okay ttcf shorts u wanna play. we can play

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Oh man they couldn’t do it they just couldn’t do it the short sellers they just couldn’t take this this victory they might have tomorrow and be humble about it and no they had to just say how much of an idiot i am over and over in the memes and everything and how everybody that buys tattoos chef stock such an idiot okay hasn’t gotten to as bad of levels as i had

To go through with tesla stock back in 2019 but man it’s getting pretty darn close i’m just seeing it everywhere oh it’s just such a garbage stock frozen food trash it’s a scam stock oh my goodness they couldn’t do it i was really gonna just let them have this victory and now i’m not and i’m going to show you exactly what i’m about to do with this stock and the

Short sellers can’t do a dang thing about it either and they’re just going to find themselves into quite a situation let’s just put it that way they want to play dirty they want to play like this we can play like this okay they want to just continue to rub it in and smear it in we can play that game it doesn’t matter to me i’ve been around the block for a long

Time in this game like we can play that way like i said the tesla shorts that was even a different bunch that was the next level up this is like this is b grade i’m dealing with here tesla that was like a grade shorts this is b grade shorts so we’ve been through this uh little roll play before okay let’s get the facts around those earnings that just came out from

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The chef okay uh factually revenue growth for the company of 46 year-over-year revenue growth of 62 year-over-year for their branded products which is what everybody cares about that’s actually in the stock the actual branded tattoo chef products 62 percent year-over-year they missed revenue by four million dollars they’re getting into more stores and more skus

Coming in the fall time and they’re getting new production lines up and rolling as we speak those are the facts around this for the shorts and by the way i appreciate everybody for joining me as always in the short sellers you guys as well don’t forget to smash that like button i appreciate you guys as well okay thanks for being here all right now stock went down

Seven point six eight percent and like i said the shorts are celebrating they’re calling me an idiot everybody that owns this stalking idiot blah blah blah okay all right we can play like that so first thing in the morning tomorrow buying 25 000 worth of shares it doesn’t matter what the price is i don’t care it can be 17 18 19 20. it doesn’t matter it could be

22. i don’t care i’ll put an open order for 1200 shares at the open that should be about 25 000 move there you know like i said it literally doesn’t matter whatever the price of stock opens at tomorrow buying it here’s the deal if the stock goes down in any meaningful way at all after that open wherever those shares get bought out i will buy another 25 000 if

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After that the stock goes down in any meaningful way i’ll buy another twenty five thousand dollars and if for any reason which i highly doubt it goes down in any meaningful way after that i will buy another twenty five thousand dollars that’s all just tomorrow alone and that’s not it later on this week if the stock continues to go down i will gladly be a buyer of

This stock i have over a million dollars ready to roll that has tattooed chef’s name all over it if this stock sees any meaningful weakness after tomorrow as well and so short sellers i was going to give you this victory before the wall street money starts coming in this stock uh but y’all just don’t know how to be humble for just like two seconds man you know

You get one victory where the stock goes down seven percent and the next thing you know you’re putting a million memes out there we’ll see that’s all i’ll say about that just another number

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okay ttcf shorts u wanna play. we can play By Financial Education

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