NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation

NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation and Convenes NBMSiDE(TM) Commercial Plant Kick-Off Meeting – RICH TV LIVE – April 6, 2022 – #neobatterymaterials #news #richtvlive #stocks #trading #ev #lithiumionbatteries

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and rich tv dot io where you can go and learn how to trade and win in the markets now speaking of winning neo battery materials put on your radar

Put on your watch list nbm in canada nbmf in america with more breaking news that you’re going to hear exclusively at rich tv live all you got to do is make sure that you watch this video all the way to the end or i’m going to break down the news break down the charts do some analysis look at the website don’t touch that dial make sure you subscribe smash the

Like comment on the video thank you guys for watching let’s take a look at this news big breaking news from neo battery materials right here right now exclusively at rich tv live let’s take a look shall we all right so the big news neo battery materials manufacturers pouch type full cell for product evaluation and convenes nbm side trademark commercial plant

Kickoff meeting this news came out april 5th 2022 neo battery materials limited nvm in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange nbmf in america on the otcqb is pleased to announce that nbm side trademark pouch type fuel cells have been manufactured to evaluate product performance viability and durability in genuine battery charging conditions the kickoff

Meeting of nbm silicon anode plant project has additionally been convened with the engineering design company to streamline terms and efforts for fast track construction completion you can see here the pouch type fuel cell manufacturing completion and performance testing conditions and i want to take you to their website this is neo battery materials website

Where you can learn everything you need to know about pushing the step change in electric vehicles with silicon anodes we can also take a look at the stock here i also like to mark up the stock and the chart and tell you exactly what i feel is going on here so you can see the bottom of the chart at 24.5 cents the top of the chart at a dollar 29 and we’re

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Currently sitting right at 36 and a half cents so clearly we’re near the bottom near the low low of the chart and be aware of the us symbol in canada the symbol is nbm neo battery materials on the toronto stock venture exchange and in america under the symbol nbmf and you can see i’ve been marking this up you can see where it is right now and i continue to

Mark this up and continue to watch this a lot of members in our community own this stock and i believe that there’s some incredible upside for this company i believe everyone should put them on their radar put them on your watch list we believe that the upside is tremendous and i believe there’s a huge gap to fill right here for nbm nbm in america we also

At rich picks daily and rich tv live and rich tv dot io you can actually go and chat and join the nbm group chat on rich picks daily and rich tv dot io and talk with other members about nbm and let’s say for example this news i just can go copy and paste this news and i can go and post it right in the chat room and share that news with the members in the

Community for them to review and then i can simply go and click to my profile right on rich and you can see that that will get posted right here on my profile so when you go into the group chat stage if you type in nbm you can also see neo battery materials here and click on there and it’ll take you right to neo battery materials information price the

Chart you can then add it to your watch list scroll down and learn a description about the company so you can learn very quickly about the company get all of their key data 52-week lows 52-week highs get a feel for where it’s traded and its price performance all of that at rich picks daily and rich tv dot io now to go back to the news here neo battery materials

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Limited commissioned a third party evaluation agency for a product performance and viability assessment of nbm side through manufacturing and cycle testing 500 mah pouch type fuel cells to simulate an authentic battery charging discharging environment the pouch full cells utilize nmc cathode materials and a composite mixture anode material with 5 to 10 silicon

Loading of nbm side trademark and graphite through unbiased testing and assessments neo battery materials is making continuous efforts to ensure objective evaluation and to reserve the functional reliability of nbm side silicon material development nbm side mbm silicon anode plant project kickoff meeting you can see the team here at the nbm silicon anode plant

Engineering kickoff meeting you can also see a viewed and enhanced version of this graphic all you got to do is visit the link down below if we click on that link there is a better view of the nbm silicon anode plant engineering kickoff meeting with the approval of the 106 700 square feet site by the gianji province neo battery materials through its south

Korean subsidiary nbm korea limited started the nbm silicon anode plant project nsap project at oseong international investment zone in pyeong tech city in march 2022. the contracted engineering process and design company for the nsap project will be employing a team of eight engineers that retain more than 20 years of individual experience for their respective

Functions and the team is in the process process of the basic design stage for the project the kickoff meeting which marks the official collaborative initiation of the nsap project was held at the korea press foundation center on april 5th 2022 with the engineering design company the full-fledged mass production process design had been in progress since march

Of 2022 and the kickoff meeting was convened to determine and define the fundamental terms of the project and to discuss detailed terms of the process apart from the basic agreement in a concurrent timeline the design progress of the nsap project with the procurement construction preparations for long-term delivery long lead time items will be fulfilled neo

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Battery materials will commence construction in june 2022 and will follow stringent timelines and protocols to aim completion in june 2023 about nbm side which has been trademarked is a neo battery materials limited flagship silicon anode material for electric vehicle lithium ion batteries nbm side comes in three variations p 100 p 200 and c 100 and he’s

Manufactured through the company’s proprietary nano coating technology all product lines are based on metallurgical grade silicon micro particles and retain a high specific capacity of 2500 m ahg through the company’s south korean intellectual property ip law firm nbm side which is trademark impending trademark which is also pending trademark approval you

Can learn all about their latest news and learn about neo battery materials limited all on their website at once again we look at the stock here you can see i really believe it’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed i feel like there’s a huge gap to fill here and as investors that’s what we look for love to know what you guys

Think if you like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live i look for this pattern i look for a trend

Reversal pattern i call it kind of like a tilted l or a backward check mark i look for this so what i look for and it looks like it’s creating that trend reversal pattern and with the huge gap to fill could give investors an opportunity to make a nice multiple on the stock love to know what you think this is your boy rich and mr live and i’m moe you

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NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation By RICH TV LIVE

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