Opinion: David Allen Green: the Northern Ireland Protocol | FT

The FT’s legal commentator David Allen Green explains why the Northern Ireland Protocol will continue to dominate rows over Brexit.

This video is a short guided tour of the northern irish and the united kingdom in respect of this article 16. ireland, is part of the brexit withdrawal agreement. union recognise that it is necessary to address the unique agreement of 1998 should be protected in all its parts. and further down again, the european union and united necessary to address the unique circumstances

On the island you you will article 5 provides for customs and movement it is an extensive provision that in turn incorporates assessments, registration, certificates, approvals, or environmental difficulties that are liable to persist to what is strictly necessary in order to remedy the situation. you can see that these appropriate safeguard measures to what is strictly

Necessary to remedy the situation, this procedure is set out in an annex to the protocol. first, when the european union or the united kingdom kingdom shall immediately enter into consultations with a view to the joint committee which oversees the withdrawal and paragraph 5 provides that even though such measures are one party thinks they meet the tests set out in article 16.

But there must be a concern that the article 16 safeguards are is to safeguard the arrangements as set out in the protocol. are safeguarded against misuse.

Transcribed from video
Opinion: David Allen Green: the Northern Ireland Protocol | FT By Financial Times

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