Newstrike Brands Ltd. (NWKRF) (HIP) up 25% will it continue?

#richtvlive #stocks #news Newstrike Brands Ltd. (NWKRF) (HIP) up 25% will it continue? – RICH TV LIVE – July 30, 2018

New strike brands limited up 25% now it was up even more it was up over 30% now what could possibly be the catalyst what could be the catalyst let’s see here new strike announces appointment of chief commercial officer rebranding and grant of stock options interesting based out of oakville ontario on july 9th they announced the appointment of peter hoang as the

Chief commercial officer hey peter how you doin peter no wang has already been a director and he says right here peter wang has served as director and consultant of new strikes since may 2017 and now joins the company a/c ceo to lead commercial operations including sales new business development and strategic mergers and acquisitions across the organization as

Ce ceo peter will be responsible for driving growth for the company wow unbelievable this is huge this is huge news for peter wang and his associates and rich tv life is very familiar with peter wang and his associates as both a founding partner of up cannabis inc and director peter has been instrumental in helping new strike achieve its major milestone says jay

Will guard chief executive officer and chairman of new strike he is a proven leader and significant expertise in developing strategy and taking companies through rapid growth phases to full and profitable operations this is a company with like wow this is pretty interesting i look forward to continuing to work with peter as we continue to execute on our business

Plan and ready the company for the legalization of a don’t use cannabis prior to new strike peter was co-founder and ceo for a global faces direct a leading multinational marketing agency serving the nonprofit sector with over 600 agents and 30 offices across north america wow interesting interesting very familiar with global faces in fact you know that’s where

I got started so it’s very interesting when i read this and and i’m invested in him and you know the stock has actually been a huge disappointment i’m gonna be quite frank with you guys it’s done well at times but it hasn’t done well consistently i mean you look at the five-year chart you could see there was a huge spike here last year and it exploded up from

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December specifically december 25th christmas all the way to $3.31 from 61 cents it went up to $3 it was an amazing explosion but how many people actually took advantage of this explosion i don’t know and then it immediately came all the way back down like within the same day it seems like it came all the way back down within days and it was under a dollar and it’s

Continuously just came all the way down until recently where was that 40 cents and now it’s had this explosion up to 55 cents so this is interesting news i continue to read this peter led the growth of global faces to be one of the fastest growing companies in canada over a five-year period prior to partnering with private equity firm cps capital in june 2018 other

Companies peter has co-founded our easyly scorp canada’s leading asset based financing and syndication company and weis holdings an energy conservation company focusing on energy retrofits and rmr rental programs and extreme peeta a north american food and retail franchise operation founded in 1997 i look forward to continuing to work with new strike team as we

Enter this critical stage in our company’s growth said peter hoang we are poised to be one of the most recognizable brands in the sector and i believe our corporate strategy enables us to see rapid but very sustainable growth both short and long term i just wonder like what exactly they have 90 million dollars in the bank what exactly is new strike brands doing

To generate revenue right now you’re getting things ready you’re lining things up you’re putting people in place to do sales but these sales forces that you’re talking about that are door-to-door charity sales forces cuz i know them very well they do door to door fundraising how are you going to sell marijuana door-to-door is that the plan here for a new stripe

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Resources the company is also pleased to announce that it intends to change its name to new strike brands limited after receiving shareholder approval at its annual and special meeting of shareholders held on may 22nd 2018 the name change reflects the current strategy of the business to develop cannabis brands anchored by its flagship brand up cannabis the change

Of name is subject to the acceptance of the tsx venture exchange the company also announced it has granted incentive stock options to certain of its directors officers employees and consultants to purchase up to an aggregate of five million nine hundred and thirteen thousand common shares the options otherwise known as the options the options are exercisable for a

Period of three to five years at a price of 66 cents per option and were granted in accordance with the company’s stock option plan a boat new strike new strike is the parent company of up cannabis inc a licensed producer of cannabis that is licensed to both cultivate and sell cannabis in all acceptable forms up cannabis is in turn the parent company of up cannabis

Niagara inc new strike through up cannabis and together with select strategic partners including canada’s iconic musicians the tragically hip is developing a diverse network of high quality high quality cannabis brands very very interesting for more information visit up ca or new stripe dot ca wow very very interesting so it’s coming back down now now it’s down

To 54 cents so this has been a very interesting company they’ve raised money they’ve announced a lot of different things they’re up 22% right now but it was up way more and it’s starting to come back down now so it seems like it’s always had like a series of explosions followed by a series of collapses in the market now as an investor i believe in the company i

Think that they’re doing the right things i think that they have some of the right people in place i hope you guys are successful i’m an investor i only hope and wish that this company is going to be a success and i hope i wish everyone that’s involved is successful if you guys need any visibility or investors or media help if you’d like to come on – rich tv live


Get any tours of your facilities let me know maybe i can help you guys you know maybe you guys need the help of someone that has some experience on the marketing side of the stock like the stock itself has been nothing short of a disaster the wait rates it goes up it comes down it goes up it comes down so it’s very difficult for investors to trade this stock it’s

Very scary for investors to trade this stock but if you do get in at these lower levels maybe there’s an opportunity to make some huge upside now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv

Life okay please do your due diligence this is a company that’s had some massive waves up and down and you know i’ve taken some rides with them and i’ve actually made money on this stuff but right now i position myself higher it’s gone down dramatically it’s going back up the question is will this continue please let me know if you like this video hit the like

Button comment down below do you think new straight brands limited will continue this momentum comment down below this is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first you strike brands limited what do you think this is your boy rich doing the due diligence doing the research new straight grands

Limited doing a dick cap belt did it hit the bottom will this continue or will they go back down they got 90 million in the bank let sewer goes

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