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Namaste Technologies Stock – rich tv live – may 22, 2019 – namaste technologies stock has been on fire but will it continue?

Namasté is on a full alert i mean they were at four dollars on one point and then they went down to 40 cents and then there’s this member in our community justin i call him the rain man cuz he makes it rain for rich tv live members justin the old mad respect justin shut it – justin justin’s like rich i believe in that mr. rich and i’m like what i’ma stay

Of all the stocks like wine am estate it’s just like rich the undervalued rich they’re gonna explode rich the undervalued rich their businesses online rich they have no overhead look at their revenue look at their revenue the revenue is gonna be huge i just know it the revenue is gonna be huge i just know it bam explosion mad respect mad showed it to

Justin man you’re a scholar my friend and justin made himself a pretty penny today on the move by namaste he made himself a pretty penny so congratulations justin and justin’s been telling our entire community that he believed that namaste was undervalued the symbol for namaste in canada is n he o joe you about ten thousands annabeth’s nice congratulations

Man you got yourself a gem so justin believed in namaste when nobody did and justin profited off of namaste when a lot of people haven’t profited off of namaste because they don’t believe in that mistake they don’t like namaste wow robert howell has 20,000 shares of namaste but i’m sure you probably got them higher right or did you get them are you are

You in the green if you’re in the green congratulations bro the reality is we believe here in the rich tv live community that namaste is undervalued we believe that it’s underappreciated and we believe that it’s underexposed i’m wearing this hat because this hat is from belief believe had a nice day today so i do believe in believe but in addition to that

I’m wearing this hat because it’s the symbol that i believe in namaste rich tv live here we believe in mst and we know we’re a war we know it’s a war we know it’s a war 71 cents so you’re up congratulations we know there’s a war we know andrew left and his boys are shorting nameste and you left personally messaged me and said he’s gonna take it to zero he

Almost did he’s made a killing shorting namaste there’s no doubt yo shout-out to andrew left what’s up andrew so namaste it is on its way back up the question is does this continue does this momentum from nemus t continue i’d love to know what you guys think if you guys think this continues put yes if you don’t think it continues put no i want to know do

You guys believe in that mistake i want to feel the community like do you guys believe in that mistake thank you guys for the legs i really appreciate it do you guys believe in namaste yes or no i’d love to know from the community is there a belief in namaste within this community is that a yes or a no i believe in m estate i’m giving you my belief it will

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Not go out of business they will make revenue they will be a success story they were a success story john smith and says i honestly believe pineapple express delivery by itself is worth so much alone i agree with you i absolutely agree with you same day home delivery in the gta in toronto the largest market in canada pineapple express and they are owned by

Nemus tea love it absolutely love that partnership i absolutely love that partnership let’s take a look at what namus they did today so nemus they finished at 87 cents up 17.5 7% do you know how many people have talked trash about namaste you know many people have beaten up namaste namaste traded 6.5 million shares at 85 cents today up 17.5 7% one of the

Hottest stocks in the cannabis sector today was namaste the same company that people were laughing at and calling names people were mocking namaste now mat namus days back at 87 cents over the last year we’ve seen namaste trade as high as 380 and as low as 30 cents in the 30 cents range right now it’s at 87 cents up 17.5 7% and i would call that a sneak

Attack john smith is saying pineapple express delivery doing over 40,000 deliveries a month that’s absolutely insane and that was back in january 2019 isn’t that crazy well what’s crazy is that that revenue is gonna be booked on the financials of namaste and nobody knows what those financials are justin believes they’re going to be enormous i believe they

Will be historic for namaste it will be a record for namaste i just feel with ken mart and with pineapple express and they have no overhead namaste has like no overhead guys their business is all online so whatever they make it’s almost all profit namaste has a revenue that is a money-making machine that’s why they are the amazon of cannabis is their

Business model understand their business model understand their business model and you understand why namaste has a chance to be an absolute giant and why it’s still so cheap and why it’s doing a sneak attack right now but the beautiful thing about this community and the beautiful thing about youtube and the beautiful thing about this platform is that we

Have the ability to talk about it robert howell says hopefully by the full audit comes out by end of month namaste will shock in awe i think will be huge and this is why i believe the stock is moving this is i the stock is moving guys understand what namaste is doing who is buying namaste up somebody’s bought it up from 30 cents to 87 cents the question is

