Neptune Digital Assets Corp. (TSX-V:NDA) (OTC:NPPTF) (FSE:1NW)

Neptune Digital Assets Corp. (TSX-V:NDA) (OTC:NPPTF) (FSE:1NW) – RICH TV LIVE – April 1, 2021 – Neptune Digital Assets Corp. (TSX-V:NDA) (OTC:NPPTF) (FSE:1NW) (“ Neptune ” or the ” Company “) is pleased to announce that it has confirmed the delivery date for its first tranche of 300 of the previously announced 1,500 ASIC bitcoin mining machines for April 12 th (see news release dated March 19, 2021). The first 300 ASIC S17s will produce approximately 50 terahash per machine, or 15 petahashes per second for the set of 300. At $0.04 per KWH of power and a 10% all-inclusive lease and maintenance fee with Link Global (CSE:LNK); (FSE:LGT); (OTC:LGLOF), there will be a profit margin of approximately USD$4,000 per day at the current Bitcoin price of $55,000 USD. Subsequent deliveries will continue as the Company scales to 1,500 units on the initial build out of Neptune Bitcoin mining operations.

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Next 10 bagger we have discovered i was doing the math we’ve discovered over 16 10 baggers in the last few years alone our goal is to find the next 10 bagger and we believe that this one who knows this might be one of them neptune digital assets corp we’re gonna get into this uh i like it i think the potential is huge i think the upside is enormous they had

Some news here we’re gonna get into the news we’re gonna go to their website neptune the future of cryptocurrency you guys know i love cryptocurrency you know i love blockchain technology you know i love bitcoin the mothership of all cryptos which i do own by the way i do own bitcoin i own ethereum i own tether and i’m going to accumulate

Other cryptocurrencies along the way just like i accumulate stocks so the future of cryptocurrency growth through bitcoin mining staking blockchain nodes and decentralized finance symbol nda in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange symbol in america n p p t f and in frankfurt germany i 1 n w 1 n w you can follow them let’s see we’re gonna go follow

Them right here so we’re gonna follow them on instagram you can see only 148 followers so these guys are literally just getting started so we follow in the footsteps of what our modus operandi is which is to identify early-stage undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities first this has always been our modus operandi here at rich tv live and once

Again we are doing it we are following them now on linkedin i will follow them on linkedin so literally following them everywhere this is how we do the research this is how we do the due diligence this is how we learn about companies so here rich tv live what we love to do is educate you the people and teach you how to trade all right and we love blockchain

We love cryptocurrencies and look what is there not to love look at the prices bitcoin alone up 800 percent in the last year unbelievable and neptune digital assets corp the future of finance is digital neptune is at the forefront of financial technology providing access to a diversified portfolio of digital finance assets that benefit from revenue high

Interest and appreciation so this is pretty cool that they’re working with all of these cryptos bitcoin litecoin dash ethereum bitcoin cash those are five of the biggest in the world so those are very good coins phantom and cosmos not as popular but still reasonably good coins but those first five i like them all what we do here neptune digital assets is a

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Cryptocurrency leader in canada with a growing portfolio of blockchain and cryptocurrency operations and assets including bitcoin mining decentralized finance defy staking and more wow these guys got their hands in everything i like what i see here conduct blockchain research invest capital strategically optimize and reinvest rewards and produce diversified

Cryptocurrency you know what i really like what these guys are doing i like what these guys are doing this is very exciting they’ve got videos on youtube you can watch as well we’re not going to watch that video right now why neptune diversified exposure to cryptocurrency clear vision strong leadership we have a strong team of blockchain and fintech industry

Veterans technology experts and business leaders that have consistently demonstrated their ability to create long-term shareholder value you know i really like this this is like a cryptocurrency company a blockchain technology company or an ico or a coin that’s public pretty wild our mission is to advance financial technology and accelerate the mass adoption

Of digital currency to early support and investment in financial technology and infrastructure we believe we will become the global public market cryptocurrency leader wow that is a big statement you can see the management mm-hmm and their news oh wow look at this they just had some news here let’s take a look at this news real quickly from neptune digital

Assets corp so neptune digital assets corp to receive its first order of bitcoin mining machines and to complete private placement neptune signs loi on a 5 mw solar wind and a gas bitcoin mining facility with link global and releases q2 statement with record earnings wow record earnings that’s very positive neptune digital assets hits record income of 6

Million for the second quarter of 2021. wow a crypto actually making money neptune digital assets announces bitcoin mining operations neptune digital assets announce a symbol change and corporate update wow lots of news coming up here uh neptune digital assets it’s pleased to announce it has confirmed the delivery date of its first tranche of 300 of the

Previously announced 1500 asic bitcoin mining machines for april 12th so that’s the news release dated right here march 19th which i wanted to refer to so on march 19th neptune digital signs loi on a 5 mw solar wind and gas bitcoin mining facility with link global and releases q2 statement with record earnings wow so they are co-developing a 5mw renewable

Energy bitcoin mining facility in albert alberta canada this agreement follows shortly after a separate partnership on march 4th 2020 with a link to procure and operate 1500 asic mining machines for neptune at their existing facilities key highlights the new mining facility is a 50-50 joint venture between link and neptune sharing equally in both costs and

