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Well holy smokers folks this ain’t no dang joker’s voyager digital’s ticker symbol v y g v f has gone absolutely parabolic and yes parabolic is the right term to use in regards to this stock is over 32 here today alone and that’s after being up massively yesterday as well this stock has climbed almost or somewhere around roughly 50 percent in two trading days

I’m not flipping your flapjacks avoid your digital flipping your flapjacks this is insane guys i want to go through everything that has just transpired in regards to stock this stock was a beaten down dog and it has so much good big news coming behind it right now i like there’s there’s a lot let’s just put it that way i hope you guys enjoyed this video as always

I’ll ask you returns that you smash that button and you know what to do okay now voyager digital this is a stock that i’m down twenty three thousand dollars on and i gotta be saying i am thankful to be down only 23 000 because literally 48 hours ago i was down probably 90 000 plus dollars on this stock okay and so that is a massive recovery in a short amount of

Time and me when it comes to stocks i am a a ride-or-die i’m the definition of a rider time when it comes to stocks right i’m there for the great times and i’m there for the bad times as long as i believe in the underlying fundamentals of the company i will go through vicious dips usually a vicious dip for me is 10 to 20 percent voyager digital was like 40 plus i

Started buying the stock when it was around 20 and i’ve averaged down as the stock went down and down and down i think my lowest shares i got right around nine dollars okay so i have been through this stock with the tough times and believe me i’m ready for the good old days okay the good days will come to voyager digital and this is just the start of the good days

In my personal opinion in regards to stock and i own 15 000 shares of this stock i believe this stock’s a great deal for long-term investors at a dollar price okay never mind when it was trading at nine very recently like uh yeah it’s a flip and flap jack and one okay and like i said i’m i’m here for the the you know the thick and the thin of these stocks i’m here

I’m a ride or die when it comes to stocks tesla i held that stock for a year a year and it did nothing i had to get so many hate comments so many people call me an idiot you know what i mean like like i’m i’m there for it because in my opinion the stocks i’m investing are going to get me hundreds of percent of gains in the future years or a thousand percent plus

So for me to go down 10 20 30 or heck even in voyager digital situation 40 plus i’m not scared i will be here i’ll average down i’ll make the position bigger and i’ll take the hate in the short term and long term i think i’ll prosper in stocks right i am the definition of a ride or die when it comes to stocks okay now in regards to the stock price remember this

This company is trading at less than a two billion mark cap which is nothing compared to what the stock should be trading at and this is nothing when you compare them to other crypto exchanges out there remember kraken which i think is far less relevant in the future than somebody like a voyager digital that’s trading at you know as far as they’re supposed to go

Ipo they’re supposed to go ipo somewhere between 10 and 20 billion dollars coinbase okay and voyager digital is coming for coinbase over the coming years coinbase trades at 80 plus billion dollar market cap also remember this this stock is still down over 50 from its 52 week high remember this stock hit 30 dollars plus 52 week high now there’s a lot of rumors on

Why the stock was falling for such a long period of time some people say well there wasn’t much excitement about the stock like the fundamentals of the company were good but it wasn’t like any excitement and when it comes to something in relation to crypto there’s got to be something exciting going on that’s one factor but also a lot of people were saying there

Could be a lot of folks exercising warrants that were picking up uh shares for super cheap and dumping those on the market and it was creating a bunch of selling pressure whatever happens short term is whatever happens short term all i know is this the stock price got pushed down disgusting levels that made no sense and now it is starting to recover but the key

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Word is starting if you think the stock is high i’m just telling you uh you might be a little misguided there needless to say okay now what is going on here well this happened during the trading day yesterday and this is also in what the first thing that happened that voyager stock price just started going beast mode yesterday and i think it finished up something

Like 16 came out in the middle of the trading day voyager digital becomes the official cryptocurrency brokerage partner of the dallas mavericks okay that’s an nba team for those that don’t know anything about sports now this is a much bigger deal than meets the eye okay and i i you know i spoke to somebody last night and i told them hey you know uh voyage digital

They just became the partner of the dallas mavericks and this individual told me the first thing they talked about the owner they said oh that’s huge because blah blah blah owns that uh you know team and i was like wow this person doesn’t even know that much about uh sports and but they know that you know there’s a certain individual that’s a game changer that