Who who and why who and why and what do they know that we don’t know thank you guys for the likes i really appreciate it what do they know that we don’t know why would they be buying this stock did i hear about the new company pump i own pump absolutely love them thank you guys for the likes i appreciate it i really love you guys hey rich agri flora is

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Going to buy or merger with them with which company i own agri flora and pump so i’m good with it either way i’m good with that i own them both and today i did my labs i got myself some labs today 1370 labs so i just want to get the best companies guys i want to focus on finding the best companies and find our headshots and i will continue to accumulate labs

Because labs is a money-making machine and labs had some huge news today that they’re going to be testing 500 patients with cbds at mount sinai hospital mount sinai hospital in new york city yeah i thought i was enormous news and i just had to get me some labs i found my head shot and it was labs i bought me some labs today guys agri flora will buy namaste you

Heard it here first whoa whoa joe namaste really agra floor by namor’s day wow that will make agra flora an absolute giant that will make agra flora an absolute giant i hope you’re right man i hope you’re right bro how’d the epic man wow i don’t own me any nemus there yet ain’t gonna buy it in the green i’ll wait for a dip but man i’m starting to believe in

Namaste man justin’s been calling us since it was in the third cent range and now it’s at 87 cents and our whole community on telegram has seen justin talk about namaste and watch it go from 30 cents to 87 cents it went to like 98 cents like almost a dollar now it’s back down to 87 cents it was just lower last week it was earlier it was lower this week it was

Back to 87 cents so you know got a very powerful community and we talked about these stocks day in and day out day in and day out day in and day out and you know we’re starting to really find our lane we’re starting to find her zone our mojo we’re finding when there’s like every single day that’s crazy it’s very very crazy oh hold on one second while this

Put the full alert on cheetos be hungry i think that’s rude like see by myself you waited for some king crab you’re a baller joe baller bro so yeah we got a little bit of pizza here we got some pepperoni jalapenos onions and mushrooms and the other side is pepperoni and they even threw in a helping you one of these puppies you guys eat these oh it

Smells good ha ha i think vivo is ready to make a move lots of brands has had licensed a long time yeah you know what i like vivo man i think vivo is one of the most undervalued companies in the entire sector i love me with some vivo man that company is going to be a giant or they’re going to be acquired but even if they get acquired they’re still gonna be

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A giant vivos a beast vivo is an absolute beast so is oxley oxys a beast and vivos a beast and namaste is a beast and they’re all dirt cheap all three of them vivo oxley and namaste are dirt cheap beasts most likely they’re gonna get acquired if they can’t move their stock up but namaste is moving their stock namaste is moving their stock yeah it’s down a

Lot so is it namaste moving the stock is it short traders covering is that a combination of both is it insiders that know something that we don’t know do they know there’s gonna be historic financials and are they the ones buying it up but could they be buying six million dollars a day worth i don’t know man to me it feels like institutions to me it feels

Like institutions i think it’s the institutions that are moving namaste i think there’s some type of fund or an institution or a financial partner or a very rich investor combination thereof that is moving these markets you don’t just move markets like this the average person does not move markets like this something is moving namaste so whether you like

Namaste or not this may be one of the best opportunities to make money right now point blank so thank you guys for the likes i really appreciate it joe namaste says rich namaste by oat and cbd license for namaste both news will come out same day you know that’ll make the stock skyrockets and that’ll make my shares in agra skyrocket too if that happens so

I’d be happy with that i’m down for that i vote for yes make it happen i might buy me some namaste i’m getting a trick i don’t know getting an itchy trigger finger man i have a piece of that mistake man of 17% oh and it’s still under a dollar it’s still cheap it’s still cheap all right guys well listen yo jerrod what’s up bro so yeah i got some pizza i

Want to eat some pizza getting kind of hungry i think it’s rude to be eating in front of you guys so what i’m gonna say is gonna mess teh nxt tf in america and in canada mad respek love you guys thank you guys for joining have yourselves a great evening wherever you are in the world have a great morning have a great afternoon have a great evening this is

Your boy rich from rich tv live reporting talking about namaste technology stock it is an absolute full alert it’s a full word yo thank you guys for everything hey i appreciate you guys yo joe you’re calling for some pizza did the pizza sell you guys i’ll show you guys the pizza one more time and then we’ll go it’s the case anybody wants to see what the

Pizza looks like i wish i could share with you guys man if i could i buy all you guys pizza man we don’t have a pizza party put on this namaste namaste namaste namaste namaste namaste

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