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Santa Cruz Seabright beach seems to be building up more and more twigs in the bond fire area. This really bothers me so I decided to take matters in my own hands and shift through the sand to get the little twigs out. I think perhaps they were washed up from the ocean? It’s really strange how there is so many there. In any case, you can bring a strainer and shift some sand to get A LOT of firewood material in pretty short time. I’m sure if everyone that goes does this, the beach will be immaculate!

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush today i’m a see bright beach in santa cruz and i’m here for one everything one of the bonfire things over there and i’m not sure what made it happen so that there’s so many cool little pieces of wood so about a year ago i came to a bonfire over here and when i sat down you’re like all these little bits and pieces are

On my foot and i just couldn’t help it but take them all out so i have this idea of getting a strainer and try to pick as much out as possible myself and you can imagine all these little pieces of wood or actual pieces of wood so you can actually put it inside one of those campfires over there and i mean i imagine it would just light up like matches check this

Out i have my strainer over here and i’m just gonna put some some of this stuff in and i guess if i strain it so why am i doing this well really i just want to let’s just i just gotta get it out of me because i just want to give it a try and see how much of it i can cover maybe i’m gonna do it for an hour too and see if i get bored of it or what not i get a great

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Satisfaction out of you know if i didn’t pull all these out i don’t know it’s just kind of fun for me so you guys watch while i do a time lapse and you

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OCD Beach Cleanup at SeaBright Santa Cruz | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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