Owns that team and that getting in with that individual is a huge deal so who does own the dallas mavericks well it’s a gentleman named mark cuban mr shark tank himself yes mark cuban the 247th richest person in the world about a four and a half billion dollar uh net worth on that gentleman okay now mark cuban is somebody that has gotten uh let’s say uh much

More into the crypto space and if you see a lot of what cubans put now now it’s in relation to krypto he talks about kryptos a lot he’ll go on cnbc and talk about crypto he’ll go on different podcasts and episodes and talk about bitcoin and cryptos in general and so this is a man that’s getting very very very serious about cryptocurrencies okay and so needless

To say he’s becoming somebody that’s kind of almost like a spokesperson an unofficial spokesperson for crypto in general all right and look at this okay fans who download the app talking about voyager digital create an account with promo code mavs 100 deposit a hundred dollars and make one trade will receive a hundred dollars in free bitcoin in the next 48 hours

Guys so look at this this is off of mark cuban’s uh you know twitter account that has 8.5 million followers yeah that you know you know how many people are probably downloading the voyager digital app right now and uh you know creating accounts in in our planning on being in voyager for a while because here’s the thing guys you deposit a hundred dollars you make

One trade and you receive a hundred dollars in bitcoin uh like like literally that’s like a no-brainer like a no-brainer at all okay and the way i look at this is voyager is about to have a massive amount more accounts open right some people might stick around voyager some people might not that is what it is right but neither say you’re gonna you’re gonna have a

Ton of new people come over and if you can just keep half of those people long term or 70 or 90 percent uh that’s probably a huge huge whip okay but at the end of the day that is so massive okay so then you have this alameda research pumps 75 million dollars of funding into voyager digital the two will work together to tap opportunities in non-fungible tokens and

Crypto derivatives oh okay cryptocurrency broker voyager digital has received 75 million dollar investment from trading firm almeida research the investment will be used for growth voyager digital said on thursday obviously shares soared uh well at this time it was 17 now it’s 30 plus percent right voyager digital and almeda plan to tap into opportunities in

Non-fungible tokens nfts and crypto derivatives as well as work together with lawmakers on shaping regulation which remember i talked about this recently voyager digital of the crypto exchanges brokerages whatever you want to call them voyager digital is set up at the best of all them they’ve been a public company for quite a while now they have somebody leading

This company who used to be the vice president for e-trade right so they know about a regulated industry which if crypto is absolutely going to move to becoming a regulated industry over the coming years in voyager digital the way they’re setting up this company is so ready for uh regulation they’re more ready for regulation in my personal opinion than anybody else

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That they’re competing with through our strategic partnership we believe there are endless mutual beneficial opportunities to grow both our businesses said the co-ceo of almeda almeda research was launched by crypto billionaire sam bankman which what a name to be a billionaire bankman are you kidding me okay who announced october 12th he was taking a step back to

Make more room for co-ceos ellison and sam currently almeda trades over five billion dollars a day across thousands of products including cryptocurrencies all coins and their derivatives okay yeah this is a huge huge deal guys i need to say when you have somebody that’s doing five billion dollars a day in trade and they’re giving you the vote of confidence to

Invest 75 million dollars into you and work with you on all these future projects this definitely shows there’s some real big big money that is big believers of voyager digital okay i’m talking big big money when you’re doing deals with mark cuban and the dallas mavericks when you’re doing deals with uh you know a firm like this that’s doing five billion dollars a

Day in trades yeah big money is starting to come behind you in a massive way and here’s the thing this is just a start right like if these guys are starting to do deals with them imagine how many are coming down the pipe over the coming months and coming years okay now dallas mavericks announced five-year partnership with cryptocurrency brokerage voyager digital

This is important five-year partnership so it’s not like cubans interested in this deal in terms of just being some short-term thing and that’s cuban and that’s uh steve there so steve’s the ceo of voyager digital that’s basically a joint press conference they had there so this is bringing a ton of publicity and uh basically just attention to voyager digital and

This is so so massive because the in my opinion the number one thing voyager digital has to do is get more attention and publicity because the fact is they have some competitive advantages going on that if you’re somebody that owns cryptocurrencies it’s hard not to at least consider switching from whatever you’re using over to voyager digital there’s the trust

There right because voyager digital is a public company where some of these other crypto exchanges and things like that you’re like man where is where’s my money actually at right so it’s that big factor but then there’s the interest rates like the the money you can earn on just having your money in voyager digital that’s generally speaking so much more substantial

