Netflix Hits All Time High! | Snapchat Hits All Time Low!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about two stocks we’re talking about netflix with just hit its all-time high the highest of stocks has ever in ever we’re going to look at some of their numbers they just reported in the last 24 hours guys and see does the stock

Even deserve to be trading where that or is it massively overvalued now we’re going to talk about snapchat just a little teeny bit today and that one just hit its 52-week low at the lowest snapchat stock has ever been it i peeled it around 17 dollars now it’s under 40 or not under 14 it’s under 15 in the 14th down like over 15 percent from what the ipo price you

Want to for that stock so ugly ugly there and then netflix is just like can do no wrong so we’re looking at both these today so netflix today hit a hundred and at its peak it was at $185 it closed at 180 360 today absolutely amazing guys and we’re look at some valuations on that one snapchat on the other hand hit its all-time low today 1463 hit today that’s the

Lowest of stock has ever been ever make closed out at 14 73 so snap i just want to talk about first is when i don’t have too much to talk about with snapchat because i did a video on snapchat like last week or the week before not much to talk about there except it’s a following knife it’s a falling knife right now it’s an absolute falling knife and i’ve been getting

You know instagram people hit me up and snapchat people hitting me up and comments in the comment section like jeremy are you going to start buying snap it’s in the four teams i hope want to buy it yet i don’t want to buy it yet it’s getting very interesting to me because now we’re talking about this this company has a market cap of 17 billion dollars it’s three

Billion dollars in cash sitting on that balance sheet and it has revenues that just went up two hundred ninety six percent last quarter so it’s in ridiculous growth mode like unbelievably ridiculous revenue growth mode but i’m still not i’m still not diving in this one yet because i think i’ve just matured in my investing career of understandings falling knives

When i see one and snapchat is one it’s just in free fall right now a lot of short selling pressure on that stock a lot of negativity around the stock right now that could push it down further you know the short sellers they’ll do anything to you know push articles out there or whatever you know on there’s a lot of underground stuff that’s probably a lot of people

That aren’t involved in the markets don’t really know about or don’t want to know about because you kind of want to be naive and you know it takes away some innocence of the game when you find out some of this stuff but there’s a lot of negativity there’s going to be more piling on right now so i’m just at a point with snapchat where i’m like i don’t want to catch

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That falling knife yet at some point yes but not right now now is just not the time for me because it’s shown no signs of anything positive about the stock yet so and if i you happen to miss it and shoots back up to the 20s and a half in a message you know what i mean it’s not like i’m dying to invest in snapchat i’m just interested in the company but just not at

These prices quite yet just getting very interesting to me one quick thing about the snapchat that really bugged me as this article came out of fortune today said buying cool quote cool stocks like snap and blue apron is dumb that’s the that’s the article out of fortune there so my opinion on this is i never buy ipos i’ve never bought into an ipo ever in my life

I think the closest i like the closest in time horizon was probably facebook but i didn’t buy into facebook tell it was already public for like six or nine months or something like that so that was a closest time horizon to actually investing in an ipo i never invest in ipos i just dull because they’re too volatile like i always tell you guys on the owners of the

Company are not going to sell that company when they go public for a cheap valuation they want top dollar for that stock they want top dollar for that those shares are about to give out guys at the end of the day so i the titles interesting for the buying cool stocks like snapchat and blue aprons dumb you could say that about them but then you look at a tesla of

Really cool stock right i netflix a really cool stock amazon and look at the valuations those trade ad and look at how well those stocks have done so i think just saying looking at those two stocks and saying buying cool stocks is dumb look at all those other stocks that trade at these insane valuations and look at what their stock performances have done so you

Know i never want to buy into an ipo but at the same time i wouldn’t just say you know buying a cool stock is dumb because you know you will look at these two and yeah it’s like that but then look at the other two and be like oh look at tesla look at netflix cool stocks over there look at the valuations they’re trading at so that’s kind of my opinion on that let’s

