My Top 10 Best Financial Decisions Ever!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about my top ten financial decisions i’ve ever made in my life these are not like the top ten stocks that i’ve ever bought or something like that these are literally the top 10 financial decisions i’ve ever made in my life and all

Two things that have gotten me to this point in my life guys and if any of these were not done i don’t know where the honesty it could have changed things dramatically for the worse so i’m going to share with you guys these top 10 best financial decisions i’ve ever made in my life i hope you guys really enjoy it today and before i even get into the video i just

Want to say i in rank these as far as important so we’ll start off at number 10 but does it mean that you know for instance number nine is any less important number four or number three is like so much more important than number eight like that doesn’t mean that i just rank them basically kind of starting out in my financial life around age 18 19 and decisions i

Made since then that basically all the way down to the bottom one which is going to be number one which is kind of the most recent one of all them guys so i just want to cover that so you kind of know that just because one’s rank above another one it doesn’t mean it’s more important and those kinds of things guys so i hope you enjoyed se leave this video a thumbs up

If you do leave a comment if you have anything to say and let’s get into this so number 10 the decision i made to run track was very important financially for me for two reasons one i ended up earning my very first freshman year end up earning a half scholarship so that’s a great financial decision in itself that it was helping me pay for community college that was

That was a very good financial decision also he gave me a lot of confidence basically in high school i was lacking stole a lot of confidence because i gave my heart and soul into football and i never became a good football player i never did i never really stood out the way i wanted to i took up track and i had a lot of success with that and that helped me build

Confidence in me personally as a person which helps a lot financially in life because if you’re someone that’s super low in confidence is going to be very hard for you to at any financial success in life a lot of the most a lot of the people that earn the most amount of money long term those kinds of things they have a lot of belief in themselves they have a lot

Of confidence in themselves to make decisions to go out there and step out there do something in the world people with low self-esteem low confidence it’s very hard to so track you know between the half scholarship and between you know building my confidence and building me up it was an extremely key financial step in the whole thing and i don’t know if i would

Be where i’m at if i didn’t do it honestly i really don’t so huge huge financial key number nine deciding to go to community college like you know when i got out of high school i wasn’t sure what i was exactly going to do and i thought community college was away and by the way i mainly wanted to go to community college because i wanted to run track so that kind

Of pushed me that way and i kind of was already thinking like i want to do business something business related and i learned a lot about accounting i learned a lot about business i learned a lot about psychology and i learned a lot about investing by myself in which i studied a lot in the computer labs are researched on their computers there at the computer labs

A ton of research you know trying to read everything i could about investing i learned accounting which is very key in my business decisions right because i got a you want to know how to run an income statement balance sheet if you’re going to run your own business as well as for investing if you will know how to read an income statement how to decipher a gross

Margin from this how to read a cash flow a balance sheet if you understand those things it’s going to be very hard for you to succeed as an investor out there so that helped me immensely learning about business that speaks for itself and in psychology i took several psychology courses and psychology is a really important thing guys like really important like a lot

Of a decision i make today or sometimes actually psychology based they are like they literally are i mean for instance i’ll give you an example from something from this channel i do i get comments sometimes if people say oh i hate your thumbnails what you always got to make such a silly face your stupid face or whatever they want to say about my thumbnails right

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The reason i do that is for that exact reason to get an emotion of some kind out of people to like you know make a face you know that attracts when people see a face one it attracts them more and then when they see a face and they see a consistent pattern like i always hold up the whiteboard it lets people know it lets one like the people that actually watch this

Channel consistently when you see that you know it’s a financial education branagh channel because i’m the only one out there doing it and doing it consistently and then on top of that so it’s like a branding thing on top of that somewhat i have thousands of people every day they come across this channel and they watch one video and they might never watch again but

If for some reason one of my videos shows up on their newsfeed and they recognize my face because they saw a video yesterday or last week they watch to me they might just click on it again they might just click on again watch a second video and then they also know like you know what i kind of like this jeremy they’ll watch a third video they watch a fourth video they

Subscribe they binge watch all the content and they become a subscriber for years to come so if that’s all based upon a psychology type decision if i didn’t use my face if i didn’t have consistency in the way i hold the whiteboard those kinds of things it would definitely hurt me it definitely would hurt me guys so that’s just kind of like some lot of great things

