Organigram Graduates To The NASDAQ

Organigram Graduates To The NASDAQ – RICH TV LIVE – MAY 21, 2019 – Organigram Holdings (TSX VENTURE: OGI) (OTCQX: OGRMF) is betting big on adult-use cannabis edibles with investing in a fully-automated production line having the ability to produce chocolate cannabis edibles.

What’s up so organa graham graduated to the nasdaq today and that’s some big news some really big news i’m pretty excited about it i’ve been watching organa graham for two years and i watched them go from stock that was at two bucks down to one buck and now to see them on the nasdaq and be trading at around over ten dollars in canada it’s huge man it’s absolutely

Huge hope you all having a good day this is your boy rich from rich to be live kind of celebrating the fact that organic graham has finally graduated to the nasdaq it’s been a long time coming that company has had a lot of problems they have had issues with pesticides and their crops they’ve had people doubt them they’ve had bad days the stock was at four bucks

In december here we are now they hit 11 dollars today before they came back down they’ve now graduated to the nasdaq and i think this is time to celebrate if you’re an organic graham holdings shareholder because they’ve been a massive success massive success and i did a video today talking about all of their partnerships and all the growth potential i see the sky

Being the limit here honestly see the sky the limit here i think organa graham goes higher you’d still like to celebrate yeah why not celebrate absolutely you should celebrate my email rich tv live at so yeah organic graham graduates to the nasdaq it’s big news it’s the trending news one of the first five five that ever talked about two years ago in 2017

Was organa graham brought you guys a guy anagram two years ago i told you there would be a giant it took two years it wasn’t overnight but they and yeah reporting twenty six million in revenue moving to the nasdaq being considered a big boy now on the biggest stage with all the biggest players it’s amazing absolutely amazing i’m very very excited i’m very happy to

See organa graham graduate to the nasdaq it’s a good day for the industry we now have high pr on the senior exchange we’ve got khronos group on the senior exchange we’ve got a roar cannabis on the senior exchange we got canopy growth on the senior exchange we got village farms on the senior exchange man all these big players getting onto the senior exchange and

We’re happening we’re just able to play in this playground with all these great companies two years ago with we rewind it i brought you organic grandma i brought you chronos group i brought you a free ax i bought you aurora cannabis i brought you can it be growth all five have exploded that’s a fact all five have exploded so needless to say i’m pretty excited about

It it’s a very nice day it’s very exciting day to be an investor and if you are holding organa graham which i know of a lot of our members are you’re waiting for zen abyss well yeah i mean it took two years for organa graham to go up 500% if zen abyss goes up 500% in the next two years i think it’ll be a good investment what do you guys think that’s the way i look

At it i don’t mind waiting two years to get five hundred percent i g&g on full alert yeah it’s nice to see i gng doing well it could be way more than two hundred percent for five hundred percent it could be a thousand percent nobody really knows until the day comes so today’s the day to congratulate and celebrate organa gram they’ve been a massive success they

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Have relationships with every single province in the country they’re in the cbd business they’re in the dried flower business they’re going to be deep involved in edible business i see organa graham going way way higher i think there’s a lot of upside here and i think we could see the stock go a lot higher now i’m not suggesting you go and buy it tomorrow watch

It if you see a dip you see a red day that might be the time to load up they’ve just been on the nasdaq this could be a buy the rumor sell the news event so be careful i’m not suggesting you go and buy it that’s not what this is about you know i was talking to you about buying it two years ago that was the time to buy it right now you know it’s definitely one to

Watch it’s definitely want to put on your radar put it on your watch list if you see a dip and you think it’s a good time to position yourself maybe position yourself but it would have been way better to position yourself at two dollars two years ago that was the time to really position yourself now do i think it’s too late no i don’t think it’s too late but the

Key is to try to get him cheap try to get him cheap and try to get an early that’s the name of the game now try to get it cheap and try to get an early thank you guys for being here thank you guys for joining i appreciate you guys we have the greatest community on youtube right here thank you guys for the likes i appreciate you guys without you guys none of this

Is possible and it’s been crazy to think how far we’ve come in two years and how far a lot of these companies have come in two years i will never forget the day that organa graham had pesticides in their crops and it was all over the news and they’ve come all the way back from that where everybody said they were a huge failure they were gonna go out of business

I mean i heard everything every type of name for gana gram it’s gonna be too late when the u.s. legalizes it don’t miss the ride absolutely i mean now is the time to load up we don’t know when the us will legalize but if you position yourself now in the best us companies you’ll be able to take advantage of the ride when it comes and we know there’s going to be a

Ride with the edibles in canada and that will be october 17th 2019 so we’re only like six months away from that i’m pretty excited about that personally i think that’s gonna be pretty big so i can’t wait to see what happens here in canada when they legalize edibles and i think organa graham is gonna be one of the biggest players that benefits from legalization of

Edibles so i would definitely keep organa graham on your watch list keep out on your radar they are a sleeping giant they’ve done really well but i still think they’re gonna do better don’t run and buy it right away by the dips remember it was at $4 in december we could see it back at four bucks who knows we could also see you go to 20 this is the crazy thing about

