My Streamlined Monthly Expenses

Here is an update to my monthly expenses. I spell out the expenses I have so that you can compare what you have. Many people tend to keep way too much recurring expenses and add a lot of unnecessary subscriptions like cable or cloud services. Do think about cutting these and this means an automatic monthly savings!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about my streamline monthly expenses now on this channel i talked about a lot of tips and tricks and these are a direct reflection of what i actually do myself now today i’m gonna go over a lot of my monthly recurring expenses hopefully you looking at my personal expenses you know you can kind

Of gleam something away from this and be able to apply to your own expenses as well first of all i decided a mitt rent or mortgage because this is so different from person to person depending on your living a situation and where you’re living even you could have roommates or you could be renting a house or you can be having mortgage so i left this out completely

And this video is more intended for you to sort of compare each bill and look at how much you’re paying compared to what i’m paying per person now i pay this amount for myself and maybe you might have an economy of scale thing going on if you have multiple roommates generally i paid these bills these are under my name so there’s gonna be a little bit of overhead

On these things first of all my water bill is $28 pretty typical i don’t use a lot of water i don’t normally take baths sometimes water has these outside line insurance i’ve gotten a few fliers for these and i never bought them but in fact my outside line actually broke about a couple years back and you know all of a sudden all this water started spewing outside

Neighbors were like going crazy they’re like oh my gosh what’s going on you know knocking you know trying to pound down the door or something so what i did was you know i just turned off the water and i looked at what’s wrong dug the hole around that area and i went and fixed it myself so that whole ordeal cost me you know a couple of hours and about twenty thirty

Dollars worth of repair costs generally if you don’t buy insurance you gotta be sort of like a handy do-it-yourself type so in this sense i’m able to save a lot of money not buying this outside line water mains insurance thing my trash is $16.50 now my trash bill before this was about thirty dollars a month or so you pay every three months so it’s about ninety

Dollars every three months i was able to reduce this because i essentially don’t use a regular trash can now i use these overage bags and most of my trash actually goes into the compostable bins and i produce so little actual trash that goes into the landfill that i don’t really need a trance pin anymore gas and electric is pretty typical i spend about $50 every

Single month and in order to get it this slow fifty dollars this is average so during the winter months it might peak to about ninety dollars but on the summer months it might be only like twenty five thirty dollars even so what i normally do with this is you try to get your normal electric usage really really low i use a kilowatt to do this you plug your whatever

That you use into the kilowatt to try to measure how much vampire power it’s actually using and if you see it use a lot and you’d be surprised if you get one of these things i’ll leave a link down in the video description below if you’re interested in getting the same one i have sometimes certain things consume a lot of electricity even though you think it doesn’t

For example one of my findings is an old school alarm clock those consume i don’t know several watt seven watts or something just constantly every single hour another high usage is a cordless phone that uses a lot too so it really depends on your device so it’s really good to get one of those just plug everything that you’ve got into that and just monitor a little

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Bit and then you can you know make an informed decision i’m not saying you know unplug everything because sometimes you might really want to use something it might be too much of a hassle for example a microwave you know you don’t want to plug in in every single time you might be able to you know put it on a switch or something but you gotta weigh the convenience

Factor versus how much is actually saving a cellphone i use a freedom pop phone which is zero dollars a month and over the last year i paid about ten dollars so it’s not even one dollar a month so i just kind of put it at zero because it’s so infrequent landline i don’t have a landline cable i don’t have cable movie theater subscription service i don’t go watch

Movies enough in the theaters to get a subscription service so i don’t have one of those streaming movie service so i don’t even watch that i’m pretty busy as it is producing these videos doing reading and i have some ebooks i need to read so you know my time is taking enough so that i don’t actually need to watch streaming movies and actually whenever i go travel

I kind of prefer not having watch a lot of movies because once i jump on the plane i’ll be like well this is like candyland right there’s like a dozen movies i can watch to the destination and coming back when i used to watch more movies um i would have seen maybe half of them and then going to my destination yeah i’ll be great and all but coming back i’ll be like

Oh my gosh there’s nothing to watch i’m so bored so in a sense not watching movies is great for me doing traveling because then i can save all my movie-watching when i’m on the plane cloud music service now some people will subscribe to these things i i don’t see the point if i were really you know really like certain music i would just buy you know buy it somewhere

On itunes and then i’ll have the music itself and can listen to it as many times as i want rather than get like and all you can listen to things you know i just don’t see the point in a music subscription service for myself cloud storage subscription all these things that are subscription-based i just get like you know a little bit antsy because especially things

That locks you in for a cloud subscription storage you load up all this data on the cloud you have to pay monthly and all of sudden hey you know if you one day you don’t want this cloud subscription service you want to load it all you all of a sudden need to buy a really big hard drive download at all and stick it on there so there’s like a sticky issue here once

You’re embedded in this system you know you kind of tend to want to keep on paying the subscription service so be very wary of these subscription services extended warranties for electronics i just personally don’t get it i don’t remember actually i’ve never gotten an extended warranty for anything even for big-screen tvs you know big expensive cameras all these

Things i never get it i i’ve never had a problem with it and sometimes even if i do i tend to try to fix it myself somehow for example i talked about me having a phone over here my battery went dead you know i guess people could buy you know warranties for these things but this is a really old phone i just fixed it myself and bam you know it’s done magazines i don’t

Buy any magazines sometimes i still get about two types of subscriptions engineering subscriptions for free i don’t know why they send it to me still um i don’t have to pay anything for that so zero internet is $40 i get a pretty fast internet these days because of youtube and i have to load in 4k definition these days so you know a file for one of these videos

