up 20% in two days since i brought the pick guess the trades now i brought you light

Link technologies doesn’t trade rich it’s a piece of trash rich it sucks rich it’s at a 52-week low rich oh guess it trades now i don’t know 800,000 shares a twenty six cents pretty good volume if you ask me for a company in the never trades all of a sudden went from 11 cents to 26 and a half cents guess i know a little something about something so i don’t know man

I really don’t know what else to say man i just trying to bring you guys winners and i try to bring them to you first if i bring you winners before they explode people are like why would you bring me a winner it doesn’t trade uh well yeah you gotta bring it before it explodes so that you can get in before it explodes so chances are if you’re getting in early it

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Ain’t gonna have a lot of volume it isn’t gonna have a lot of attention it isn’t gonna be doing great that’s called getting in early if i bring you a pig that’s already on fire well it might be too late you might get stuck holding the bag like zy any i brought you that pickup five bucks i’m not gonna tell you to buy it at 16 labs i brought you that pic at a buck 50

I’m not gonna talk to you about buying labs at 7 bucks right so we’re trying to bring you the winners we’re trying to bring them to you first it’s not easy it’s a very difficult thing to do uh it’s not that i don’t like zelda i just i don’t know it’s it’s for cents yeah i mean it looks okay jo but you know i don’t see that much with it yet so i might be wrong but

Um you know it’s not like the first thing on my radar i got some other companies that rather buy first right now i’m looking to enter the market with some new money and i’m thinking about buying something for next week i was looking at buying more xena vez when i hit a dollar-fifty range i wanted to buy more zenefits really really badly but i got a little hesitant

Cuz i thought maybe it’s gonna go down you know good job joe bought labs a 150 sold at 585 amazing amazing execution there so yeah you know i thought about maybe buying some more xena beasts when was that 150 and then it went all the way to 175 today and now i’m like oh because i bought some at 174 i’m already up on that position i don’t want to buy some at these

Levels if it goes back to 150 i’ll probably buy another 5,000 shares on 150 so i’ll be looking for another position for next week i don’t know yet exactly what that will be i think llt will go higher but i’m not gonna buy llt but i think it could go to 40 cents that’s my prediction i mean you got in at in labs at 150 and you sold at 585 any way you slice it bro

That’s amazing you made like what 300% return yeah any way you slice that that’s pretty amazing as far as i’m concerned so i’m looking for something to put my money in i don’t know what i’m looking very carefully i did not make one trade all week i was just watching the markets all week so i’m looking at radiant technologies i’m looking at an wave looking at

Radiant technologies looking at any wave looking at zen abyss looking at med man looking at ilithyia looking at aurora just trying to find the right pick man i’m trying to do my headshot don’t want to chase the zen yne don’t want to chase vgw don’t want to chase labs rather get something on the loan i’d rather pick up something on the loan so honestly don’t know

What to buy i’m very hesitant right now i think the market is very choppy what do i think about vap n the radiant technology sticker is rti in canada are ddtf in america astralis is 75 cents yeah australis is 75 cents in america it’s over $1 in canada any news on the l lt interview release date that’s actually a really good question i believe it’ll be next week

I’ve done three videos i did a interview with delray ceo morgan good i did an interview with the llt ceo and i did an interview this week with you buck who is the digital wallet that did an loi with enthusiasts gaming’s through light link technologies i did a video with them i’m waiting for all three of those videos to give me the green light to be able to publish

Them so i’ll keep you guys updated on that i still don’t know what i’m gonna buy next week but i will be buying something next week i would have loved to have zen abyss at 170 or so at 150 even 148 it got – that would have been an amazing amazing price you did nicely on light link technologies very good i’m happy for you so we want man i just want you guys to win

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I want to know is there a pick that i should be buying next week is there anything that you guys are gonna be buying next week that i should be buying please let me know because i will be entering the market with ten thousand dollars of new money next i was planning on doing it this week but i wanted to see how it came out when zen abyss was down to the 150 range

I really fought myself not to buy it but i had to keep telling myself okay what if it goes lower rich what if it goes lower so you know i didn’t buy it i didn’t pull the trigger and now it bounced back up so kind of frustrated about that do you think that llt is a stock to hold or sell when it’s up i say if you see profits just take them i say if you see profits

Just take them hey lo can’t go lower than 50 cents usd you’re safe there i would never say never i would never say never but you never know it michael lower might go higher anything is possible in these markets these markets are crazy what about men men i love mad men i think mad man is one of the most undervalued stocks in the entire sector they fall under the

Category of too big to fail and i think it’s just a matter of time until they explode when will they explode i have no idea i mean it’s up to us to find the bottom and i believe we will find the bottom yeah i believe that nemus day has a chance absolutely there’s a very good chance of nameste explodes at some point here is there any other pics that i need to know

About for next week i would love to know what you guys are looking at i’d love to know what you guys are buying and if i buy anything i’ll definitely let you guys know what do you think on can’t trust love can’t trust i think it’s a great company i thought that they were really heavily oversold they’ve bounced back a little bit this week i think it’s a good company

If you can get in low that’s one that you want to have definitely want to own there’s so many stocks out there right now it just becomes more and more difficult every single day the more stocks are out there the more difficult it gets the more stocks are out there the more difficult it gets there’s just too many options right now two years ago there was like five

Companies now there’s like four hundred so it’s difficult to stay focused and stay in your lane another company that’s done quite well is organa graham o gana graham has been on fire keep them on your watchlist kimo i mean on your radar they’ve been just running village farms has been pretty hot they’ve been running so there’s been quite a lot of stocks that been

Doing well the markets still choppy there’s a lot of sneak attacks that’s why i’m looking for companies at the bottom ar e vf up listing on tuesday o gi lists on the nasdaq tuesday i believe wow that’s big check out s rdp i’ll check it out thank you thank you for your picks so i just wanted to touch base with you guys i’m very happy about light link technologies

Having an amazing week up 150% in one week i don’t think i’ve seen any other youtuber or anyone bring a pic over the last week that’s gone on up over 150% i think light link is a very undervalued underappreciated underexposed company i don’t think very many people know about it feels nice to know that members one happy about that congratulations for everybody who

Won this is your boy rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching bringing the winners we bring them to you first from the soccer field sometimes it’s true you sold your your vff when they said it was going to tank a man buy low sell high by red sell green rinse and repeat and you’ll always be okay okay guys have a great long weekend thank you

For joining me hope you had a great week if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich to be live not mold let’s give these guys a nice kick

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