New TAAT(TM) Facilities Now Operational, NEW Countries Germany, Poland, France, and Switzerland

New TAAT(TM) Facilities Now Operational, NEW Countries Germany, Poland, France, and Switzerland – RICH TV LIVE – September 6, 2021 #taat #news #richtvlive

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from mr live and i want to talk to you about tat global alternatives they had some big news again as you can see i’ve been marking all these high zones and we’re now living right in one of these higher zones where typically it’s really a cell cell position based on historical chart analysis and patterns that stock has

Been doing you know we buy on dips and we sell them rips here on rich tv live and one of the things we teach in our club at and you can go and join the club and be a member is how to read rsi macd and read these zones and you can see here that clearly we’re in a cell zone based on the mac d and the rsi but we’re not selling right now

Tat just continues to go up and let’s talk about why so this is one of their websites where you can go and you can actually get free tat if you’re in america you can literally get free tat that’s right zero tobacco zero nicotine all flavor this is tat you know t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america are the symbols on the exchanges this is the

Canadian side t-a-a-t in america t-o-b-a-f looks like this and in frankfurt germany it’s 2tp you can see here the trend is your friend and the trends clearly going up with tat global alternatives we were the first to ever talk about it on a really when it was brand new pre-market scale and now they’ve become a household name congratulations to members all

Over the world on tat global alternatives we put you on the map and we just getting started new tat facilities now operational look at this news tobacco wholesalers in germany poland france and switzerland a claim reconstituted beyond tobacco formulation this news broke on friday i know it’s a holiday for many people in north america happy holidays and all

Over the world i hope you’re having a fantastic holiday weekend this is rich from which to be live if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live this news broke and we just want to break it down for you as you can see here tat is pleased to announce that has started to operate out

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Of its new facilities in las vegas wow here we go big big big news nevada area providing significant additional operational space and production resources in combination with its original facility here it is big news on west post road in a press release dated july 16 2021 company announced that its preparation tasks for the new facilities were still on

Schedule for a launch in the following month in line with the company’s business objectives for domestic and international activities already underway since then tata has announced new purchase orders for distribution in the united kingdom ireland and australia amounting to more than 1.6 million canadian in total value in press release dated august 20th

2021 and august 27 2021 in addition to distribution of tat in seven new u.s states in just a two-month period in an august 17 2021 press release still in just its third full calendar quarter of retail availability global demand for tad has grown steadily over the course of 2021 as the company has diligently coordinated strategic launches in a wide range

Of markets take a look at this pretty cool look at this pretty cool hey guys this is the beginning of global awareness the new tab facilities in las vegas nevada picture above are now operational providing the company’s significant added capacity for several of its business functions to include manufacturing research and development sales marketing

And order fulfillment look at this folks look at this and this is just the beginning can you believe how tad has grown and how tat has evolved unbelievable absolutely unbelievable additionally samples of tat with an advanced formulation of beyond tobacco using recon constituted material were recently sent to tobacco wholesalers in the united states the

United kingdom ireland germany poland france and switzerland wow this is just getting started folks the general consensus among the tobacco wholesalers who received these samples was positive with regard to the similarity of the product’s user experience compared to that of tobacco cigarette based on anecdotal feedback from smokers age 21 plus and tat

Retailers as well as survey responses for consumers researched conducted earlier this year detailed in a press release on april 14 2021 the company identified several opportunities to enhance the user experience of tat by using reconstituted material and beyond tobacco the advanced formulation was developed with the objective of making improvements to


Include the following flavor combinations to generate a taste and smell resembling actual tobacco to a greater degree higher production velocity thus increasing the overall efficiency of the company’s manufacturing processes in its new facilities significantly lower weight of each tat stick approximately matching the weight of a tobacco typical tobacco

Cigarette adjusted burning rate to ensure smokers age 21 plus to use tat will finish each stick with approximately the same puff count as a standard tobacco cigarette of the same length and cutting the base material differently to ensure each tat stick consistently burns to completion without prematurely extinguishing the recon constituted formulation of

Beyond tobacco is now ready for production which is set to begin this quarter tat chief executive officer set de costarella commented with so many new operational opportunities on the horizon and all these new countries this is mind-boggling guys our facility expansion is a very important part of our growth strategy because we need it because there’s so

Much demand we need to meet the demand with the supply as we go into our second year of operations in which we expect hat to be launched in several new markets with an abundance of feedback about tat for smokers age 21 plus we have sampled the product since its first launch in ohio q4 2020 our advanced formulation of the beyond tobacco-based material has

Made the user experience even closer to that of smoking at the back of cigarette samples of tat with this advanced formulation have been sent to tobacco wholesalers across europe and based on their sentiments we are very confident that there will be even more tax placements in european markets in the near future huge huge all these new countries new

Facility the facility is going to meet the demand we need to have the supply to meet the demand and this is what they are doing they are doing all the right things remember zero nicotine zero tobacco all flavors beyond nicotine tat beyond nicotine tat beyond tobacco we put it on the map first that’s what i said zero tobacco zero nicotine we put it on the

Map first we told you first it is now trading almost 12 times higher than when we brought it to you first on in june of 2020 in canada when we brought into pre-ipo at 41 cents today in america trading at 380 in canada been an absolute juggernaut for investors all over the world as you can see here if we go and look at their year not bad eh not bad since


We brought it to you guys first and that’s the thing i love about youtube you can go and see all those videos you can see it opened up at 67 because of all the excitement and it never stopped i mean it’s been as high as six dollars it’s come back down a little bit giving investors opportunities to buy dips and sell rips amazing amazing story here for tac

Global alternatives if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re alive is your boy rich from rich to be live bringing the winners we brought you tat and we got more tricks up our sleeve i promise you that stay tuned but don’t sleep on tap this is a company that just continues to bring

The news and open up in new countries apparently we’ve talked to some of our german community members that are part of the rich picks daily club and we’re literally blowing up and we’re getting members from all over the world joining our website we’d love to have you as well and they’ve told us that tad is already up in germany over the weekend with bigger

Than average volume so this is a good sign obviously when you’ve got new countries coming on board that’s going to be very bullish for tat so love to know what you guys think comment on the video zero boy rich remiss to be live we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first best and the best the best is blessed and tad is absolutely one of the best

Congratulations to members all over the world but i really believe this is just the first inning for tat you’re more rich remiss to be live and i’m out peace you

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New TAAT(TM) Facilities Now Operational, NEW Countries Germany, Poland, France, and Switzerland By RICH TV LIVE

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