For example this one might be about four gigabytes large and uh well i have to just pay this $40 ds day so it might go up later on because i might require higher and higher data rates car insurance $38 i have a really old car how old is it 17 years old 160,000 miles on on it it’s a porsche boxster 2001 it’s likely solo because i only buy one way insurance these

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Days if that car you know something goes wrong with it usually i go and fix it myself if there’s body work i can even do body work by the way i’ve done it to an old mr2 before i’m not sure if i want to do that myself these days so we’ll see i i don’t know what’s gonna happen if it breaks you know i might just buy a brand new car you know if i get in an accident

Or something in that car i might buy a new one i guess scooter insurance eight dollars a month so one year is about a hundred dollars i do have a scooter this is a gasoline-powered i think it’s about 150 cc i kind of forgot it goes pretty fast goes like 55 miles an hour and i use it sometimes to drop off stuff at the mailbox sometimes i use it to go to the bart

Station or whatnot it’s a fun little thing i got hooked on to this thing when i went to taiwan and i drove one and i was hooked because you can sit with your legs like sitting on a couch okay it’s not uncomfortable like on the typical motorcycle where you have to straddle it it’s very uncomfortable straddling a motorcycle a scooter you just kind of sit like this

And just go puh puh puh puh puh puh puh button it’s fun car maintenance $30 i do my own repairs in fact today i did three repairs on my porsche boxster i’ll load those videos in my diy channel pretty soon within the week doing your own maintenance well it’s gonna save you a lot of money and this is one of the ways i save i you know i never done those three types

Of maintenance before and yet somehow i’m able to complete them you know you go on youtube look at other people do it and then you do it yourself gasoline now that i’m you know semi-retired doing videos staying at home most of time i don’t have to travel you know 2025 miles every single day now i only need to fill up maybe once a month rather than about three or

Four times a month so i only need about 50 dollars worth of gas every single month tall it’s only $5 there’s occasional no needs for me to cross the bridge usually to go to san francisco or something in my car so you know not that much groceries has gone down to like $120 i seriously looked at my groceries expenditure on my credit card i bought only groceries on

And i’m like wow it’s only $120 and i stocked up on some chicken this month usually i just buy a fish i eat some rice barley and then i buy some vegetables that is my meal right there it’s delicious to me you can argue that you know it’s so plain or something but you know it’s it’s healthy this even includes the almonds i have to buy for my almond milk tea meal

Subscriptions obviously i don’t buy those to me whenever i looked at them i calculated those things before i think it’s like six to eight dollars every single little packet a meal and usually you can eat it and that’s just one meal and you will have zero leftover and to me there’s so little food in there and that amount of food should have been worth about two

Dollars or something so they’re charging you you know of course they gotta charge you extra to package it to prepare it you know to put it in the little packets for use of that by the time it gets to your place you can you know they need to earn a profit to me i don’t think it really saved time because you can definitely meal plan just as well and i feel like

Those meals subscription when you look at the the recipes and stuff by the time you follow it all of it it takes you know it might even take longer to cook those subscriptions then cooking it you know my own way restaurants i still go out at restaurants one once in a while you know just to see friends and stuff i personally won’t go oh i’m hungry i’m gonna go

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Out and eat something usually if i’m if i say oh i’m hungry i julie just cook my own or sometimes i had to do these eating out things because of youtube people are donating to muse like yeah you should eat this and this and then i make a video about it health insurance i pay three hundred and ten dollars this is out of my own pocket i have to say i’m paying this

Out of my hsa account so this is tax advantage whatever money i accumulated from my previous employer i’m pouring that out of that account i’m like no you know what i want to spend that money rather than spend my cash right now because that is a health expenditure but to me i just like to have things that are accessible rather than things that are locked up so

I prefer to use things locked up yes yes i know it’s like a triple tax advantage thing most people rather spend their own cash and leave that money in there to compound or whatever but to me you know it’s just a such a small amount that i rather just get rid of it and then you know worry about other things later on just with hard cash you know i like that more

Than you know having all these little different you know hsa retirement counts whatever account all over the place my traveling is actually all over the place added a lot probably about two months or so in the last nine months and it’s costed me about a hundred dollars a day now this is considered low because i’ve mainly been using a lot of points for travel i’ve

Been using a lot of points for hotels and things like that like when i went for two weeks in tokyo that was about $110 a day when i went to new york that’s about $100 a day clothing i mostly get them for free i have those tricks for how to get free clothes i mainly what’s this one from this is ones from banana republic i got this one for free mainly through credit

Card churning there’s various ways that you can do that if you’re interested in that video i’ll leave it over here gadgets oh my gosh i spent so much on gadgets i don’t think you can follow this in terms of streamlining your monthly expenses these are one-off expenses and it tends to be me spending a lot for example i bought that music production center thing is

Like this big i think i spent like $2,000 for that thing and then i would buy camera equipment you know microphones and stuff all these things for youtube it’s hard to say that these things are actually my monthly expenses because i write these expenses off under my youtube channel so it gets a bit complex the main takeaway here is to look at what’s similar all

My expenses as it is to yours all those things that i personally don’t get look i’m able to live just fine without those and if you add up all these things outside of housing outside of travel outside of these crazy gadgets that i keep on buying everything else is about seven hundred sixty dollars a month or so to me this is incredibly low and to other people it

Might be you know luxurious so do you just think about all these expenses where you can cut off recurring expenses because once you do this you’re essentially able to increase your cash flow all that much more this is one of the main reasons on how i’m able to quit my job so soon and because my burn rate is so low i can you know feel comfortable that i can make

Enough to support my daily expenses so thanks for watching this video if you’re interested in any of those products i mentioned in this video check out my affiliate link for amazon down in the video description below if you like this video and want to see more push that subscribe button over here and ring that bell icon to get notifications thanks for watching

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