Nvidia Stock Explodes

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Holy smokers guys nvidia just hit its 52-week high but not only is 52-week high it just hit the highest price it has ever been in the stock’s history are you flipping my flapjacks this stock is over two hundred and sixteen dollars per share today it hit over two hundred and eighteen dollars per share at one point guys we get to discuss all this we got to look into

Why exactly this is happening is this stock slowing down anytime soon or is this trajectories just gonna keep going we know this is one of the most bee stocks out there guys by the way i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and let’s go ahead and look at this guy so first off they reported numbers here they reported them actually on thursday after the

Market closed here okay so eps came in at dollar 33 that was versus 94 cents was expected a monstrous beat there on the eps side okay revenue came in a two point six four billion dollars that was versus two point three six billion dollars was expected so a very nice beat their revenue came in at thirty two percent higher than a year ago quarter and ernie’s jumped

41 percent year-over-year huge huge numbers there guys and you know i love it when the eps is actually rising at a faster rate than revenue so very impressive there the company reported 501 million dollars in data center revenue which includes sales of gpus to a cloud providers like amazon web services we know that business is growing for him as our holy smokes

Beating analysts estimates of 461 million dollars in marking a 20 percent increase from last quarter this is quote from the ceo we’ve been steadfast with the excitement of accelerated computing for data centers and i think this is just the beginning of it all that’s a huge statement he says it is just the beginning of it all guys unbelievable there so if we look

Here okay this is some more good news around nvidia nvidia launched the voltage chips in may as part of its tesla v 100 data center graphic processing unit gpu that will power systems from artificial intelligence to driverless cars okay so with some huge growing sectors there volta launched what we suspect was a major catalyst for intel to go back to the drawing

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Board with its ai chip nirvana the tactical needed to use the amd gpu and higher raja whatever his name is to head intel’s new graphics efforts said this analyst here okay we know that earlier in the week amd and intel are now partnering something you may have never thought would happen right intel and amd partnering something they’re partnering because they need

To because nvidia so far out there that in order for intel and amd to come together they really need to so then they can come out with something as competitive as in video launched here in videos basically with their chips they’ve basically made it so amd and intel kind of have to get together if they don’t they’re just going to be the two we core parts they’re in

That whole story there so the company claims that volta wil will feel breakthroughs in every industry in humanities moonshots like eradicating cancer or he flew up in my flapjacks in intelligent customer experiences and self-driving vehicles at least 14 analysts raised their price targets on the stock suntrust roberts robinson analysts were the most bullish with

A price target of $253 that’s not that far from where we’re at now nomura raised its price target from $190 to $190 from 110 holy smokes they were way out of it out of 37 brokerages covering the stock has a lot of companies covering the stock 20 have a buy rating 14 have a hold and only three have a sell or lower okay guys so great numbers out of nvidia here

Unbelievable numbers in the the eps is going up at even a faster rate than net income so this is all really phenomenal news now will this slow anytime soon in those kinds of things why am i not invested in the stock things like that guys well if we look here over the last three years the stock is up nearly 1,000 yes you heard me right 1,000 percent almost 1,000

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Percent in the past three years this stock is up here guys now when i look at a company okay i’m not so much looking at it from a perspective of is it that its 52-week high oh i don’t want to touch that or maybe i do want to touch that it’s that 52-week low i don’t care about any of that because when i go into a stock i don’t care about the past i don’t care if

You’re at your 52-week high or at your 52-week low i don’t care about any of that i care about the business fundamentals i care about where those p/e ratios are at relative to how your growth is going and those kinds of things how much do i see your business growing i care about the base fundamentals not where your stock has been in the short term or the long term

Over the last three years i don’t care about any of that so if we look here in video they have a trailing p/e of around 62 they have a forward p of a little under 54 here okay so for me when i look at this stock one it’s a little out of my circle of confidence what do i mean by circle of competence obviously i understand what their business is i understand what

Their business does right my main issue with nvidia is when i talk about circle of competence sometimes that means you can’t really see how much growth it has a head of it so i don’t know i can’t really realistically say that this company is more unlikely going to double revenues or triple revenues over the next three to five years which is really what they need

To do to get that pe to a normal size level right that’s what they really need to do to get that pe down right they really need a double net income or triple net income over the next three to five years i don’t know if they’re going to do that they mean the way the business is growing if it keeps growing like that they can obviously do that but i don’t know because

It’s a little out of my circle of competence so i don’t you know there’s certain industries that i can say you know if wind resorts is gonna open up a new property in such-and-such city right or in another country or something like i have a pretty good estimate on what type of revenue that would bring the company what type of net income that would bring to the

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Company right in something like this with in video with their chips like i don’t i just don’t know i don’t know you know i can’t see you know will the company be able to double in the net income and things like that so for that reason you know nvidia is not stuck a stock i can touch it’s one i love tracking and it’s great to see everybody that is invested in this

Company making lots of money i’m very happy for you guys if you are an individual who’s in the stock great for you if there’s any nvidia shareholders watching this video let me know you know like where you’ve seen that income going over the next three to five years is this a company that’s gonna easily double triple up net income if so why i want more specifics on

Like numbers like oh i can see them moving this many chips they get this type of revenue like give me the actual breakdowns here i don’t want just like generic answers like artificial intelligence is gonna be huge driver this cars get like no no like everybody knows that right like that’s not rocket science to me i want to i want the actual breakdowns and numbers

If you really have an insight on the stock because i would love to i would love to hear from you guys so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this if you’re new the stock market clicked that second link in the description that goes into my 11-part stock market investing mastery course if you’re an experienced investor click that very first link join my membership group

There that has a 12-part options course in it that teach you everything to do with options also i post in their all time stocks i’m buying any moves i’m making in the market stocks i’m selling all that good stuff thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Nvidia Stock Explodes By Financial Education

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