I learned in college you know some do some great things and and you know sometimes i do sound i’m a little anti college but there’s definitely some things you can learn out there at college that are definitely can be helpful unfortunately like 70% of stuff you can learn in college is not going to be helpful so that’s kind of where my negativity comes in and then

The price of it and all those kinds of things guys number eight the decision to start investing at age 19 holy smokes like like that speaks for itself when i started investing at age 19 so important because it’s going to starting at that age even though i wasn’t like an expert on investing at that time right i don’t even look into investing for a few months i was

Still in the learning process but starting then was he because it was 2009 we’re in the great recession so i got to experience all that experience all those fluctuations in the stock market going up 5% one day down 7% the next day like i have to experience all that i get to experience like the more experience the better right you know i mean you can only practice

Jumpshot so far before you need to get in the game you need to get in the game and see if you can really hit that jump shot in the game so the more experienced the better so is starting at that age sookie like like starting the earlier the better even if you’re not an expert even if you don’t know everything at that state it’s much better to lose if you do lose

Money for some reason if you lose 50 bucks at age 19 lot better losing that then they’re losing $500,000 at age 39 because you know you’re just getting into it at that time guys so very key getting in at that age particularly number is 7 number 7 was applying for kwik trip when i was 20 years old as an assistant manager this was what really pushed me in financial

In life i went from a job where i was making at walgreens i was working part-time like 2030 hours a week i was making nine dollars and i think it was ten cents an hour i think was dying dollars and ten cents an hour to kwik trip we’re also i was making fifteen sixteen dollars an hour starting and i was working 46 hours a week and i was earning overtime and i was

Getting bonuses like a lot of stuff guys so that was a huge financial decision for me like it like that pushed me way up in the game because then i was starting to make way more money than pretty much all my peers or at that age i mean no one’s making 40 50 thousand dollars a year at age 28 21 those kind of ages you know that’s a lot of money at that particular

Age i mean heck the average us income is only around like 50,000 and that’s like for 40 50 60 year olds like if you can be doing that at 20 it’s definitely a very good thing so i was a huge financial decision there to apply for them and then give me a chance and all those kinds of things has very important number six number six deciding to leave college after my

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Sophomore year so kind of going into junior year i was kind of still taking some courses and those kinds of things but deciding to leave was very important because it freed up a lot of time that then i could start looking more into investing i could focus more on work and trying to rise the ranks and make more money at that each i felt like college was just taking

Money from me because i learned what i needed to learn it given me the tools i need at that point it gave me the hammer and the nail and a piece of lumber now it was time for me to go out and build the house like i didn’t need to learn how to hit the nails anymore like i was done like i learned what i needed to learn so deciding to drop out and saving that money

Saving that time that would have been invested just learning stuff ever it was key it was absolutely very very important financial decision so i’m so happy i made that and so happy i focused on writing the work ranks and those kinds of things and focused on work focus on investing rather than still focusing on trying to get a degree that would go on a wall at that

Point because that’s all it would have been i learned what i needed to learn at that point guys everything else after that was on me at that point number-5 moving to charlotte north carolina with my company very important financial decision that opened up my mind completely to a whole new market i grew up in phoenix arizona and that’s where i live my entire life

So i knew one segment of the united states it was very important for me to go to another totally different place in the united states that’s so far different you know further north carolina’s not anything like phoenix arizona they’re so dramatically different learn about different you know ways people think like different humans think on a different part of the

Country like learn about like different economics the why this this state works versus another state like learn about why businesses out there mark in a certain way versus market a certain way in another place like with all that stuff and then it also helped me make more money at work which helped me invest more money a lot of keys and also gave me more confidence

Which is another big confidence builder i can move clear across the country and make it success of myself like that’s another very important thing guys another thing that builds your self-esteem up number four number four this is one that’s particularly about some stocks invest and the decision on investment cabela’s cirrus logic monster energy those are some of my

Biggest stock market gainers ever they were huge investments of mine that we’re not dramatically dramatically over the course of time i held those so those three cabela’s comes to mind cirrus logic which by the way cabela’s is an outdoor retailer i benefited hugely because it was underpriced retailer that was expanding and then the gun surge happened they sell guns

