New Gift Card Scam Alert!

Gift card scams are on the rise and I happen to run across one. Luckily, no one swindled any money out of me and it got caught before it was too late. Watch to find out some tips to keep your money safe when buying gift cards at the store.

So i just bought a 500 gift card at safeway i used my sears credit card to pay for this and the transaction did go through however usually when you buy a gift card the transaction goes through for your credit card and then it activates the gift card itself so you’re gonna get another receipt with the activation number what happened this time and i bought gift

Cards over 50 times already this time it’s the only time i’ve ever seen the activation receipt did not come out and right when this happened the teller was alerted because apparently she got trained on this and she said oh i know what happened it turns out someone injected a little piece of paper with a barcode so that it covers up the gift card that’s inside

So somehow they were able to transport a gift card it’s usually about this big and it’s sealed you have to rip open the back before it can reveal the bar code and then the teller can scan that in the main reason for this of course so that people cannot just go in the store look at your credit card number the expiration date and the three digit number on the back

Of the card and then wait for someone to buy the card and then they have your numbers already and go online and spend whatever amount that’s loaded onto your card so they try to protect against this with two pieces of cardboard and your gift card is sandwiched in between and it’s somewhat sealed in there so someone took something like this maybe they stole it

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Or something and then they went home and then they injected a piece of paper with their own barcode hoping that they can activate this barcode whenever someone else buys it which is me but interestingly the teller realized what happened here and the system actually rejected activating whatever fake barcode that is so it never put money into their gift card so

This is a failed attempt even you know whatever unsuspecting teller is gonna scan the barcode they’re not gonna get the money so this is not a very good scamming scheme i think what they really meant to do is they needed to steal a real gift card somehow opened it up and then read all those numbers sandwich it back in so that it looks like no one opened it and

Then have someone buy the gift card and then they would have the numbers already so maybe somehow someone is always monitoring those numbers maybe they’re just kind of standing around watching to see if you know it ever gets picked up once it gets picked up and got purchased then maybe they go home or they’re on their cell phone and they like use the fake uh gift

Card number right away to steal your money away from you now there’s a huge danger to this for the thieves right because maybe they have to steal a gift card from somewhere because they certainly cannot buy it once they buy it gets activated and you cannot reactivate it again so they’re gonna have some sort of petty theft type of thing if they ever get caught

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Stealing this also i make this video because i want people to be aware that when you buy a gift card well you might want to examine it a little bit so that it’s not ever been tampered with so that someone else did not open it up take a look at it or inject some little barcode thing in there once this happened and it didn’t go through they got me to go to the

Customer service and the customer service offered that they can just refund me or i can just buy the same gift card again which is another 500 gift card but it’s going to be a different gift card i don’t know if that one has been tampered with or not but i asked if i can just get the cash and then i can just use my credit card to buy that again and the savvy

People will know why i do this instead it’s because the credit card i use has a cash back whenever you get a return and somehow you get cash itself rather than credit back to your credit card then you actually get the cash back without having to spend anything so in my case i have a 10 cash back on gas groceries and restaurants so buying a 500 gift card means

That i get a cash back of 50 and if immediately they give me a refund of actual cash then i get to deposit this into my bank account and yet i get to still keep the cash back from my credit card just to note that this 500 gift card you do have to pay some sort of card processing fee which is 5.95 so the end bill was actually 505.95 buying a gift card might be

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Very very dangerous in light of this because people could tamper with it without me even realizing that they opened up the package and resealed it so perhaps if you keep your receipt there might be some way to get back at this if somehow someone spent your money you buy a gift card and all of a sudden someone drains the money in your visa gift card and you don’t

Even realize it or maybe you held it for a really long time and then you know a couple months later you come back to it and you realize there’s nothing in it i think there’s a lot of these gift card scams out there and if you’re not savvy about this then you might lose some money this is especially true if you uh hold a lot of gift cards uh like i do thanks for

Watching i hope this video reaches all of you and be safe out there don’t lose your visa gift card value and thanks for watching you

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New Gift Card Scam Alert! By BeatTheBush

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