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NBA injury report with Mr. Khatam on the Khatam Show

Hey guys it’s mr. catan began here on the catan show for the nba games today we got lots of games total nine games today for everyone to watch so it’s the evening full of basketball for everybody to enjoy the first game is that portland vs charlotte that’s going to be a that’s going to be a pretty good matchup charlotte at home you know portland on the road usually

Doesn’t do the best so we’ll see how that one goes down but quarterman ed davis and xeelee they’re going to be out for portland on the charlotte side we’ve got jeremy lamb who’s out and see would he’s inactive so that’s the injury report there for that game the regular lineup obviously will be damian lillard cj mccollum maurice harkless al-farouq aminu and mason

Plumlee for a portland and the starting lineup for charlotte will be kemba walker nicolas batum back michael kidd-gilchrist and marvin williams i’m cody zeller so the regular guys are in for that one the second game at seven four o’clock pacific is the memphis vs washington washington obviously our homes pretty good but you know memphis is a good good team so that

Should be an exciting matchup wait baldwin is out t williams is out and brandan wright is out for memphis and on the washington side we’ve got ian mahinmi who’s out and the daniel house the third game at seven eastern four o’clock pacific is toronto vs philly you know that’s that’s going to be a blowout i’d say but filler might put up a good challenge but you know the

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Starting lineup gametime decisions for joel embiid and that t mcconnell that of your game time decision for a philly so their lineups kind of looking like they have some troubles they got a lot of injuries as well jerryd bayless ben simmons there nerlens noel joel embiid and tj mccullough like i said mcconnell like i said is that game time decision but new orleans

Ben simmons and jerryd bayless thorough on the philly side on toronto lucas nogueira zhao jared sullinger’s out dale on right is out and paddock patrick patterson is going to be a game-time decision so that’s the toronto filling game i’m sure the toronto friends will enjoy that because you know they’ll probably be a beat down the 730 pacific eastern is that new

York vs boston that should be interesting i’d say boston at home is going to take that one no chemokine genoa is a game-time decision lance thomas is out porzingis is though and that’s the report from new york for boston side tyler zellers out and james young he’s going to be a game-time decision so we’ll see if he would play the a pm eastern five o’clock pacific

Game which is a land of vs detroit that’ll be a pretty good game atlanta on the road obviously has their struggles but for the injury report for atlanta tiago splitters out and mike muscala on the detroit side john lures a game-time decision caldwell-pope is out and michael vision is a game-time decision another eight o’clock got pacific srk o’clock eastern game

F which will be 5 p.m. pacific will be milwaukee vs houston and houston lost last night so i’m sure they’re going to be looking to get some revenge but you know milwaukee’s a pretty young and good team and for the injury report on that one we got chris middleton who’s out and that steve novak he’s inactive for milwaukee and on the houston side kyle wiltjer jerz


Inactive see enugu is inactive and ryan anderson’s a game-time decision and the last three games of the day the other one now will be or orlando vs new orleans for orlando zimmerman is inactive and evan fournier is at gametime decision for new orleans as cd yellow is inactive in quincy pondexter is out that game will probably be a boring game but you know there

Might be some more land of fans out there that will enjoy that i sure new orleans will take it at home possibly so we got the last two games which would be pretty exciting ok c vs golden state golden state at home it’s going to be a very tough matchup for okc the inactives for okc is going to be see kristen josh huestis and steven adams is up for goa for oklahoma

City for golden state damian jones and klay thompson is going to be damian jones is inactive klay thompson is going to be a game-time decision and the last game of the day which you know is going to be pretty boring actually is that indiana versus sacramento that one on the injury report is joe young is inactive our christmas is inactive and rodney stuckey is out

That’s for indiana and for sacramento we got papa guineas he’s inactive omari caspi he’s out and ty lawson he’s a game time decision so that’s total of nine games everyone enjoy the games i hope you guys if you’re betting i hope you’re successful good luck if not you’re just watching for the fun of it i hope you enjoy all the games and we’ll see you tomorrow thanks

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For watching the catan show and we’ll be back tomorrow let you know what they’d report is

Transcribed from video

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