This industry nobody really truly knows where anything’s going to go all you can do is kind of hope you’re investing in great companies that have good revenue that are moving in the right direction yeah man forty-eight north had a nice day today it had a very nice day in america yesterday they’re going to be getting involved in edibles and extracts and if you

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Invest in the best companies with the best management team with the best product i mean the thing i liked about organa graham when i did my due diligence today they have one of the lowest cost per gram in the whole industry that leads me to believe that they’re going to be a long-term player if they can compete with the price the sky’s the limit because price is

The number one factor when it comes to a customers like customers want a good price yeah they wanted to you know they want the the cannabis to make them high but they also want a good price yeah you know i actually am involved with pump and oils i own both so i am familiar with quadron and the deal and i think it could be big i think it could be very big so many

Great companies so much great news so much opportunities the key is for us to get into the best companies early and position ourselves so that we can really take advantage of the rides when they come january was a glorious ride when will the next ride be the last ride last year happened in july it went from july to the beginning of october so we could see it again

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it again at the end of july so stay tuned we’ll keep you updated any news any events yes rich tv makes people rich thank you very much i mean we try you know we try and you know it’s the thing is i don’t want you guys to rush out and buy anything just cuz i talked about it buy it because you’ve done the due diligence by you because

You’ve done the research and you believe that it’s going to be a winner look for companies with great revenue strong management team and moving in the right direction so they’re lowering their debt load lowering their burn rate if you can find companies that are lowering their debt wrote load lowering their burn rate and building their revenue and increasing their

Growth capacity and increasing their production sky’s the limit and that’s what i’ve been really learning over the last two years watching this industry and seeing the trends like if you’re watching my show yesterday i predicted that bam would go down cuz they raised money and did a financing what has been done they’ve gone down today why because i did a financing

So many people get angry at me rich you know why you hating on bam rich i’m like i’m not hating on anything the reality is when these companies do a financing the stocks typically go down that’s just the way it goes you know i wasn’t trying to to talk bam down that wasn’t what this was about i just watched the industry and i’ve seen the trends and when stocks go

Up and then they raise money they typically go down now there are some exceptions that are different and there’s some stocks that will go up even after they raise money but then there’s a lot that are going down so when i saw that they raised money i immediately thought there’s a chance it could go down and i i predicted yesterday that could go down under $2 so

We’ll see i don’t know if they will they went down today a lot of people were like rich you were right ridge bamas down i don’t really know what they finished that but it predicted they could go under two bucks because i saw what happened to zen abyss when they raised money and they went down so there’s a very good chance that bam i was thinking to myself could


Go down too and they did so this has just been a trend if tomorrow aurora cannabis is raising money i’m gonna say that they’re gonna go down and if the next day can it be growth is raising money and it’s like a toxic funding at a lower price like bam did i’m gonna say that they’re gonna go down it’s not about the stock it’s about the news and typically when you

See financing news you’re gonna see the stocks go down when you see these companies going on the nasdaq what we’ve seen is typically there’s a run-up when they go to either the nasdaq or the new york stock exchange and then the day they go on the senior exchange usually they go down and i feel like that is just to buy the rumor sell the news event so the next time

We hear a company is going to go on a senior exchange maybe what we want to do is buy it before it gets on the senior exchange and then sell it the day before it actually gets on the exchange or the day it’s on the exchange because based on what i’ve seen recently a lot of the stocks that have gone the senior exchange they run up on the news that they’re going to

The senior exchange and when they get on the senior exchange they come down so we’ve seen the same thing with our gana graham today a lot of people were commenting on that rich wise we’re kind of grabbed down there on the nasdaq i’m like well they’ve ran off from 4 bucks – they hit 11 in canada today it’s a pretty big jump so i’m not surprised that they’re gonna

Consolidate a little bit that’s pretty standard and i would anticipate that that will be happening for any company that goes to a senior exchange they’ll probably be a run up and then when they get on the senior exchange there might be you know a sell-off we saw the same thing with legalization here in canada huge run-up from july last year till october and then

When it actually got into october 17 2019 actually october 15th is when we saw the market start to sell-off so we had a huge run-up in anticipation of legalization as soon as we got close to legalization sell off buy the rumor sell the news what will we see with edibles this year probably the same thing will probably see everybody buy the rumors probably starting

In july again and run all the way till mid-october and then as soon as we get close to mid-october we might see a sell-off again pretty standard we’ve been seeing this over and over and over again hey it’s my pleasure just to talk to the people man anything i can do to help the people communicate with the people thank you guys for watching like i said if you’re

Not winning you’re not watching is your boy rich from rich tv live celebrating organa gram going to the soccer field or gana gram going to the nasdaq is your boy rich from your stevie live keeping updated on all the news as it happens i part people is your boy animo congratulations organa graham ogi on the nasdaq ogi in canada your boy rich from rich tv live na mo

Base five hundred percent game

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