Ok, Who Gave me 5,000

Someone gave me $15,000. Oh EM GEE. What kind of world do we live in. Am I just that lucky? Who gave it to me? Why did they give it? What do they want? All these questions answered in this video.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i just received a check in the mail for $15,000 from my mentor paul when i first opened this i was just i was like no what are you giving this to me i don’t actually need it so you must be like what that’s that’s great or you might be like oh my gosh i cannot believe you just kind of got so much money even though

You know you’re pretty successful alright you are financially independent you probably don’t even need this amount of money yes it’s true i don’t really need it to survive and i don’t even know what i’m gonna do with it so there’s gonna be a lot of questions from you guys who is he what when where why all these other questions why did he give it to me all these

Things will be answered in this video before i begin hit that like button on this video it really helps me out and if you’re interested to subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell it also helps me out a lot so one of the things that you’re asking is beat the bush you have a mentor who the heck is he is he like you know a youtuber because i am one right

No his name is paul he is a retired electrical engineer right now he lives in florida and last time i visited florida i went to disney world with my other friends i just decided to visit him because i was there the thing is i would have to say over these many many years it’s not like i just said oh you know will you be my mentor anything it just sort of happened

And then over these many many years because he used to be an electrical engineer he still is writes a lot of articles these days he has sort of mentored me whenever i have i don’t know career issues and stuff and he even found me at least three jobs i think i’m miss counting here i really have to sit down and go okay did he was he involved in it but he found me

At least three jobs so he is like sort of this mentor person that hangs around and just helps me out greatly like i guess i wouldn’t be here today if you know he didn’t help me out with all these different jobs i just keep on getting really really lucky and the fact that he is around in my life yeah i feel lucky myself or so another thing you might be asking is

How how did you get a mentor like that is not someone i just kind of you know search out somewhere and pick you know you have all these financial gurus and they’re like you know you should find a lot of mentors like five or six of them or a lot of them as many as you can so that you can learn from all of them that’s not the way i operated i just kind of existed i

Did the best i could and somehow god i don’t know who someone somehow i got lucky and i don’t know i got a mentor the way i can trace back on what happened i think i can just start talking about when i was in high school when i started to participate in this contest called first robotics or something i was in that robotics thing and back in high school i was very

Into electronics i even took an electronics class even though it was very easy people tend to go and take that class for an easy a but then i went in like with a fury and i completed all their little experiment thing within like a month or something and then i went on to like their second book i finished that and then they just didn’t have enough material for me i

Just like to take their assignments and i miniaturized them somehow you know it used to be like a big project box like this it might be like some sort of buzzer thing or it might be like a counter or something and i would just kind of miniaturize it this was a course in high school and then during the course of having this high school thing they have this robotics

Contest and i’m like oh gungho you know i really like this stuff so then i ended up being the project lead of this thing and then there was this volunteer who came from lam research his name was bob and then he i guess he saw me presenting in front of everyone and then after those robotics thing he offered me a job and this is how i got a job working to help him

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Fix up his personal airplane this is a two passenger airplane is called an rv for basically you have two five kait aluminum parts based on the blueprints and then you know do a lot of riveting and stuff drill holes and things like that so eventually this guy bob he had a lot of contracting work right during this consulting work he had another friend which is paul

Which became my mentor but at the time you know when i did this collaboration all i did was just basically a spreadsheet monkey right like they had all these reliability analysis calculations they needed to do so then i’m the spreadsheet monkey so then i go into all the spreadsheets and then i modify and you know make them all look really pretty just so that they

Can take this and turn it into the company that they contracted for so this is how i got to meet paul and eventually he hired me to do something else sometimes when he worked at other firms you know he would rope me in and then go hey oh this is another one he got me an internship at a semiconductor company so you know this is four jobs already right there so he’s

Been i don’t know just helping me out all throughout my life everything and then now he sends me this thing i mean this is just endless i i’m just so blessed right some of you have said in the comments i am so blessed i am i am so blessed so gonna get emotional again next question you may have is how do i go and find a mentor that will eventually give me fifteen

Thousand dollars how do i find a mentor that will eventually find me all these jobs how do i find a mentor that will just help me out in numerous ways life ways career ways all kinds of different ways i the thing is i don’t know all i did was i guess try to pursue my passion i guess that was electronics this is how i got to know him and i i can only infer why he

Picked me out of you know all these other people that he met for me to be his mentee maybe hi work hard i don’t know i can only guess maybe i need to ask him of this i need to send him in an email and ask him about this oh i i actually don’t know how this happened yeah so i i don’t know if you’re trying to look for a mentor that will eventually do all this stuff

For you and eventually give you $15,000 i think this is probably the wrong way to do it you don’t do this i never expected this i don’t think you can actually go all let me find someone to give me $15,000 you can’t you can’t do this because i think if you if you have the mindset of trying to trying to like get someone to give you money then it’s just not gonna work

So why did my mentor give me 15 thousand dollars he gave it to me around i’m around my birthday some of you have guests that i am a virgo just based on how picky i am in fact last time i went to a dinner with a friend i was like oh my gosh the table is kind of sticky so then i put like a piece of napkin on then i put my elbow on there so it’s like you’re a virgo

Aren’t you yeah yeah i’m a virgo like super picky about certain things and then not picky about a few things i guess so then the thing he likes to emphasize when i talked about hey you know can i make a video about this money that you gave me he okayed it and then he basically reiterated that oh i’m giving you $15,000 because that is the maximum that you can give

Based on irs tax rules $15,000 is for 2019 the maximum that you can give without incurring taxes so $15,000 is a lot of money so you don’t you don’t go around saying okay i’m gonna max that out and then give it to someone because oh my gosh i mean this is this is like a car a small car i can’t buy a quite a tesla yet though right because it’s i think it’s like

