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Aleafia Health Inc. (TSX: V.ALEF, OTCQB: CAMDF)

Hey guys how you doin it’s rich from rich tv live back with some breaking news yet again a new cannabis listing with familiar pedigree this from stock has calm written by jeff nielsen great article let’s bring you the news shelly so cannabis investors are seeing this emerging sector evolving into a new phase the consolidation phase as more new companies enter

This space competition is intensifying cannabis companies seeking to distinguish themselves from their peers are looking for greater efficiencies and synergies that they can add to operations one newly listed cannabis company that emphasizes this strategy is alifia health inc now on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol al f and on the otcqb under the symbol

C a.m. df al ef is a new listing but is not a new cannabis company in fact alethea is a merger of the old alethea inc and cannibal cannibal medical inc how does ally fiea inc set itself apart from its peers this medicinal cannabis company has crafted a fully integrated business model including an an a cmp are licensed cannabis cultivator alethea farms and a

Network of industry leading medical cannabis clinics cannibal medical the stock house audience has already been introduced to this vertically integrated medical cannabis business model in a full-length feature article published march 28th 2018 as explained by the alethea management team vertical integration is about more than merely generating maximum efficiency

It is also about exerting control from literally seed to sale in order to consistently deliver the highest quality medicinal cannabis to the company’s large base of patients on march 26 2018 alethea announced that the merger with cannibal medical on the tsx under the symbol cmm and under the symbol on the otcqb of ca mdf has now been completed pursuant to this

Transaction the tsx venture exchange issued a release on march 27th 2018 authorizing alethea to begin trading under the symbol a l ef effective march 28 2018 so let’s just take a look at how it’s doing shall we so here it is a lef alethea health so it’s currently at 82 cents just literally started trading what do you think do you think it’s a buy at 82 cents do

You think this has good potential do you think this is going to be a winner this is their symbol on the otcqb under the symbol ca mdf currently at 65 cents you see the volume is very low and it’s only up 2% but it’s because nobody knows so what we’re doing is we’re bring it to you first so you can identify it put it on your radar put it on your watchlist let me

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Know comment down below if you think that this is going to be a big winner do you like a leafy a’ health inc under the symbol ca mdf on the otcqb and at 82 cents under the symbol al af on the tsx venture do you think that this is going to be a winner i also use the marijuana index as you can see the entire industry is up slightly today the north american index

Up 1% the united states dex is up slightly 0.3 0% and the canadian index is up slightly at point seven six percent you can see all the top gainers right now marry up 4% cannabis technology’s up 4% cv sciences is up 3% weed md is up 3% cannabis wheaton is up 3% emblem corp is up just under 3% mpx by a suitable corporation is up two point eight six percent and the

Hydroponic carry corporation is up two point five nine percent you can see the top losers right now thc biomed international is down five percent harvest one cannabis wow i mean this is one that i own it has been going down i think i’m gonna have to lower my cost because it’s super cheap right now at these levels at 86 cents down 4% my m nutraceuticals one that

A lot of you been asking me about is down 2.9 6% at $1 97 mary med m our md at one dollar and three cents is down 2% serna inc at fifteen cents is down 2% cannabis fartist pharmaceuticals at a dollar and three cents is down just under two percent innovative industrial properties iii pr at $28 is down just under 2% and golden leaf holdings glh at 27 cents is down

Slightly under two percent so the most active medical marijuana stocks on the marijuana index right now one of the biggest and the best aurora cannabis one of my favorites currently trading 3 million shares in volume and áfreeá currently at 11 dollars and 27 cents trading 1.8 million shares so far can it be growth corp the biggest and the baddest traded up 1.8

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Percent and has traded 1.5 million shares so far masse technologies at a dollar sixty-nine traded 1 million shares cannabis wheaton at a dollar 56 has traded 819 thousand shares of volume mpx bio suitable corporation at 72 cents has traded 734 thousand shares new strike corporation one of my favorites currently owned 10,000 shares of hip at a dollar 12 trade at

616 thousand shares and once again golden leaf holdings one of the most actively traded on the marijuana index currently traded 399,000 let’s get back to the news the third branch of this business model is a leafiest science its mandate is twofold monetizing alethea’s industry-leading medicinal cannabis database and cannabis r&d over the short term this rd will

Be at empirical level seeking the best medical strains for the needs of a lef patients in their referral only clinics longer term the company will seek to team up with biopharma partners for progression through the clinical trials model that’s the mission of a lef serious cannabis science and the highest standard of care for its tens of thousands of medicinal

Cannabis patients wow tens of thousands of patients already this is huge and currently at 82 cents i think i’m gonna have to buy me some of this okay and if i do i’ll let you guys know but for investors evaluating alethea it’s important to look at more than the company’s mission and the business model behind that mission investors also need to look at leadership

This leadership starts at the top with executive chairman julian fantino wow the chairman expressed his enthusiasm as this newly forged medical sorry medicinal cannabis toodee commence trading as a lef we are delighted to have formally completed the vertical integration of our two companies and look forward to a long and meaningful partnership as we go forward as

One patient focused physician lead and research driven organization the honorable julian fantino pc progressive conservative has an illustrious resume spread across both government and law enforcement he was commissioner of the ontario provincial police before being elected to public office while in government fantino held several high-profile portfolios including

Minister of veteran affairs it was while in that role that he became an advocate for the benefits of medicinal cannabis for canadian armed forces personnel suffering from serious medical issues this is huge news what better person to have i mean this is enormous supporting fantino are a number of other high-profile officers and directors i’m not going to go through

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All of these officers and directors you can see it right here you can find the article this is big news let’s get into it a little bit more further shall we with this leadership the company is confident that it can deliver on its mission however it is actually a dual mission it starts with the highest standard of care of a él es clinics supported by an aggressive

Cultivation expansion strategy with alethea farms it ends with providing the maximum therapeutic benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis oils cannabinoid cbds you know i love cbds to the greatest number of people to learn to deliver on this first mission requires that lef be successful what the second half of its mandate building canada’s number one vertically

Integrated medical medicinal cannabis company the right business model the right strategy the right team now trading on the tsx venture exchange is this huge news breaking news and you heard it here first from your boy rich cuz that’s what we do we break the news first what do you think do you like this news do you think olympia is going to be a big winner you

Heard it here first from your boy rich that’s what we do we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first all right party people this is your boy rich with another winner now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed we are not licensed advisors please always do your due diligence invest in something because

You love it not because you heard it here on rich tv live i don’t want any of olympia yet good if i buy this big winner i’ll let you guys know first i read i got to go back to research you can find even more winners this is your boy rich consider ca mdf on the otcqb a leafy elf and a lef on the tsx venture could be a big winner we brought it to you first alright i’m out peace

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