Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. CEO Joshua Bartch (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF)

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. CEO Joshua Bartch (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) – RICH TV LIVE – SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 – Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. ( MYCO.CN ) ( MYCOF ) ( 0NF.F ) (“Mydecine” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Mindleap Health’s (“Mindleap” ) telehealth platform will be officially available for download from the iOS and Android stores on September 30, 2020.

Hi how you doing today this is your host richard we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is joshua barch the ceo of midocine innovations how are you doing today i’m doing great thank you so much for having me thank you for being here now midas innovations is a life science parent company dedicated to the development and production of adaptive

Pathway medicine natural health and digital health solutions stemming from fungi otherwise known as mushrooms can you give us a brief overview of the company and the different areas of your business absolutely so madison uh innovations group is broken down into what we call three divisions so two were brought on by way of acquisition um over the last few months

And then the other one was uh in-house so you have medicine health sciences which is our ip branch so that’s headed by our cso rob roscoe who was formerly the head of genetics for canopy growth and before that was the head of genetics for a company by the name of ebu which was acquired by canopy growth in 2018 um that’s revolving around a number of different

Really unique ip sets both in the psychedelic realm as well as in the functional mushroom realm as well neurofarm is a company we acquired and actually closed on just a couple months ago so neurofarm is a very interesting company that’s comprised of upper echelon both current and former mental health experts from various military constituencies ranging from

The canadian military to the eu military and obviously the u.s military as well and what their focus is on um is utilizing salicylic and salicin uh in in conjunction with very proprietary treatment and therapy sessions uh for the treatment of ptsd both in veterans and ems workers and then the well-rounded end of of of that is our last division which is mind

Leap health uh mind leap health is a very exciting telehealth platform uh that combines mood um and emotion coupled with mental health solutions in a very intuitive way and predictive way that solves a very large problem um for mental health and specifically the follow-up of these various treatments that individuals are undergoing using different psychedelic

Treatments so obviously we’re very excited about that as well and what sets midacin apart from other psychedelic medicine companies so i think there’s a couple of things um one of which is obviously the the the management and the individuals involved ranging from our extensive scientific advisory team and obviously our core management each and every one of our

Core management has had incredible successes in previous businesses ranging from consumer packaged goods products obviously in the in the educational field and different various applications for emerging market growth companies whether that be cannabis or also alternative forms of wellness and then obviously in the scientific realm i think that our scientific

Advisory team really is is world-class and world-renowned and definitely sets us apart the secondary piece of that is really our pointed focus and our capabilities that we’ve been able to accomplish so medicine right now under a very robust health canada license that’s attached to an incredible multi-hundred million dollar lab we’re the only company in in

The world that has the full ability to go from a to z on psychedelic mushrooms we have a licensed amendment that allows us to do full cultivation on site all the way to r d all the way to extraction and proprietary methodologies and then that’s attached to a cgmp pharmaceutical manufacturing lab that then gives us the ability to actually spit out whatever our

Formulations are whether we’re doing a compound pharmacy standpoint for other companies and or developing our own proprietary formula for our clinical trials in-house so something that’s very very unique and not a lot of people have the ability to do or will have the ability to do i love telemedicine and i love what you guys are doing bringing two of the hottest

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Sectors together i think it’s genius now madison’s telehealth app mine leap is officially launching tomorrow super excited about that can you tell us a little bit more about that absolutely so my leap like i said is the first application that combines telehealth medicine for mental health with mood and and emotion tracking so midas are mine lead through its

Different touch points and ai software is able to track your met your daily habits whether that is how much exercise you’re getting how much sleep you’re getting things that are just so important to your overall mental health and then track that on a daily basis and is able to put out a predictive score for you and then intuitively connect you with the correct

Therapist or mental health professional to be able to age you in your mental health journey to ultimately try to be the best you or the most successful person um in the long term additionally something very unique and as it pertains to psychedelics when you’re taking a psychedelic or undergoing a psychedelic treatment whether that’s therapy or a different

Regimen on your own um etc some of the most important aspects of that and results of that happen sometimes weeks or months months after your actual treatment so the aftercare is equally if not more important than the actual psychedelic treatment so for us giving you the tools and giving you an intuitive platform that you’re able to connect with mental health

Professionals around the globe that are professionals and securing and translating whatever you underwent into real life successes is just so important and there was no solution to that so we have over 30 specialists already uh ranging in different expertise that are actively using the application and connecting with different patients in our beta phase and

Like you said we officially launch uh tomorrow which we’re incredibly excited about now the company has several clinical trials coming down the pipeline in the coming months can you tell us a little bit about those sure so given our constituency uh from neurofarm which is just incredibly um impressive ranging from dr raques gently who is the ceo of neurofarm

Who’s currently the head of psychiatry for the entire canadian armed forces as well as nato um all around the globe with upper echelon individuals um basically on the same level as him we were able to obtain a number of partnerships throughout the globe that gave us a very unique set of approvals so for the first time in the world we had an approved ptsd

Clinical study i’m starting on that study we’ll be start launching at layton university hospital in the netherlands in conjunction uh with the royal dutch army for veterans with ptsd that study will be utilizing a single synthetic molecule of psilocybin in multiple macro doses with the hopeful outcome to prove that salicylin is actually efficacious and and is

A viable treatment for ptsd and totally we know in various studies that it is by far to our opinion the most successful format of treating ptsd well the success rate could be uh in excess of over 80 percent so secondly we have additional test sites will be that we’ll be announcing here in the very near future ranging from very prestigious canadian universities