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Thirty thousand dollars or something i can buy half a tesla this is half a tesla right here but i’m not gonna go buy one because i already have a car and in fact if this car goes dead i probably won’t buy another one i’m thinking about just you know wherever i need to go i can pay up to like $100 every month and i’ll still come out ahead so maybe i don’t need a

Car i’m gonna used my electric scooter that’s just sitting over there so the other question you might have is what does he want me to do with it there’s no criteria basically and he just said this is a gift it truly is a gift you can do whatever you want with it but he did say in this letter a true gift spend it on drugs alcohol a fork a workstation a big vacation

Or live for a year on it you might pull it off with your frugal ways now i do think i could spend it in ways where it would very be very disappointing but it just isn’t in me to kind of kind of waste it like i can’t you know i cannot like unless i force myself and even if i force myself it’s gonna be hard so i had this whole idea of why don’t i spend $5,000 okay

Over and beyond what i normally spend i normally spend close to i think 13 does $1,500 every single month so if i suddenly inflate my lifestyle to five thousand dollars more than this okay i’m gonna try to spend five thousand dollars within a month this is i feel this is a great experiment because it’s gonna be incredibly hard for me i’m like i’ve thought about

This idea for many many months and i’m like what the heck am i gonna spend it on i already buy what i want i already go you know eat what i want if i go and splurge like crazy on restaurants and stuff i’m essentially gonna compromise my health because i think the food is not very good i can just blow it off on certain things but i feel like i feel really terrible

Because you know it’s just wasting money because i can take this and use it in very useful ways and this is where i want to go with it if i spend five thousand dollars in a month i want to make it constructive let me give you an example of what i spent this money on already the lens that you guys are seeing me through is the brand new lens it cost me about $700

And i’m gonna say you know i bought this lens with this fifteen thousand dollars this is the old lens i used to use and i carried it around everywhere so that’s why i have the old lens here and the new on the camera i plan to buy this espresso machine it’s about $700 it’s very expensive make your own expresso at home it’s one of these very durable ones that you

Know italian places would actually use i think it’s actually made in italy i don’t want to buy those cheap e ones $300 ones where they have all these plastic tubes in it and basically it’ll only last a few years so i want to buy a thing that will last a really long time now this is not just for my own coffee addiction or anything because i drink both coffee and

Tea i also want to possibly i don’t know if i can do this yet but make some sort of robotic arm so that i can do some sort of controlling you know just kind of messing around with it with electronics so don’t quote me on this i’m not sure if i can even get it done it’s just kind of like a little hobby of mine that i do outside of youtube the other thing i just kind

Of thought about is maybe i should go indoor skydive i’ve went regular skydiving before but i’m kind of curious about indoor skydiving just kind of do the trial run and see what it’s like maybe i’ll like it it’s just something new to try something that’s new you right we’ve never had this they need these very powerful wind tunnels to push it and then you’re inside

Some sort of container and you can ply with in place you don’t actually have to drop from the sky which is in a way a lot safer i thought about using my $1,300 new york trip and just kind of subtracting off of this but then you know just thinking about it i just didn’t feel right about taking that off it was just an easy way out because i planned the trip before


Getting this gift so i don’t think i’m gonna take $1,300 off of this 15,000 i feel like right off top i should just invest eight to ten thousand dollars of it maybe just stick it in a savings account maybe i don’t know i’ll buy some stocks or something this is an easy way out for me and i think realistically this is where it’s gonna go the rest of it okay this is

Around five thousand dollars or so i want to do something with it okay i’m not sure what it is yet but maybe i want to invest it in these videos invest it in this canto so that essentially you guys will eventually see it somehow in the form of this video maybe it would be like better something green screen i don’t i don’t know those are pretty cheap but you know

Something were i’m kind of using it to invest or maybe you know buy on something just spend it in a intelligent way and not just burning and you know me me being so frugal this is kind of like torture right it might be funny to watch me trying to spend so much money on purpose within a month i’m just like wracking my brain every single day thinking on how i can

Actually accomplish this so there it is based on my personality if you guys been watching my videos you guys know i am not biessing you guys this is this is really true i got this i’m not this is a real letter i didn’t just like put a little piece of paper together and then go oh look look at this this is like i got $15,000 i got like a million dollars because i

Know for a fact sometimes when you watch a lot of videos people like to make up stuff kind of like blow things out of proportion just to get more views and gosh it’s hard to verify this information right can you believe this or not can you believe me can you believe that i i you know someone gave me $15,000 or did i just make this up and then you know to get more

Views than then people are gonna watch my videos i’m gonna get more money right and i don’t think there’s a way for most people most subscribers to verify their youtubers because you know you just have to take whatever people said on camera you know just as truth but we do know that there’s a lot of line going on you know you look at instagram there’s people that

Photoshop store pictures this does not limit to what people say right people can say whatever they want they can like just draw up some numbers on some bank account and then go hey this is what i have but then internally are they really you know who they are you know how much their net worth is this is just the world that we live in you have to take everything with

A grain of salt include myself although i claim to be telling the truth you know i hope you guys believe me based on me having subscriber gatherings and a lot of people they just show up to my gatherings you know and they’re like hey you know what you appear exactly the way that you are on camera this is this is the way i am this is you know i’m telling that you

The truth how i obtain these things you know i am an engineer i’m an electrical engineer so yeah anyway don’t forget to give me a like on this video if you haven’t already comment down below let me know what you would do with a fifteen thousand dollar gift like this i know this is a lot of money some people you know they’re not in the same financial situation as

I am and that would mean that much more in my position it doesn’t really change my life a lot but i do appreciate the gift and i i don’t know i don’t know what i did to deserve this but i am lucky and blessed push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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