Talk about this real one so netflix hits its all-time high today as wall street gushes over its unmatched platform wall street said netflix had an unmatched global entertainment platform now few competitors are positioned to match after the company reported strong second quarter results the company added 5.2 million subscribers compared to what wall street thought

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It was going to do at 3.2 million set that huge beat there guys like that’s gigantic like to do a 5.2 million number versus 3.2 words of expected for new customers that’s a huge be like i can’t i can’t like overstate that enough how big of a beat that is for netflix that’s just a really good business being run there we also cross the symbol symbolic milestones of

A hundred million members and more international than domestic members it was a good quarter netflix wrote in a shareholder letter so very impressive there then we look at the evaluation of company so right now it’s trading at nearly an eighty billion dollar market cap tags almost eighty billion dollar market cap is a company that had a profit a net income this

Past quarter of what you’re thinking with that much that type of market cap maybe they had like a billion dollars worth of net income or something like that maybe a billion and a half dollars no they had 65 million dollars in net income they have 65 million dollars in net income this past quarter and that’s trading an almost an 80 billion dollar valuations right

Now guys the trailing key on this we’re taking in the last 12 months new account is a 237 right now the 4p looking at what you know next year’s earnings are probably going to be we’re looking at about a ninety four p/e on this company guys these are these are astronomically high numbers here at netflix but of course they have such great growth going right now and

They’ve got wall street’s blessing right now which is huge when you know everybody on wall street is so positive about netflix right now that you know that’s just the perfect scenario when you’ve got everybody out there so positive on the stock you know every article written everything’s got a positive spin on it netflix definitely has some things going for it

Right now it’s just amazing to me that this company’s trading at 80 80 billion dollar valuation when they just had sixty five million dollars in net income this past year like those numbers are mind-blowing to you know see a company like this trading at that but that’s what is trading and people will you know believe that they’re you know they’ll be someday when

They’re making 650 million dollars in net income and 6.5 billion dollars a quarter and net income so a lot of people in that camp and then there’s a lot of people are in this one just for the short term just trying to ride this wave the netflix wave you know however long it lasts weather or less noted one year two years three years and then they’ll get out you

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Know a lot of these swing traders and things do that those type of stuff guys so it’s amazing you know netflix all-time high snapchat i know let me know if you guys are involved with either one of those stocks if you’re buying either one of those stocks i love to i love to look at stocks at you know or either you know flying high like this or or flying super low

Because there’s some things you can observe about a lot of the stock market a lot of investing is perception you know although a company like snapchat has unbelievable you know growth right now as far as the revenue goes a lot of people you know the perception is oh there’s you know instagrams winning so therefore snapchats worth less and that’s a lot of people’s

Perception on that right now if you feel for right or wrong that’s a lot of people’s perception like snapchats worthless because instagrams winning i wouldn’t buy snapchat with anything and then you have netflix over here in netflix you know reports great numbers certainly not the type of revenue growth that snapchat has but still great numbers and people look at

That now in the perception is very positive and i remember there was a day not too long ago like a couple of years ago when people were very worried about amazon coming into space apple coming into space google all these companies you know with their own streaming services and there was a lot of worry about netflix a few years ago i don’t know if you guys remember

That or not about all the men netflix is they’re probably not going to win this war and you know they got so much competition now some it’s like oh there’s there’s big barriers to entry a lot of its perception guys a lot of you know stocks moving up and down at the end of the day unfortunately especially in the short term it comes down to perception more than the

Financial numbers i like to focus on the financial numbers because that is what will guide the stock over the long term but short term it’s all perception i’ve all perception of whatever numbers i want to get looked at those ones we had looked at and the other numbers right now no one gives a crap about that netflix just made 65 million dollars in net income this

Past quarter and they got a eighty billion dollar valuation no one cares about that they’re just looking at the the subscriber numbers those ones are good and that’s what’s getting the focus so it’s all perception short term long term the numbers actually matter guys so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this day i love just looking at stocks like this every once in

A while and you know what guys have a great day

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Netflix Hits All Time High! | Snapchat Hits All Time Low! By Financial Education

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