There and they were pretty much the biggest beneficiary of the gun surge other than maybe gun manufacturers themselves then i had cirrus logic who benefited from the iphone they they’re a semiconductor company that in the iphone and the ipad in the mac’s benefited huge from that and i bet a few get a huge for a monster energy which was a little undervalued compared

To how much growth it had a head of itself in juran company which was the whole energy drink wave so investing in those three companies those are like the three main ones that come to mind that i would made great sums of money on and so very thankful i got involved with those and those were great financial decisions number three number three and you’re going to

Say no no no losing $75,000 on stock yet in 2015 2015 lost 25 our students 25 75 k 75 k in 2015 how could that even like remotely be a great decision and by the way that wasn’t even like a financial decision that’s just something that ended up having a result of some decisions i made like you know if i have a video on this channel that tells all about the story

And whatnot but basically what happened there was i got involved with margin trading short-term trading like stuff i’d never done like stuff that wasn’t me like it’s tough i started making decisions that weren’t me like it’s not what got me to a great place in time so losing that money that year it got me off my ass they really did it got me off my ass and got me

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Doing things in the world because at that point i was content with just sitting at my desk making $40,000 a year trading stocks but when you lose on that money you’re forced to eat you know either go get a job start businesses and those kinds of things which is what i ended up doing so it dumped me off my ass and got me out there doing something in the world and

Making a lot more money than 40k 50 k or 60 k year investing in stocks sitting at my desk not doing anything in the world buy so that might be fine for some people for me and one demand you know just led to some unhappiness and those kinds of things so losing that money it was a great thing in the long run guys a great thing and i know it just sounds crazy because

Like how could lose that much money be a great thing it ended up benefiting me greatly number two starting my real estate marketing company in 2008 it was super late 2015 like november december 2015 i started my real estate marketing company great financial decision got me out there my first real success as a business my first real success another big confidence

Builder and just starting a company i could support family like that’s a cool thing like we doing start something from nothing and grow it to be i should be like abel pay for all the bills and stuff for your entire family like that’s a cool ass thing so starting that very good financial decision i stole the business to this day so very important very you know one of

The best financial decisions i ever made my life and number one number one and i could argue that this might be the best financial decision and we’ll see how the years play out this may be the best financial decision i ever made just deciding to pick up this little gopro i own put it on a tripod and start recording videos on myself in january 2016 so when i started

This youtube channel this youtube channel is now my number one income source is i get it you know ridiculous amounts of views and it just builds every single month i’ve launched a book because of this channel that’s had great success because by viewers you know value my information or whatnot you guys value it you know so another huge financial decision that that

One might benefit me more than anything on this list honestly but that number one thing the picking up the gopro in january 2016 and starting to record videos of myself like that only worked out because of all the other decisions i made because of all the experience i had done in stocks becoming like i don’t want to call myself a stock market expert but i obviously

You know have point zero zero one percent of the the highest highest caliber of understanding of how the markets work understanding stock market investing like i’m you know up there with them so the whole the channel doesn’t work out if some of those other decisions are not made if i don’t have some of the financial success if i don’t gain 30 to 40 percent per

Year for a long time if i don’t have such a great experience that i can talk about subjects and make it sound interesting that happened years ago or last week or whatever guys like that whole thing doesn’t work out if all the other steps don’t work out that’s why i am you know at the important part in the video where i talk about in the beginning about one of these

Steps isn’t more important than the other because literally you can look at this step or that step and if such a step number nine wasn’t done for instance or this step who knows that any of the steps that come after that workout guys so that’s why it’s very important to understand one is not important the other you know the chicken before the egg or which one came

First but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this today top ten best financial decisions i ever made my life by far guys they’ve all changed it they’re all important i hope you enjoyed let me know in that comment section if there’s any big financial decisions that you’ve made in your life that you are so happy you’ve done now and they’re really starting to pay off in

Those kinds of things guys i would love to hear from you guys leave this video a thumbs up if you really enjoyed it and if you just came across this channel you would not subscribe you may want to we talk personal finance i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market than most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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