Hi how’re you guys doing today i’m here with a very special guest it’s kevin lee the business development manager of env supplies how you doing today kevin i’m great rich thank you for having me thank you for being here we got some products on the table we do why don’t you give us a little bit of an idea of who you guys are what these products do and what makes

You guys so special absolutely so we are a packaging company we manufacture and wholesale to the cannabis industry okay so we manufacture our own bottles such as this with different types of lids tincture bottles we do just a bunch of different different types of bottles and bags and just any packaging solutions really for the cannabis industry and you guys are

A private company we are perfectly and where are you guys located we were in richmond bc okay yeah we’re a local group born and raised so yeah we’re very fortunate to be to grow up in bc and to have that kind of exposure to the cannabis industry right so yeah how are you guys doing like obviously the cannabis industry is just blowing up it is coming one of the

Biggest most powerful industries in the world yes the stock market this year has kind of been up and down it kind of went down a lot after a huge explosion yeah and it’s kind of reset now and i believe we’re going to see huge growth again absolutely forward where do you guys fit in the picture you know where do you see you guys like you have a box here maybe

You can unbox it and show us you know what you mix you guys so special sure i’d love to do an unboxing for everybody here so this is a sample package that we sent out to some of our clients help ease and things they thought right so because practice open here we have child-resistant milers i mean we’re we strive to be as compliant as possible very good i mean

It’s very important that you know kids can’t get into these packages because of course i have kids myself and i wouldn’t know yeah right and so we would never want to children to get into this because not at all maybe a little bit older but yeah when that happens it happens right so we want to make sure that we’re fully compliant and you know at the same time

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Easy-to-use right so nothing that we do is overly complicated very simple at the same time very effective so we have here is child resistant mylar bag very standard packaging product that i mean this is just a package for flower it is yeah people are certainly uses for edibles as well okay so this particular bag is opens up from the bottom so as it’s great for

Edibles you slide your cookie in and seal it for flowers mainly people prefer a popple bin right so you can crack this open chow resistant i’m just a little childish sometimes i see a man it has to be for sure we know that it’s safe and the kids can’t get in absolutely it’s know if you want to tear it it open he’s totally for sure definitely so you’d mention

That you have a few lps we do tell us some of the lps that work with you currently we’re working with we grow okay yeah they’re a great company a great product crate we also work with the bc liquor board oh nice yeah so and how long you guys been in business we’ve been in business for only two and a half years but over those two and a half years we’ve seen an

Exponential growth wow yeah just because i’m i mean we’re we’re really pushing hard to be you know be compliant and to make sure that all our products are of the highest quality so we work with a lot of a lot of our manufacturing partners over in asia and we’re very very we’re very very involved in the process and so you guys are working internationally now or

Just specifically focused in canada right now we want to build our base in canada we’re born and raised in canada we are canadian company about the same time i mean i think our products will work well in any mark and what are your guys goals as a company are you guys looking to expand this into the u.s. eventually we would love to for sure that’s a massive market

It is it is i mean just the population of california is the population of canada so if you take a look at you know at america like 350 million people that’s a much bigger market than canada absolutely but at the same time we’re homegrown and we want to make sure that you know like we actually have a huge opportunity in canada because we’re federally legalized

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Whereas in the states you have to deal with you know yes state-by-state like i think 11 states that are open right now right yeah so what exactly are you is your goal for this conference are you looking for people to buy this product are you looking for lps to partner with you talk to the community there’s lps that are watching the show totally are you looking

For that business absolutely but at the same time we’re looking for exposure we’re looking to educate people on how packaging is done and how to do it properly right that’s the most important thing i mean i’m not here to sell anybody anything you know what i mean that’s not that’s not that’s not the most important thing the most important thing is everybody coming

Together to really you know learn more about the business and for me to really get some get some more information on how we could be a better company right how can we make better products what would you guys want from us really i would love to hear that for sure very good and if there’s somebody that’s watching that needed to know more about nd supplies what would

You tell them i would tell them to give us a call all right i mean nd supplies we’re very open we have a bunch of professionals everybody that is on our team is very passionate about cannabis about the industry as well as really educating the public and everybody else about cannabis right it’s not just about you know we’re smoking to join or anything like that

It’s an experience right and i think a lot of i think a lot of people don’t understand exactly how band help in official cannabis is you know not only as on the recreational side but on the medical side as well and how are you guys benefiting from legalization 2.0 and the new edibles category well we’re definitely selling a lot more bags so that’s really been

Good for you definitely for sure i mean it was cuz you guys were doing flour now you’re doing flour and edibles yes so has that doubled your sales it has come close to for sure thirty percent increase i think you know the rule law has been a little slow so there’s not a lot of products on market yet but we’re starting to see an influx of people coming to kind

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Of ask us more about how are we gonna do this right and it’s it’s a mutual thing right it’s we’re we’d like to talk to people about a teeter so how would you like the packages right i mean these these products are pretty standard in the industry right now but we’re always looking to push the envelope so when people look at these products it kind of looks like

Cigarettes packages right yes it does does anybody ever complain about them i mean this looks good i mean these look these packages look good yeah i mean they’re clean aesthetically that they’re great i mean the only way to differentiate between companies right now is color different shapes of the lids some like the dome some people like you know the ribbed how

About beverages are you guys going to get into the beverages we will jacob every we will we’re doing a lot of research and development on that right now as well it’s a very very new market and you know we want to make sure that anything we put out is gonna be you know well researched and compliant right so and do you have like a limit on how much packaging you

Can do do you have like a number of how much bottling you can do like at your plant like what are the limits and limitations – well we work with multiple suppliers and manufacturers or so right now we’re we could scale to just about any wow so there’s no limit there is no limit no limit well you know what thank you so much for your time today can make you rich

I wish you guys all the best of luck in your future endeavors absolutely joy the conference we will yes and these supplies kevin lee the vice president of business development sorry the business development manager at nd supplies thank you for having us today thank you for joining us thank you everybody for tuning in and i wish kevin lee all the best of luck

And i was rich as well achieve all of your objectives at the context you and you too thank you for doing what you do thank you very much every cell is a great day and thank you guys for watching thank you everybody

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