Netflix Stock Soars on Unreal Earnings!

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Holy smokes guys netflix talk has gone absolute beast mode here today this is unbelievable they’ve reported some phenomenal earnings and we got a look at all this we have the sect all of this we all look at what the analysts are saying there’s so much going on here so netflix talked today as i’ve taken this screenshot it was up around 9% i was up over 10% at one

Point today up over $30 a share at this screenshot it was up around twenty seven dollars and 20 cents on the believable day for netflix look at this here this just shocked me okay in 2007 so 11 years ago if you put a thousand dollars in netflix stock just one thousand dollars it would now be worth over one hundred two thousand dollars guys we’re talking about over

A hundred times your money and only 11 year span if you just bought a netflix talk holy smokes guys that is absolutely insane return insane return anything about it from the perspective of think about it like oh if you put you know two hundred thousand dollars in and whatnot imagine the amounts of money you would have unbelievable guys that would be what twenty

Million dollars is something like it’s just sick numbers guys so i gotta give goldman sachs analyst a lot of credit he came out last week and said you need to buy goldman sachs going into this earnings and he was a hundred percent right if you did that you made a lot of money there so i got to give that goldman sachs analyst some credit they’re very nice job by him

In the first quarter netflix are in 64 cents per share matching the thomson reuters consensus estimates and slightly beating on revenue a 3.7 billion topping the three point six nine billion they had as an estimate however is showed much higher than expected growth in subscription additions welcoming seven point four 1 million new subscribers and a beat on guidance

Ending the stock up more than 6% after-hours obviously we saw it went up even more today unbelievable guys so seven point four 1 million new subscribers and we’re talking about this was in a three month span guys a three month spin and they ever they they added over 7 million that was like over a two million beat there on real numbers let’s look at what barclays here

Had to say they said despite scale subscriber growth is accelerating despite price increases 14 percent rise in a the netflix set a record for growth in q1 with net ads growing 50% eating estimates handily the company’s guidance for q2 which was a source of some concern going into earnings was even a bigger surprise at six point two million sub growth expectation

Globally to put this into perspective this expectation is only 10% shy of the company’s q2 sub growth in 2016 and 2017 combined this is on top of the fact that 2017 q2 was a record itself and the fact that the company is implicitly pricing in asp growth of 14% in q2 let’s look at what that goldman sachs analysts he called it guys he called this one look at what he

Had to say he said netflix reported accelerating growth in subscribers 27 percent year-over-year versus 25% in 4q in revenues 36 percent up year-over-year forex neutral versus 31% in 4q on the back of strong content slate marketing investments and distribution partnerships our performance in the us continues to raise the ceiling for penetration in netflix global

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Addressable audience in the correlation between content investments and subscriber growth strengthens we continue to believe that the market expectations for subscriber growth and profitability both in 2018 and beyond remain too low and expect that forecast increase the stock will continue to outperform we remain by rated and will raise our 12-month price target

From 360 dollars to three hundred and ninety dollars guys so we’re talking about getting close to a $400 price target now in this company you know i’ll show you morgan stanley and what jp morgan had to say if you want to just pause the video there so you can see what they had to say what piper had to say well wells fargo had a saying what not just pause the video

I won’t read you guys all that but unbelievable unbelievable numbers here netflix is putting up right so look at this now look at this netflix now has a market cap on it almost 146 billion dollars okay look at disney’s at a hundred and fifty four billion basically meaning that netflix is catching up to disney in a huge way they’re there as far as their value goes

Netflix is only valued about seven or eight billion dollars less in disney right now and netflix is on an absolute tear right now and analysts don’t see this slowing anytime soon meaning that within maybe a couple weeks maybe even a couple days who knows or a couple months as long as the netflix stock stays pretty strong they’re gonna overtake disney as far as the

Market cap sighs guys that’s mind blowing new thing about all the things disney owns when you think about all of the things disney has going for it you know netflix taking them over as far as market cap goes that’s unreal guys that’s absolutely unreal netflix does have a pretty rich p on it it does have four p of about a seventy eight point five right now but to

Netflix credit that when you have that type of growth going for you and you know you can think about like down the road you know if netflix keeps getting better and better content and let’s say they you know go up in their price $3 $5 $10 most people won’t even cancel if they went up a few dollars here and there right all that money goes straight to the profit line

Straight to the profit line guys so imagine the way they’re gonna be able to increase profitability as time goes on as long as they can can keep a competitive advantage around the company and whatnot so pretty amazing stuff disney has got a strike back in a real way they’ve got to put some type of streaming package together in a big way and you know fundamentally

Kind of changed their business so they can address this netflix situation before netflix gets too big and too hard to fight off disney’s really got to come after this like for the remainder that you’re like this should be the number one focus disney needs to put some type of streaming service together that’s a major in a major way that’s a straight on netflix

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Competitor direct competitor if they do that they’re gonna have a great chance to win out this battle if they don’t do that this year and they don’t do it in the right way now you and trust me like the like netflix can potentially win the whole space and they’re already winning the space but they can become the clear-cut winner and just everybody’s underneath them

And then disney you know they’re in a position where they own so much content so many brands they don’t have to let netflix win this but netflix is gonna end up winning this if disney doesn’t come out and fight hard really soon they can’t just be like more and more talk there needs to be action in real action out of disney here so anyways i want to let you i

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Netflix Stock Soars on Unreal Earnings! By Financial Education

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