ORO X MINING CEO LUIS ZAPATA (TSXV: OROX) (OTCPINK: WRPSF) – RICH TV LIVE – February 5, 2021 – About Oro X Mining Corp. (TSXV: OROX) – Oro X Mining Corp. is a gold exploration company. The projects include Coriorcco Gold project, Las Antas Gold project, and Julian project. #oroxmining #gold #richtvlive

Hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live and i’m here with my very special guest luis zapata the ceo of oro x mining corp how you doing today lewis good how are you thank you for having us hey my pleasure glad to have you on the show i’m doing very well and i’m excited about learning more about your company and maybe we can start

Off with you telling us a little bit about yourself and your connection to peru sure well i was born in peru i left to canada when i was eight did my education there started a career in mining finance right out of college uh became head of canada court’s latin business in canada in sorry in 2010 wow then in 2013 i moved back to peru and basically have been

Financing mining projects my whole career that’s fantastic how did you get involved with oro x rex came about because my business partner paul monticek and i we’ve known each other through business circles for quite a few years and you know we both live in peru either full-time or part-time so we thought about you know doing a deal in peru these assets we had

Our eyes on for a couple years and when they became available we jumped at the chance to get them that’s huge now it’s important to have a team with a track record of success you guys have built and put together a very impressive team can you tell us a little bit about your team and what makes the key members so successful sure well you know we’re we’re a

Small team but we’re very you know have a good track record so uh paul matasik obviously is a well-known mining entrepreneur uh the company is called orox because it’s a continuation of the x-brand he took lithium-x from inception to buyout you know a few years ago he’s currently the ceo of goldx with a you know multi-hundred million dollar market cap and a

Couple big wins before that uh so paul’s obviously an important part of the team darrell carty is also on our board he’s been involved with companies like underworld which got taken out um k92 the shell things like that so you know we have a strong team both in in vancouver and here in peru now you mentioned paul and he is a lead advisor he seems to have the

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Midas touch how involved is he with the day-to-day uh quite involved you know we speak every day he’s here in peru as we review projects we always look at them together um you know we have a technical team that’s very strong and then looks them technically and then paul and i look at them from you know growth potential and m a and how will the market react can

We finance this can we make this go forward so very involved fantastic now one of your flagship gold projects is the corico project what do investors need to know about this project yeah choreographer is an interesting project you know it’s a 2 000 hectare project that’s 17 known outcropping veins which all lie on top of a dome which basically juts out from

The ground we were attracted to the project because it has previous you know artisanal scale production although it wasn’t really that small it was 10 000 tons over two years uh we looked at the grades that came out of that they were sent to a tall mill that we were familiar with uh so we just thought look here’s 10 000 tons of being pulled out at 7 or 12 7

To 12 grams per ton out of two veins there’s 13 veins we think there’s more veins undercover to the east and northeast under younger geology so we ran the project by a couple technical partners and you know we think it’s a tier one high grade gold exploration target wow yeah tier one that’s impressive what are your plans for the project in 2021 lewis right

Now we just announced the start of our 2021 campaign so we’re heading up there and actually these days uh right now we’re shooting 3d ap over the property that’s going to do two things it’s going to basically delineate drill targets over the known current veins and number two it’s going to hopefully delineate younger sorry other veins under younger geology

Cover right so give us a real sense of the project and its potential we’re also doing some mapping sampling and trenching as we prepare for maiden drill campaign hopefully this year now when you’re working in international markets building relationships with the locals in the community is vital how is your relationship with the locals in the community 100 so

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Look when we took over the project um you know the project’s been around for 10 years plus you know the community relationship between the previous operator and the project was quite bad uh the first thing we did when we signed the deal in september is we sent our own team up there a team of peruvians myself included we made touch contact with the community

You know we we dialogued over three months and you know we recently announced a six-year expiration access agreement over the choreographer property over one of the main surface concessions uh that will allow us to work you know without impediment for next six years it’s sort of a milestone moment for the project because you know this is a project that never

Had a community agreement before so we’re happy we did the peruvian way we did it for i think a fair price and everybody comes up winning so that’s always a good deal very good now it’s vital for us in our community and we’ve got investors all over the world that believe in about 100 countries watching our show to have a tight share structure can you break

Down the share structure of the company and how much is being held by insiders and institutions yeah we have around 35 million shares are right now at the moment wow i would i would say 25 is held by insiders another 10 by institutions um you know the bulk of that’s obviously paul myself and our associates so you know we’re tightly held we we have cash to

Do what we need to do and obviously being a tightly held company with a good brand we’re always going to look good for m a target so that’s currently going on as well i love your share structure anything under 50 million shares to me is like screaming by so 35 million shares is perfect i love that are our communities going to love that if there was one thing

You would want investors that are watching this video to know about orox mining what would it be look i think when i was investing in mining companies i always looked at the team first so i think we have a proven team i think we have a great tier one exploration asset and i think we have a shared structure and access to capital that will allow us to pick up

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You know exciting projects as we see them coming up and obviously being in peru we see a lot of things especially lately so that’s what we’re our focus is right now now there’s going to be shareholders that are going to want to contact a company potentially joint venture partners lois all kinds of different companies that are going to see this as well in

This sector what is the best way for those individuals to get in contact with you or the company if they’re interested in investing or doing business with you sure uh our website’s probably the best place to go www.rxmining.com all our contact channels are there i look at all of them from our email inbox or social media you know instagram linkedin etc so

Any channel you reach us through i’ll probably see it and they’re happy to respond that’s fantastic well really excited to learn more about this company we’re going to be watching very closely everyone that’s watching remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always consult a financial advisor before you make any investments

In anything we talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates lewis thank you for joining us i’d love to invite you back anytime you have any big news or anything you’d like to discuss love to invite you back to our community to talk about orox

Mining congratulations on all your success so far and our entire community will be watching very very closely thank you appreciate it thank you for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching thank you lewis for joining us and for those of you that are watching thank you for joining us thank you for watching put oro x mining on your watch list put

On your radar i think it’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed and has a great future thanks to great leadership with gentlemen like louis at the helm thank you lewis for joining us thank you for watching this is rich from rich tv live saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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