Revenues the location of the site will be in alberta where link operates the majority of their bitcoin mining facilities the site will be solar wind and natural gas powered a definitive agreement is expected by early april with construction immediately following we are very excited about our second venture with link global we expect to be the substantial

Global pressure we expect there to be substantial global pressure to develop sustainable bitcoin mining operations around the world we hope as a team to become a major powerhouse and low-cost carbon neutral mining and tapping available carbon credits for exchange in that burgeoning marketplace stated kale moody neptune’s ceo wow this is some big news linc

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President and chief executive officer officer stephen jenkins commented this push for more renewable energy is wonderful it’s necessary in an energy intensive sector link and neptune are committed to incrementally lowering the impact of bitcoin mining we are determined to prove that the future of mining digital currency can be a green one we look at this as

The beginning to expand our footprint in renewable energy projects for digital currency mining the company will also be filing its consolidated condensed interim financial statements for the six month period ended february 28 2021 an associated management discussion and analysis under the company’s profile on wow some big news and it followed here just two

Days ago wow so based on this news right here they’re talking about having a profit margin of approximately 4 000 usd per day at the current bitcoin price of 55 000 usd and right now the price is actually 59 000 usd subsequent deliveries will continue as the company scale to 1500 units on the initial build out of neptune bitcoin mining operations we’re

Very optimistic on the future of our growing revenue channels and want investors to know that we are committed to execution of these plans and we continue to scale our mining operations to add to our existing income streams as we move through to 2021 stated kale moody ceo of neptune neptune has also arranged a private placement of units of the company with

Certain directors and other investors of the company for an aggregate proceeds of five hundred thousand and eighty cents per unit the company anticipates the closing of the private placement will take place on or about march 31st today 2021. okay each unit does come with a warrant priced at a dollar interesting the company intends to use the proceeds from

The private placement for strategic cryptocurrency acquisitions bitcoin mining equipment and to co-develop the previously announced 5mw renewable energy bitcoin mining facility in alberta canada the securities sold in the private placement will be subject to a four month resale restriction from the date of closing about neptune digital assets corp neptune

Digital assets aims to be a cryptocurrency leader with a diversified portfolio of investments and cryptocurrency operations across the digital asset ecosystem including bitcoin mining tokens proof of stake cryptocurrencies decentralized finance defy and associated blockchain technologies wow these guys have got their hands involved a lot i think this is a

Company to put on your watches put on your radar here’s their symbol in america npptf was it 20 cents when as high as a dollar four been retracing obviously everything that is bitcoin related has had a huge run up and bitcoin had a little retrace from its all-time highs and we’re seeing that a lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain stocks are following suit

And let’s see here if we see the price of bitcoin let’s just quickly take a look at the price of bitcoin wow so bitcoin at 59 000 approaching all-time highs again so this is very bullish for nda nda’s the symbol in canada neptune digital assets currently at 88 cents now remember this has gone from 25 cents to a high of 128 and it’s now consolidating it’s

Coming back down so why you gotta lock in profits guys but it seems to be finding a floor so at some point it will most likely find a floor but because this company is actually generating revenue i think what we’re gonna see happen is this so let’s just say that this is the floor around 88 cents maybe it goes a little bit lower as low as let’s say if bitcoin

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Does dip it could go as low as 64 i think but maybe even lower but this is kind of what i see based on what it’s done i think this is a reasonable price could go a little bit lower but i think that we could see it go much higher from here and with them making six million a quarter i don’t see any reason why this stock couldn’t even go to at least two bucks

I’m gonna make a prediction right now and then if we go to tmx money and we look at their share structure i was looking at it earlier today i was very impressed with the share structure i mean you guys know i love tight float stocks if i see a tight float stock i’m all over it and i see bitcoin and blockchain technology cryptocurrency staking look at this

92 million shares issuing outstanding so under 100 million shares only an 81 million market cap i don’t see any reason why this can’t go to at least a dollar fifty two dollars in 2021 so i think the upside is tremendous you know and then announcing six million in revenue for the quarter seems extremely bullish for me love to know what you guys think about

Neptune digital assets what do you guys think this is rich from us to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you winners and we bring them to you first this is a company that is brand new to my watch list brand new to my radar if you are a richaholic if you’re part of the rich tv live rich pigs daily club if you’re not join at

We talk about cryptocurrencies every day this is a cryptocurrency slash stock i mean this is exactly what we look for and it’s still under a dollar so it’s been over a dollar it’s also been a 25 cents so it could go down or up from here bitcoin seems to be climbing and i believe bitcoin will see a hundred thousand so assuming that bitcoin does go higher and

That’s been the trend and continues that momentum there’s a very good chance that we see neptune digital also go up higher what do you think remember rich tv live is strictly for education and information purposes please do your due diligence please do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live if you’re not winning

You’re not watching and bringing the winners we bring them to first what do you guys think about neptune digital assets is it a buy do you own it are you looking are you interested rsi is kind of high uh sitting at 62. so it could go lower we could definitely see this dip but i also think that the upside is tremendous just because they’re in one of the hottest

Sectors in the world blockchain technology with bitcoin being hot put it on your watches put it on your radar your boy rich mrv live and i’m out peace it could be another winner and we love ten beggars what do you think could this be the next handbag never know you

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