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NFT.COM Interview with Alec Otto Head of Marketing – RICH TV LIVE – April 25, 2022 – #nft #nftcommunity #richtvlive #business #news #finance #education #nftcom #richtv #rich

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich and we have rich tv live with our very special guest alec otto the head of marketing for really excited to have you on the show today alec how you

Doing today thanks so much man i’m doing great how are you i’m doing fantastic i was really excited to do this interview because i’ve been really excited about nfts for quite some time i’ve been working on a few nft projects i just started acquiring my first few nfts and then today i heard i was going to be interviewing you from and i just think it’s a

Brilliant name so maybe we can just start with my first question is what is why don’t we start with yeah absolutely um you know so uh at at its core is uh is is being built to be a community centric and a community driven uh nft platform um we really want to be uh big supporters of creators collectors builders and all of the individual people

That make web3 and nfts great and and special and unique and artistic and beautiful really and the way we’re planning to do that is through kind of three feature sets the first of which is profile galleries this is something that you own nft profile that you own so forward slash rich or forward slash alec and this is fully customizable we’re trying to

Overhaul and uh the entire user experience of nfts um you know we when we look at like openc and things like that right now um your your nfts that you own are kind of a jumbled mess and uh it’s just uh you know for something you’re gonna spend between a hundred and a hundred thousand dollars on you know it deserves a little bit more uh shine and polish than

That um and we plan to do that through a lot of personalization and customization of the the user experience there the next big feature set of course is analytics uh there’s amazing analytics platforms out there but uh they’re just not baked in to to a site itself which leads me into our neck our last feature set which is a marketplace um so we are basically

The creator-driven marketplace uh for the future i love it now let me ask you a question so we have a website we just launched which is a community and ecosystem of investors for investors where we talk about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts would we be able to find a way to integrate your integrate your nft marketplace on our website is that something we could

Do or i would definitely yeah i would i would have to kind of know more about how how the ecosystem and the website works but um ultimately you know we uh we aim to be a a platform that that that takes a lot of community feedback and kind of his uh stewards or or or servants of the web3 space um we when we when we were kind of ideating a lot of what

Would become we realized very quickly this is way too pivotal of a domain in the space to be run and controlled by you know a couple people um you know to be quite frank the world doesn’t need another uh you know small crew of uh you know 30 something year old people just governing the internet um ultimately we want to put the these decisions in the hands of

The community and then build what the community needs i love it and how did you come up with the concept of yeah um well when we first acquired the domain first that was kind of the first thing our our co-founder is uh he’s kind of obsessed with nfd with not not just nfts but domains themselves he’s been buying them since he was little and the parent

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Company of immutable holdings actually owns a few other really interesting ones too like 1 800 bitcoin as well as um cbdc which is and uh when they picked up that’s what kind of lured me to come onto the project and uh we realized very quickly that um it wasn’t enough to um just kind of have another nft platform

Or marketplace like there is in existence now we we we have to we have to provide value here and and and look to to fill the pain points um and kind of gaps in the industry and we saw that in a couple different places um one of course being you know how you show off and how you display your digital items um two being kind of the ground works for almost a web

Three social experience as we saw a little bit of kind of the the the roots of in things like bitcloud when that was popping off over the last year and then three you know really baking in uh an analytics and trading experience into a marketplace do you guys see yourselves or is it one of your goals to take over open c which i currently have an account and

I’m currently creating nfts i’m not selling yet but i’m creating nfps and i’m building a portfolio of nfts on openc right now because it’s the biggest so do you guys plan to compete or is your plan to become bigger than so you know i i want to give credit where credit’s due um openc is made up of millions of lines of code and is an incredible platform

Built by some some amazing people and they have put absolute blood sweat and tears into making that platform what it is um with that said though uh there there’s definitely you know room room in this space for more and um ultimately we we do kind of hope to become the the main hub for everything nfts um so to that end yes there’s a little bit of a friendly

Competition there but uh you know competition breeds innovation and uh we’re we’re all builders and innovators here so we’re really trying to uh see what kind of value we can bring now alec i’m a huge sports fan okay like you can see i got a dallas cowboys the time jersey from michael irvin hall of famer three-time super bowl champion like my huge sports fan

And i just see nfts being huge for sports so do you plan on letting any sports franchises sell nfts on your platform and especially if they include the word nft in the name yeah so it’s actually kind of one of my favorite parts about uh what we’re building here right is a big part of is the profile experience it’s the forward slash you know uh

Nba or uh or or you could even have something as generic as forward slash baseball um they’re that’s kind of the initial groundwork that that that we’re building right now um where that goes the actual functionality of that um i can speak speculatively too um and and say that like there are so many different ways that that that different um you know

