Never Buy Disposable Dental Floss Again

Dental floss with a handle are very handy but they are disposable. The plastic is much more durable than one time use and it has always bothered me to throw those away. I finally sat down and gave it some thought on how to convert a disposable one into a reusable one! +1 for the environment! Btw, if you buy a reusable dental floss holder, it’s a rip off price of $10 for a piece of plastic? No thanks. See links below to see what I mean.

This is a right angle dental floss it’s not very expensive you can buy 50 of them for about four dollars but i’ve always been bothered by the fact that once this breaks you have to throw this whole plastic piece away i think this is more durable than that and the only thing that breaks is this little dental floss line over here today i’m going to remedy this by making

This reusable this is a right angle placards branded dental floss and you can see you can hold it like this and you can floss the back of your teeth just fine now here’s my first prototype i cut two notches at the front and two notches at the back to hold the string now if you just buy a roll of dental floss it’s a lot cheaper than buying these disposable ones all

The time i’m just gonna take out a length of this and i’ll show you why this one does not work very well you can try to tie it around and tie it around the little notch one two three four and then over here one two three like that and this should be pretty tight right these notches are not deep enough in order to keep this string from getting untangled so if

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You push this really hard into your teeth you just push it a few times you’re not just pushing down you’re also pulling it out too right so if you just kind of go like this a few times this might work this time okay like that you can see it comes off a little bit so it’s not completely secure and once it does that this is not very useful i just drilled holes in

It these are 1 16 inch holes and then you just take the floss and tie it around three times one two three and go on the opposite hole over here there’s a reason for this because if you go on this hole it’s gonna end up getting tied like this so this is not nice to hold so put it on the other side of the hole re-thread it through come back on the same side so

You thread it upwards like that and then i’m gonna go crisscross to the other side like that and then tie it three more times one two three you can just tie the rest of it like that okay now this is all ready to use this is pretty much impossible to make it come loose it’s going through this hole so you know this is going to be very very secure no matter what

You do with it why do i not want to use my fingers to floss because you have to tie it around your fingers like this and it’s going to kind of wrap around your fingers this is not very comfortable you can do this if you want to go like this so i like that you gotta like push your fingers in there this is not very convenient this one is a non-right angle one so by

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The time you try to floss the back of your teeth you have to i don’t know how you even do it you’re gonna have to push against the side of your mouth like this the right angle ones alleviate this you can just go like this straight in from the front for the front teeth this one is okay because you can just come in and out but the right angle ones can just do your

Front teeth just fine like this okay does it just fine you might go well why don’t i save a little bit more floss by somehow tying it closer over here so i’m not tying it all the way over here well this is the simplest way that i can think of so far so i hope this is useful and you guys go out there and not use so many disposable plastic pieces and toss it in a

Trash can so much it’s not really about the cost of it although you will save yourself some money if you guys are interested in getting some of these right angle placards flosser i’ll leave a referral link down in the video description below for an amazon affiliate link thanks for watching you

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Never Buy Disposable Dental Floss Again By BeatTheBush

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