Nexe Innovations CSO Zac Hudson (TSXV: NEXE) (OTC: NEXNF)

Nexe Innovations CSO Zac Hudson (TSXV: NEXE) (OTC: NEXNF) – RICH TV LIVE – February 17, 2021 – NEXE Innovations Inc. (TSXV: NEXE) (“NEXE” or the “Company”) , a leader in innovative plant-based materials science and manufacturing technologies, has begun the development and prototyping of a compostable disposable facemask (the “NEXE Mask”) in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In developing the NEXE Mask, NEXE will leverage existing collaborations in polymer science, plant-based materials, and municipal composting that were utilized for its NEXE pod. To support this goal, NEXE has also initiated new collaborations with leaders in healthcare and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Hi how you doing i am your host rich from behalf of rich tv live and our with our very special guest from nexi innovations zack hudson the cso chief scientific officer of next innovations how are you doing today zach i’m doing great rich how are you i’m doing fantastic so as the chief scientific officer of next say what are your roles and responsibilities

And duties with the company so my role is to leave large portions of our research and development program in plant-based formulations for consumer products so this involves the chemical formulations that we use to make up the plant-based materials it also involves how we process them into consumer products and looking into how they break down in a safe and

Non-toxic manner okay great and you have uh i’m really excited to have you guys on the show and you guys have had so much success like when we talked about nexe innovations first it was under a dollar pre-ipo around 40 cents and today it hit a high of five dollars incredible like within two months it’s been an absolute rocket so now that we have you back on

The show and we have a member from next back on the show i’m excited to have you here can you tell us why you guys have been killing it in the market so much since we got a chance to talk about the company last time and give me a rundown on some recent milestones hit and how you are shaking up in the plant based product sector absolutely so i think that


One of the reasons why the market’s been so excited about us is because people are recognizing that this is uh a product our our coffee pod product which is what we launched earlier last month that the market really badly needs so more than 40 billion single-serve coffee pods are sold every year and virtually none of them are biodegradable or compostable

Or recycled and so what we’ve created is a solution that is compostable and plant-based and good for the planet so people are excited about it and i think there is an understanding that this technology is set to really disrupt the industry so to talk a little bit about milestones we’ve had a really exciting past two months some of the most recent things

That we’ve gone through involve first of all some best in class composting studies for our uh coffee pods so we’ve shown that they break down in in municipal composting in under 10 weeks which is fantastic we’re really excited about that we’ve also completed our first product launch so our in-house superfoods brand zoma launched just the past couple weeks

Ago and sold out the same day we sold out of our entire very in one day wow congratulations thank you thank you so that’s gone really really well uh and we also received a million dollar grant from the government of canada to support the commercialization of this technology so it has indeed been an action-packed couple of weeks you guys also announced some

Amazing news about taking your current infrastructure that you have in place for creating plant-based coffee pods and now you’re disrupting the personal protective equipment sector with a plant-based mask and other ppe materials can you go through that for us and how it’s much needed game changer with everything that’s going on right now with the kovin 19.

Absolutely so our five years of r d into the coffee pod sector led us to develop quite a few patents and quite a few really interesting technologies that we quickly learned were needed in other industries as well so coffee pods is is one sector we’re very motivated to disrupt but we recently became aware that the number of masks being sold disposable masks

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Is greater than 100 billion a month wow in a month yeah it’s an absolutely insane figure due to the covet 19 pandemic and these are also similarly non-biodegradable non-compostable plastic and so they’re just going to persist in landfill for hundreds or thousands of years so what we learned was when we connected some dots we realized that we could use the

Technology we developed in service of the coffee industry to actually tackle this at the moment larger problem in ppe and so we’ve begun the development of a compostable mask and so what we’ve been doing over the past several weeks leading up to today’s announcement is bringing together the right partners to work with us in ppe production in healthcare and in

The manufacturing of of non-woven biopolymers and so we’re hoping you’re going to hear more about that in the weeks to come okay zach would you say that you’re ahead of your competitors for market share in the space right now so what i would say is that uh we launched our first product just about two weeks ago and sold out of that inventory immediately and

We’re taking a phased launch approach to kind of test the waters and see how consumers interact with our product and to gauge demand so right now demand has been extremely robust and we’re aiming to scale up to tens of millions of um coffee pods sold per year by end of 21 or into 2022. wow that’s incredible if there was one thing you would want shareholders

To know about nexi innovations what would it be it would be that we’re not just a coffee pots company so this is we have transformed our business model from one that just makes and produces coffee pods to one that makes and produces innovative plant-based materials technologies and applies them to sectors of need where plastic waste is really a problem so

We are absolutely committed to launching our pods business and scaling that into the tens or even hundreds of millions of units per year in sales but we’ll also be applying these technologies that we’ve spent a lot of time and money developing to other sectors as well and we’ll be sharing that with the market in the months to come well i’m excited to see

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What’s going to come next you guys have already been a huge success story to imagine what could be coming is uh kind of mind-boggling if there was a way for an investor to get in contact with the company if somebody that’s watching this wants to learn more about the company wants to learn about potentially doing work with the company maybe wants to do a

Joint venture an loi may be interested in investing what’s the best way for those people that are watching to get in contact with the company we’d be very excited to have anyone watching reach out you can find all the contact details on our website our investor relations team will respond promptly we deal with both retail investors institutional investors

And business partners all the time and we look forward to hearing from you well super excited to have you on the show today zach hudson the cso chief scientific officer of next innovations guys remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we

Talk about here on rich tv live past performance is not an indication of future results if you like the video smash the like button comment down below and share the video everywhere and subscribe thank you so much for joining us today zach keep up the great work and hope to have you on the show again soon thanks for having me thank you for watching if you

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