OMG AMAZON BUYS WHOLE FOODS! | Short Grocery Stocks?!

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Holy smokers guys amazon has just bought out whole foods this move came out of nowhere no one expected this move out of nowhere guys this is absolutely insane and we got to talk about is this like doomsday for every single grocery related retailer out there guys their stocks got hammered today we got to look at all this this is crazy guys so amazon to acquire whole

Foods for 13.7 billion deal allows outspoken whole foods co-founder to remain ceo as i would have expected activist investor jana partners has pushed the grocer of the whole foods there that’s one of their investments to seek a deal for a while now we look here in in retail got absolutely nailed that have anything to do with food right costco down over seven percent

$12 a share today costco is down obviously costco sells a lot of different food items and especially in bulk super value which owns a bunch of different grocery store brands i was down over 14% today kroger was down 9% also that one was down about 17% at one point walmart was down over 4% today these stocks just get absolutely nailed amazon was up over 2% today on

This move on investors obviously like this move whole foods went up over 29% so congratulations to if any whole foods shareholders are out there that are watching this congratulations to you guys on your big payout there so holy smokes has what does this mean for every single grocery related retailer out there it means death but not that tomorrow let’s be very clear

About this just because amazon has bought whole foods out now this doesn’t mean all of a sudden amazon’s going to dominate the grocery market tomorrow okay i’m sure my wife is still going to go to kroger tomorrow i’m sure she’s probably gonna go there next week next month probably next year the question is 3-5 years ago where she’s shopping that is the question

Guys and what you have here is a situation where amazon allows whole foods now to charge ridiculously low prices if they want they can literally start a food war a food fight work maybe it’s guess what whole foods already has it has the best brand name in the business the best brand name no one’s above whole foods as far as brand name what is expected as brand

Quality from their stores the beauty of their stores that are like freakin masterpieces anybody that comes from a retail industry can appreciate whole foods stores by lighting everything to set up it is beautiful it outclasses any retailer out there by far and it’s not even close guys as far as in the grocery store space so what you have is you have a huge brand

Name you have quality product right and now you have amazon come in and say you know what we don’t care if you either make the profit whole foods for the next 10 years we don’t care if you make any profit because we’re amazon we got the profits pouring in now and we want to win the grocery store game we want to win the grocery game that’s that’s tens of billions

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Of dollars are spent on groceries food and drink every year right amazon wants to win that game they don’t care if they make a profit guys instead of selling cucumbers for two bucks if they got to sell them for 97 cents they’re going to do it they will do the move necessary so they can win over every single customer out there just as they’ve done in retail they

Will take the hit they will take the profit loss they don’t care because what they were is they want to monopoly in every single industry out there guys they wanted everything this is why i have been saving this channel for over a year now i cannot own any any retailer out there i can’t only any retailer out there guys because the issue i have with every single

Retailer out there it’s just a matter of time before amazon comes after you it’s just a matter of time and and i’m a long-term investor right i’m thinking years out i can’t get into any retailer because just think what if i invested in a grocery retailer i would obviously got hit in the short-term right you know that’s not fun to get hurt in the short-term but i

Don’t give a about short-term movements i care about the long-term i care about when i sell that stock three years from now four years for about five years from now what other share is going to be out there every retailer out there is in a long-term loss in the end because amazon’s coming you in they’re gonna beat you you’re not gonna you might be able to win

A couple wars here and there against amazon you’re not going to win the battle and i hate to break the news to every single retailer out there you will not win because retail at the end of the day what matters more than anything price price price guys price if i had this book here and i was selling it for $10 and amazon but i was also selling it for at walmart

For 20 bucks and i was also selling at target for 30 bucks where would everybody buy it they would buy my book on amazon without question because who the hell wants to spend $10 more shopping at walmart or $20 more at target guys the price matters in the end it matters more than anything amazon is able to come in there and get pete and so if you own any type of

Retailer how can you sleep at night knowing amazon’s lurking imagine if amazon came out tomorrow nudging you own the safe two of the most two retailers that are like fighting off amazon really well right now right or are seen as you know amazon’s not really too much of a threat to them are what those home-improvement retailers talk about home people i’m talking

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About loubs if tomorrow well tomorrow’s saturday if monday morning amazon came out and they said we’re going to start taking home-improvement super serious we’re having a whole big home improvement section we’re redoing it all on our website we’re going to offer the lowest price as possible do you know what would happen at home depot and lowe’s stock the next day

They would get absolutely nailed short term and you know what would happen to them over the long term they would lose market share in market share because people would also also start seeing then that drill is cheaper on amazon rather than we go to home depot go to lowe’s i can just buy it on here it happens time and time again guys so that’s why i cannot bless

Any retailer out there because of this exact situation we had happen here where you know in hope in the whole foods amazon thing it doesn’t definitely make sense amazon wants to push into groceries big time they’re going to be able to do it now they can also put those amazon lockers into the whole food stores that they want which is really good actually in like

Urban areas where maybe a lot of packages get stolen and stuff so that’s big time around christmas time i know my old company kwik trip actually had one of those amazon lockers they were on the side of the stores i believe it was in the kansas city market so a brilliant move there guys so this is big time let me know in the comment section what you guys think like

Do any of these these food retailers have a chance i’m telling you over the long term they curiously don’t they really don’t know the long-term but the death is not happening tomorrow ok the death is not happening a year from now it’s going to happen three years from now five years from now seven years from now that’s when those numbers will start getting nailed

For all those retailers just like it happened with walmart and target and pretty much every retailer out there is on the ropes now at this point guys every ball retailer everybody also now their numbers are getting hit even though we knew that was coming for a while now this is just something we know it’s coming so all anyways do you guys follow me on snapchat

If you did you saw i actually bought some shares in the stock today let’s talk was it i thought some sheriffing go grow that stock is trading a ridiculous value right now i bought my shares for 777 because you know that’s just my lucky number but i bought one hundred and twenty eight shares thousand dollars worth i don’t ever do live trading or anything on this

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Wall i’m not a traitor i’m a long-term investor so it’s kind of lame to per medium to show that but i did show it on snapchat just for the fun of it so i might start doing that more on snapchat might start actually showing like when i buy shares you know every once in a while hey i’m buying you know such and such shares i’m actually showing you guys and stuff like

That so follow me on snapchat if you actually want to see that stuff but once again i’m not a short-term trader so by the way a lot of people not a lot of people like five ten fifteen people talking a lot of today to me and that just amazes me though jeremy gopro shares are approaching 52 week low you suck blah blah blah it makes me people talk it just it’s

Like mind-blowing to me you never see me talk any as far as that goes like i’m up over a hundred percent on wynn resorts and you will see me popping champagne bottles do you or staying on the greatest god investor ever no because guess what i’m a long-term investor and and i know i can lose those games just like again gopro i’m down huge but guess what i know

I can come back he monstrously on that position and sell out two or three years from now and make an insane profit and and so it amazes me people like to talk but that’s the world we live so anyway hope you guys enjoy this book is linked in the description if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe with our personal finance in the channel we

Talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day by the way guys one other thing i want to mention on sunday june 18th so a few days from now i have a very special video coming out it’s about my wife it’s about god it’s about my

Life goals like a really in-depth video that i stuff that i never talked about on this channel it’s really deep and whatnot so if you want to check that out you can i just wanna let you guys know it’s coming out sunday some of you might not get the notification for it because it’s not like a stock market or business related video so i don’t know if if youtube will

Really send it out there which is why i’m trying to promote the video so at least you guys are aware that’s coming out so hope you enjoy that bye you

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