And hospitals also very prestigious us universities with some of the top pis in the world as it pertains to ptsd and specifically military and ems frontline workers um in various constituencies so something that we’re very very excited about the second clinical that we’ll be launching will be looking at the difference between our single molecule which is very

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Proprietary to us naturally derived salicypin up against a single molecule synthetic format of salicylate and then also a very unique pattern that we just recently filed combining salicylin and mdma and any other tryptamine as well which we think is going to be incredibly successful for the use of ptsd for various reasons wow you guys are doing a lot of great

Work congratulations on all your success so far now in august midasim launched the world’s first natural source cgmp psilocybin for global research sales and distribution enterprise what is the significance of this milestone so like i just touched on there there’s an open-ended argument as to what is more effective for the treatment of various indications whether

That’s a synthetic form of psilocybin much like a compass is using or a naturally derived psilocybin actually extracted from the fruiting body of various salicylin producing mushrooms so currently if you look at things such as cannabis and some of the work that our science team did at ebu which is uncover basically the other tryptamines that are found in that

Plant when coupled with thc and then being able to um have that result in a predictive outcome by different ratios of the various other tryptamines this is known as the entourage effect so in the naturally derived salicy there’s a lot of other tryptamines that ultimately are having adverse or synergistic results on salicylin as a formal outcome so for us

We’re diving into the plant and we think that there’s a huge benefit of using a naturally derived salicylin whether that’s a single molecule and or specific ratios as opposed to just a synthetic lab-made salicylic so for us we’re the first people that are going to actually be able to launch and solve that problem um but also if there is added benefits which we

Strongly think that there are we’ll be able to uncover that wow that’s impressive now midaseen has quite a roster of experts who are your key members and what do they bring to the table sure and absolutely i think i think our team um you know definitely sets us apart um you have our ceo and our cso damon michaels and rob roscoe who both again we’re management

Team of a company by the name of ebu ebu was really the first pharmacology side of things for the cannabis they built the first pharmacology lab ever that was dedicated to actually uncovering what’s really going on in the cannabis plant they developed an ip portfolio of over 48 patents ultimately that company was acquired by cannabi growth in november of 2018

For 429 million based on their intentions so being able to um take them on and bring them to our field which is a ton of synergies between cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms as well as functional mushrooms specifically from an ip standpoint is obviously a huge benefit for us additionally when you look at the team at neurofarm the the constituency at neurofarm

Really is incredible so you look at somebody like dr rachel ayuda nyu one of the the number one um forces to be reckoned with in ptsd and is responsible for some of the most monumental discoveries as it pertains to alternative medicine and applications towards ptsd obviously she’s a very strong believer in what we’re doing here and the potential of sal sivan

Is incredibly excited to be on the team i touched on dr rakesh gently and and who he is as a person and who he currently is and how he’s you know the head of psychiatry for the entire canadian armed forces and also chairs a number of research groups at nato throughout the globe um obviously we’re very excited about him as well and then also you know to couple

That with our mind lead team my lead team is young hungry entrepreneurs that have been incredibly successful in both the software and i.t world over their past endeavors and now have really jumped down this path to solve a huge problem that i think that they’re going to be very successful in so if you couple all of us together we we bring a multi-functional

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Very diverse management team that’s also working towards an incredible purpose and an incredible goal that we’re very passionate and excited about now we’ve got a community of investors that are looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities like midaseen innovations what should investors look out for for missing innovations next so i

Think that uh there’s a number of things we have obviously we we keep our cards very close uh to our chest anytime that you’re in an ip world that like we are in a clinical world like we are it’s not something that you want to just go out and talk to everybody about so there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes that we feel has massive upside potential the

Marketplaces that we’re dealing with have huge goals in them specifically ptsd and when you’re dealing with military constituencies etc they’re constantly looking for more viable solutions and then giving you easier and quicker pathways to successfully accomplish that if you have a viable solution to us there’s not a single thing on the planet right now that is

More promising towards solving that goal than salicyl as it pertains to cup you know coupling that with therapy for ptsd we strongly and firmly believe that we will be the first and be the most successful in accomplishing that goal additionally some of our other ip that’s coming out and you’ll see some of the partnerships that we’re going to be announcing here

Very soon are very late stage in the development and something that will easily and quickly catapult us to the front of the line further than we already have been able to accomplish in such a short time so i hope that answered your question yeah a lot of our investors already started getting into the stock just so you know they’re very excited about the upside

Of this company what is the best way for investors to get in touch with you if they have a question or if they’re interested in you know learning more directly from the company sure so if you go to our website which is that will have a full investor presentation that goes much more in detail than i was able to do in such a short time so they can

Really dive into some of the details some of the additional clinical test sites also read the bios from our our scientific advisory team which is over 30 phds that we’re incredibly excited about and additionally it will also have a contact information for them to directly connect uh directly connect with the company through our investor relations team that will

Answer any questions directly and or give them a further run down um of anything that they that we could potentially help them with that’s fantastic well thank you for joining us today i know you’re on location today so we’re able to actually see you face to face maybe in the future we can do it face to face but we appreciate you joining us the ceo of midocine

Innovations a new company that we are bringing to our community now that we think has incredible upside taking two of the hottest sectors in the world psychedelics and telemedicine and combining it i think it’s brilliant and i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors ceo of midas scene innovations joshua bartch thank you guys so much appreciate

It thank you for joining us today thank you guys for watching if you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and thank you for watching have yourselves a nice day you

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