NEW SECRET PICK: BETTERLIFE PHARMA (CSE: BETR) (OTCQB: BETRD)- JULY 20, 2020 – RICH TV LIVE – BetterLife Pharma Inc. (“BetterLife” or the “Company”) (CSE:BETR) (OTCQB:BETRD) (FRA: BLife Therapeutics BLife TherapeuticsNPAT) indicated the finalisation of its rebranding exercise for its wholly owned subsidiary, BLife Therapeutics, which has been publicly formalised through the launching of its new website. Following its announcement regarding the merger with Altum Pharma, the Company’s name and branding is now more consistent with its intent to become a major player within the biotechnology space.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i have a new secret pick that i wanted to bring to your attention today um i did buy this stock today and i need to give the credit where credit is due this is not my pick this is national inflation association’s pick um i really like the pick i think that they have a lot of potential i think that this

Pick has a lot of upside um i just think that the sky’s the limit for this pick i think the sky’s the limit for this pick and i think that there is some incredible incredible upside for these guys incredible upside for these guys let me go change this real quick so the new secret pick is called better life pharma better life that’s pretty i mean who doesn’t

Want a better life right better life pharma i think we all want a better life especially right now better life pharma and i was brought this pick by national inflation association and i did go and buy shares today of better life pharma so i bought 2 000 shares today i’m already up on this i’m feeling good about it thank you national inflation association once

Again for the pick um in my opinion these guys do a good job um and this is a company that’s just kind of getting out there right now right so b-e-t-r-d in canada is the symbol b-e-t-r and b-e-t-r-d in america so b-e-t-r-d in america at a 1.73 up twenty three percent today and you can see here that on bar chart it’s up four hundred and eighty seven percent since

March 104 in the last three months 80 in the last month alone so this has been making some huge moves it’s an 88 by on bar chart with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction so this is very powerful right now okay it’s very powerful right now it has a lot of momentum and this may continue so i position myself in this as you could

See here bar chart believes is an 88 buy so i position myself in this we’ll see what the end result is but i think that it’s starting to gain a lot of steam and now that the national inflation association has put out a couple of alerts on it and people are starting to hear about it i think that we could see some serious upside some serious serious upside on

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Better life pharma and if we go to security details i’m going to show you something that i like about this stock reordered i’m going to show you something i like about this stock yo what’s up abbas how you doing christian so this is better life pharma this is another pick from national inflation association these guys brought this pick to me they brought this

To my attention this morning um as soon as i got an opportunity i got in i could have gotten maybe a little cheaper but it is what it is i wanted to see a real trend you can see that the shares outstanding is really tight only 17 million which to me signals that this can really move and there’s only 2.9 million held at dtc so this is a low floater with a little

Bit of buying this thing can really explode you saw that today and because the story is just getting out this may be just the beginning for better life pharma inc now past performance is not an indication of future results i can’t guarantee that this is going to continue but i did get shares in it and i believe that this may continue and i know national inflation

Association believes it has a chance to continue and lately they’ve been pretty good with their picks so maybe this continues maybe there’s a good chance that this is going to continue and like what a move here um obviously it came down a little bit but still like some big moves here you can see that this is made so considering that nobody knows who these

Guys are and they’re just kind of getting out there now i think we could see some some more upside better life pharma let’s see if we can find some information on better life pharma better life pharma better life pharma oh i think it’s going to be a banger my friend you know i love to bring you guys the bangers and uh national inflation association does a

Good job right so their bar bio pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of patented differentiated and premium quality naturaceuticals and pharmaceuticals you can see their news on their website so you can see that they’re about to launch clinical trials to test the efficiency of ifn a2b for treatment of cova 19. it can be huge

Subject to receiving market authorization ap-003 could potentially be used to treat wow patients early after covin 19 infection which may potentially prevent the progression to severe disease and need for hospitalization guys this could be massive if successful in clinical trials aap-003 may potentially be positioned as an initial treatment for covariate 19

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And smaller viruses everyone wants to call me when i’m live always yeah ibio has been a beast man i brought that pick congratulations to everyone who took advantage of that i sold too soon i didn’t think it was going to seven bucks but um well i did and then it didn’t move and then after i sold it now it’s moved so it’s gone from two dollars to seven dollars

In like the last week so that’s a crazy move that was not expected but you know that’s kind of what happens in the market right in these markets anything is possible let’s see a call just missed a call why did i do that anyways i’ll get back to it so this is a pick that i think has a lot upside guys and i am a shareholder overview let’s go to overview better

Life pharmaceuticals inc is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of therapeutic pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals using innovative drug delivery platform technologies our shares are publicly traded on the cnx under the ticker symbol betr and on the otcqb under the symbol betrf see the presentation oh this is the old website

Let’s take a look at the leadership team well done johan okay so you can see ahmad is the ceo chris lucky is the ceo you can see the management team take a quick look at their technologies here better life has acquired worldwide rights to proprietary drug delivery technologies for commercialization of nutraceuticals pharmaceutical and wellness consumer products

Worldwide patents say oh there it is cbd salmic trademark micelle water soluble ingredient delivery system for high potency 1 cbd 99 pure ready for commercialization wow rtic trademark technology for transformation of cannabinoidal oil to powder wow this is all cbd based guys ready to infuse cannabinoid powder for use in capsules stick packs bulk powder beverages

And baked goods each technology platform allows better life to produce multiple products so press releases better life launches website is that the website we’re on the new website so this is the new website so let’s click on this this is the new website they just launched this wow so they got coven 19 all over this place hey guys ifn82b has been used to treat

Kovi 19 in china whoa that’s big b life therapeutics is planning clinical trials of ap 003 to test the efficiency of ifna2b for treatment of covin19 ap double o3 is being developed as a novel interferon alpha 2b in ifna2b inhalation formulation ifna 2b has been used to treat cova-19 in china subject to receiving market authorization ap-03 could potentially

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Be used to treat patients early after cova-19 infection which may potentially prevent the progression to severe disease and need for hospitalization if successful in clinical trials ap 003 may potentially be positioned as an initial treatment for cova 19 and similar diseases wow wow wow wow wow guys we may have just like stumbled upon something massive we may

Have just stumbled upon something absolutely massive oh they’re in vancouver interesting very interesting investor overview what do we got here foreign yeah so you could see that these guys actually opened up at two dollars and five cents and they went up 46 cents today as high as two dollars and 55 cents the shares issuing at standing is what really gets my

Attention only 17 million shares are standing that’s a very very tight float so i am a shareholder of the stock i do own 2 000 shares so this news is just getting out and i know national inflation association has already put out um quite a few press releases on this this is where i heard about them so i want to give a shout out to national inflation association

I wouldn’t even know about this pick if it wasn’t for you guys better life pharma b-e-t-r in canada b-e-t-r-d in america i think it could be a huge winner i am a shareholder i do own 2 000 shares and i thought i would bring it to you guys attention i’m going to continue to research them if there’s any other big news or breaking news or anything that happens

I will let you know but let’s just say that these guys you know in a world where kova 19 stocks are going crazy to get into something like this at 173 in america 235 in canada who knows yeah it could be risky but we could see some serious upside it just goes to five or 10 bucks we’ll make a killing and those are the types of trades i like to make so thank you

Guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first better life pharma i got in today let me know what you guys did if you like this smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and hit the bell for notifications and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed so every single

Time we have a new update and you pick anything you get access first this is your boy rich from mrv live and i’m peace better life pharma let’s go baby let’s get paid to trade let’s go you

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