Than you will get anywhere else and not by a little i’m talking by a lot right 5.75 percent annual percent just having your bitcoin over there 4.6 for having your ethereum over in voyager digital five percent for cardano ada look at polka dot the good old dot you get 12 percent in your you know that’s like ridiculous like these numbers are crazy two percent for

The sheep and two percent for doge then as far as litecoin goes or lit coin whatever you want to call it it’s lit five percent for that one and so needless to say if you own a lot of crypto and let’s say you have it in another crypto brokerage or crypto exchange for a lot of folks and i receive messages all the time that when people get educated on this and they

Look into the interest rates you can earn with somebody like a voyager versus somebody like coinbase or a lot of these others they see that oh my gosh i’m getting uh you know almost nothing compared to what i could be getting over in voyageur now this gets me to my next point because there’s i don’t just own voyager stock i’m not just a ride or die with voyager

Stock i own something else in relation to voyager that i think has a big big long-term potential as well and i want to explain that i own what’s called vgx so you know me i’m not a cryptocurrency coin person at all okay however if i see a good financial opportunity i’m going to usually where the risk reward is there i’m going to usually take that okay i now own

Over 30 000 vgx i am the highest tiered uh member you could possibly be as far as owning vgx i’m what they call a navigator and here’s the thing vgx if you are on voyager and if you are a voyager customer it is in and if you have uh any a substantial amount at all of bitcoin ethereum any of these coins meaning at least you know five figures plus it is almost a

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No-brainer to buy vgx if you’re in that situation and the reason being is when you own vgx you get seven percent staking rewards and because the more vgx you own and when you become a navigator you get an extra 1.5 earnings reward booth so imagine you own a hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin right which would be less than two bitcoin then you’re essentially

Going to make yourself an extra 1 500 a year by just buying some vgx never mind if you own ethereum these other cryptos as well so if somebody like myself if i own bitcoin i could be getting somewhere around uh a seven percent annual rate or something like that because you have the the regular annual rate that you get right and then if i get if i’m since i’m a

Navigator i get another 1.5 we’re talking i get like seven percent on just holding bitcoin on the voyager uh basically platform right and so this is a huge huge deal for vgx as well because the more people the fact is like the more people they get educated about voyager digital the more folks that are going to be like oh this is a pretty they got a pretty good

Thing going on here let me transfer my crypto i have over to voyager digital let me start earning these interest rates and let me go ahead and you know start participating over here and let me go ahead and buy this vgx thing because oh i’m going to get make a lot more money on my money essentially right and so i think this is going to be a double boom for not just

Voyager digital but vgx as well and this is why i’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and buy 30 000 plus you know vgx coins and on top of that have uh 15 000 shares in a stock if you know if let’s say the crypto market goes through a multi-year bear cycle that’s not good for a vgx and that’s not good for voyager digital however outside of that scenario

It is near impossible for me to imagine a scenario where vgx doesn’t thrive over the coming years and voyager digital doesn’t thrive over the coming years right even if crypto is not in a major bowl cycle over the coming year so meaning even if crypto is not in a massive bowl cycle over the coming years even if bitcoin doesn’t go from 60k to 120k over the coming

Years even if that doesn’t happen as long as cryptos at least a healthy market where you’re getting volatility in there where maybe you’re up trending a bit but it’s nothing crazy at the end of the day the more attention that comes to crypto market is a boom for voyage digital and the more voyager digital is known out there the better this is going to be for this

Company and the next thing you know they’re going to have you know let’s say uh 10 million customers using this platform 20 million and then they’re going to start being comparable to something like a coin base over the coming years in my opinion and also next thing you know this company’s going to be valued at 10 billion 20 billion 30 billion dollars vgx coin

Because this is the core of the platform in my opinion as far as their rewards program will um i won’t even make predictions around that all i’ll say is it will be uh pretty fun in my personal opinion now i in terms of the valuation we looked at the numbers the revenue growth the the four ps all those sorts of things i did that in a video didn’t get a ton of views

But i did it uh over a day ago okay i why i spent twenty two thousand dollars on this nine dollar growth stock so if you want to talk if you want to hear me talk for 17 minutes all about valuation all about growth numbers for voyager and all sorts of things check out that video i put out a few days ago on the channel and enjoy that much love as always guys just so

You know we got a free seven-day trial going on for the private stock group not sure how much longer we’re going to do that but it’s going on right now so make sure you take advantage of that that will be pinned comment down there much love as always guys and have a great day

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