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Save money by buying beginner level or used equipment when you try out a new hobby. Resist the urge to buy new or mid-range quality equipment thinking you would save money and ‘future proof’ your equipment. Of course, this does not apply if you somehow know you will do this for many years to come but people are generally not very good predictors or this.

How’s it going everybody this is b bush have you ever bought a whole bunch of stuff for a certain hobby or bought a whole bunch of stuff to fix something only to have it sit there for many many years i’ve been reflecting on all the crazy hobbies that had over the years and i’m guilty of having way too many hobbies and spending way too much money on all of them

Just think for yourself how many hobbies have you had but you don’t do them every day now thinking about all this now i could have saved a lot of money if i only spent a lot less on each hobby just so that i can get a feel for if i really liked it or not and then when i have a hobby that i really do like i can wait a while until i’m proficient at whatever hobby

It is and then i can spend some more money on it for example this electric guitar and all the accessories that goes with it i’m not even that good at playing this electric guitar i thought this helicopter a long time ago with my own money that i earned over the summer basically i cleared out my old bank account just to tie this thing this was way before all the

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Quad copters are out and the flying mechanics is roughly the same interestingly i was only able to hover this thing but i never did like little circles around just not too long ago i bought these quad copters that are the tiny little ones are $20 i actually learned how to fly well on this thing because i wasn’t really afraid of crashing it this thing however it was

Big and expensive and i was just too scared to experiment because one small smooth it’s just gonna go in crash everywhere this is me showing you all my shameful spending i’m not proud of it but please let it go this board i bought thinking that yeah you know i’m going to go snowboarding quite a bit after this and guess what i only use this once or twice my coworker

At one point wanted to play golf so then i bought a whole set of golf clubs so i can play golf with it i don’t regret it because at least now i can use the driving range and it feels pretty good to be able to go there and hit a ball but i do have the rest of this set that it’s just sitting there for the past couple of years and these these aren’t too expensive but

They’re so purpose-built that you know it might as well just be really wasteful these shoes are bowling shoes see it’s a little smooth at the bottom but i use these about four or five times only so far believe me i have about two dozen more of these examples i’m just too ashamed to show you the rest oh so the theory goes like this if you have for hobbies if you

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Choose to spend as little as you can just find something beginner buy something used even then you’re going to be at a spending level of like this one two three four now you’re not going to know which hobby you’re going to stick with just like mine i don’t know which one i’m going to really really do every single day because you really need to try it out first

Before you know basically what i basically needed is i didn’t actually buy top-of-the-line that i kind of bought mid-range stuff it was over here so the spending is like you know middle middle middle middle but what you could have done it’s just by entry-level stuff or even use of just to test it out for a year first so that you can really know that you’re going

To get into this hobby before spending more on it by upgrading so let’s see like the fourth thing i tried over here oh yeah i really really do like it you know after even trying it for a whole year then yes i can upgrade to something you know costing twice as much as the mid-range and i would still save a whole bundle because i didn’t have to do all these four

So this but this is the cost of this fourth one and then i’ll be saving a whole bunch of money by not going mid grade for these first two hobbies that i tried all of this applies of business as well because you don’t want to go to gung-ho about spending because you’re just going to end up spending more than your profit then you’re going to be in the red so it’s

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Really important to be mindful when you’re doing something new you just kind of like put a little toe in it and just testing the out first to see what the response is and then you can slowly ramp things up i hope you guys can see some money from my experience by going slow person your hobby endeavors and then later on after about a year then you go and spend more

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