Franchises and companies and brands can get involved to kind of you know begin having a bit more of a digital presence ultimately our lives are becoming kind of a bit you know twofold right there’s kind of this digital experience of who you are uh online and and who you are in real life and um the more that we can enable um and and provide a kind of marquee uh

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Profile names for brands to get involved and then have a really good experience and also to help guide them through that experience and educate them throughout the process so that um their nfts that they drop aren’t like tone deaf because that that definitely happens you know like there’s a lot of brands clamoring to get in into the nft space and uh it’s the

Web3 space is pretty sensitive to things that you know kind of uh are are just trying to be nfts or trying to be uh web3 so the more that we can educate and to and work with brands at the same time the better off we’ll be but uh one of the cool things about making the nfv collection that we’re dropping soon is that uh we have a lot of it we’ve gotten a pretty

Amazing experience in uh building nft collections so we’re really open to talking to brands if they want to drop a collection on our platform um come hit us up we’re happy to work with you we’ve got everything you need to put it together so so when i found out i was going to be doing this interview today i went on to i joined your whitelist i signed

Up and it was a really simple process is there anything you want to talk about as far as your whitelist yeah um so you know i’ve been talking about these profiles and and such right so you gotta understand like how to how to get them um and uh so we are we have put together a collection of 10 000 nfts um kind of is as both an ode to the nft space that’s come

Before it um as well as recognizing that with any social network or network of any kind your first hundred your first thousand your first ten thousand users bring far more value and are absolutely essential to the growth of a network than user 10 million and one ten million and two so those users um will be the the future holders of what we’re calling the

Genesis keys um these are fully animated artistic nft keys which you’ll see on our website um and if you own one you will be a founding member of the community and you will also be able to mint two profiles each and this will be the the first 20 000 profiles will be in the hands of the first 10 000 users of the project one for you and one for a friend

Or just both for you as we move on throughout this process we’re going to slowly open up those gates to be able to invite friends in to give them profiles and taking a little bit of the gmail approach there of kind of how they opened it up in their early days um but uh it’s actually uh things are things are coming up pretty quick though um so next week uh

On april 26th at 7 p.m the blind auction is going to start and uh 3 000 genesis keys are going to be up for grabs in an auction um this auction is uh is blind so you won’t be able to see other people’s bids um you just kind of bid what you think a genesis key is worth or what you’re willing to pay for it the nice part is though is that all winners will pay the

3 000 in first bid so they’re all going to pay the exact same price and uh and and so your bid will always what you pay will always be lower or equal to your bid um and that’s going to be the lowest uh mint price that’s available uh because then the public sale will happen a week later and uh the remaining genesis keys will be sold at uh chances are the price

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Will go higher after that it’s very good likelihood the public sale is dick uh price is dictated by the median price of the top 3 000 bids so uh definitely good on that white list definitely you know participate in the blind auction for the best shot at getting a genesis ski alec what is your role and what is what are your duties with the company i do so i do

More than i probably should um but uh i uh i i was brought on initially um to kind of uh just to help out with marketing things uh i kind of live for the early days of companies and startups i like when things are a mess because then i get to come in and help like build out structures and put things together um uh i was again brought in to mainly just kind of

Help the launch but over time what i noticed was there there was a lot of other things that need to be done so i spent about a month or two building the entire genesis key collection with um an amazing amazing 3d art studio out of poland um that was an amazing journey um i’ve been helping on you know the the security and and fraudside which is something that

We have a a really keen eye on because this space uh has some some really glaring issues around copyright infringement um and uh it’s something that we’re uh pretty concerned about right now um i have helped to build out the structure for um you know what the genesis keys are and and an idea and also how they’re going to function um and now i’m leading all

The marketing efforts here and chatting with amazing people like you and just trying to get the word out my last question is if there was one thing you would want potential investors potential nft holders potential nft and crypto enthusiasts to know about today what would it be we are building and crafting your web 3 home base forward slash

U or forward slash whatever you want it to be is uh your marquee home in web3 this is not only it’s fully customizable to be whatever suits your needs if you’re a metaverse real estate salesman you’re going to want to show things off in a different way than someone who’s an art collector or an avatar clothing designer um so we we invite you to come and make a

Home at fantastic thank you so much for your time today i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we love identifying undervalued underappreciated underexposed

Early stage opportunities this falls in that category whitelist literally being launched in days if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching bringing the winners and we bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody and thank

You for joining us today the head of marketing for alec auto thank you for joining us today alec thank you rich appreciate it have a look pleasure my friend congratulations on all your good work so far and we’ll be watching you very closely i’ve got my meta mask i joined the whitelist i’m very excited to be a part of this so i’ll keep you guys updated

On my progress with as well thank you for watching everybody have a great day you

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