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Lead architects give the FT a tour of the rebuilding work and discuss the challenges they face in restoring the Parisian cathedral following April’s devastating fire. Read more at

Apple time the reconstruction team and notre dame exopc dodoz all the media into the wild bunch of the graphic masterpiece or a blank carpet the first reaction of someone like me was to say to himself but why what do we have badly done why it falls on our generation how did we see it go up in smoke a massive is done it has not endorsed curious building structure you first

See part of the damage caused by the fall of the arrow that is to say the piercing of through the vault in the snow we go fortis to corinne clients said the reconstruction with folie harkis tex in between sixty and want dance fifty works partly others all the windows all the stained glass windows that have been deposited and the bays which were very worthy rang to remain

Solid and then on the ground we see that a large part of the rubble in the transept in particular there is the crossing of the transept has already been evacuated bil in the pledge to the right track che snais foot boat the offense except to live and then we also observe that two of the piles have here it was treated that is to say saturated because too close to the fire

Of the arrow which continued for several hours in the cathedral all of the large nets that have been stretched under no circumstances could it retain a vault venture there a span fall again but it allows you to recover all the stones that come unhooked ray and above all to observe the evolution of the vaults and check that it does not move over the weeks we are staying in

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The next few weeks evacuated to sort out the debris linked to the fall of the upper part of the spire in the nave ziza the pieces of the geeks that need to be blood bac 4 you can see it from the days following the fire the evacuation and sorting of the rubble 7 organized it was done meticulously first because this rubble had a very important scientific and archaeological

Value and then then because the judicial police the scientific police as part of the investigation which is in progress needed to be able to observe what the rubble concealed so here you have all the part of the air api sort meticulously and in which you can find both all the elements that made up the vaults that collapsed carried away by the fall of the spire and then

More sculpted elements that made up the ribs of its vaults and in a way it’s wonderful because all these elements were perched 35 meters above the ground and in a certain way thanks to the 110 we have the opportunity to have our nose above it and to appreciate all the detail and all the functionality of the first days inn notre-dame reconstruction jenny from the tree of the

Building but he wears beautiful bike ride in the sky prelate i had been part of the team that scanned notre dame after the fires it wanted tuesdays and saturdays we were all on a war footing to go and scan the inside of our lady we did what we call a commando operation we were about ten honest people and ten people from the holy vc society chapel sucks master piece of the

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Gods heroes locate gestures too strong our lady benjamin eze binta strauss kahn is spanish english does several lanes marx and cross-country we do this work with these devices which are lasers but laser scanner that we use now for about ten years including all the historical monuments of france this method create inaccurate copy of a building in the event of distraction in

Fault we have a number of 3d measurements of around 1 million points per second and in fact we have the beam laser which is associated with a rotating mirror which makes it possible to carry out measurements on 240 degrees by 360 degrees the cathedrals all the cathedrals in france notre dame de paris therefore are t an icon they have been places of technological innovation

At all times know innovation continued to day we are raising the cathedral in three dimensions here is the result of the role of the betting survey and there we see all the debris if and if i play again you will see the future i want to see each each element here that fell on the jump here we have a golden vision there all images always sir collomb a color automaton it

Quickly allows us here to have others information here here if i add the color right away i see the difference between my boutin or all my little boutin who have fallen we will be able to see them there we have a bow we can see very well here a bow a piece of art which will appear they can provide the foundations rebuild of notre dame these documents after we make them


Like slices that allow us to make the fairly classic drawings pay the 200 in two dimensions and make models in three dimensions so that allows us it is particularly important here, that is to say that the whole scanner is good that we can make small slices everywhere and see such a point such a line of the arch has it moved this morning and used by everything in french

And modeling and coming out by then contracting and begin 1 is the balanced between speaks a lot with its arch thrusts of notre dame de paris is extremely precise the arches for example measure between 15 and 30 centimeters c is very fine in a gothic building which is broadly made up of two walls which flank a nave which are called taste walls too and which are pushed from

The outside by button arches if vaults inside do not retain the forces the building is in danger of collapsing 04 action project is expected to take is list january the question go on what are we talking about what will be the project what will we keep as after this disaster we trace wanted to do the project right away is unfortunately we who are aware of it it takes time

We have to take it up we have no choice the planetary emotion that took place on april 15 told us how much it was a common good that belonged to all dastic washington

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Notre-Dame: an exclusive first look at restoration works | FT By Financial Times

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