Palantir Earnings, Upstart Earnings, Stock Market News, Economic News, and More – Tuesday, Aug 8, 22

Palantir Earnings, Upstart Earnings, Novavax Earnings, and more are out. Here are the earnings from PLTR, UPST, and NVAX that you need to know about, as well as the important stock market news, economic news, and financial news for Tuesday. Here’s a full explanation of the Inflation Reduction Act and how it will affect your stocks, an update on consumer confidence, and a warning about the potential impact of China invading Taiwan.

Hi guys it’s stock curry and the market traded flat on monday holding its breath for those cpi numbers on wednesday in spite of the fact there was a huge amount of political economic and earnings news that came out on monday i’m going to cover it all so let’s get into it first let’s start with some important political news china extended their military exercises

Around taiwan as taiwan continues to battle cyber attacks now this has me really scared because quite frankly this is exactly what we saw russia do right before they invaded ukraine right before russia invaded ukraine they mounted these military exercises on the border of ukraine while at the same time doing cyber attacks against ukraine and now china is doing the

Exact same thing to taiwan china is launching cyber attacks against taiwan while at the exact same time performing military exercises in order to prepare to invade taiwan so it looks like china is getting ready to invade taiwan and it’s quite possible that we are about to have another invasion of a foreign nation on our hands we already saw what that did to the

Economy in the stock market when russia invaded ukraine and now it looks like china might be getting ready to invade taiwan the big difference for us this time is that russia is one of the united states smallest trading partners while china is the united states largest trading partner right behind the european union so this could have a far more significant impact

On the united states this time than the russia ukraine war did now moving on to the economic news consumer confidence in the housing market has hit its lowest point in over a decade that is consumers are now at their lowest point since the 2011 bottom in the housing market now this makes sense given the fact that homes are most unaffordable in history only 17

Percent of those surveyed said now is the right time to buy a home on the flip side consumers also said that they inspected inflation to slow down consumers now expect inflation a year from now to be 6.2 percent and three years from now to be 3.2 percent that’s a significant drop from the 6.8 and 3.6 percent of the results that came out last month and the decline in

Expectations appears to be directly related to the decline in food prices as well as a decline in the price of gasoline at the pump now while consumer confidence in these two areas does remain extremely low it is showing slight signs of improving keep in mind we get the official update on consumer confidence on friday now let’s talk about the inflation reduction act

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And how it might affect your stocks a lot of people in yesterday’s video asked me to talk about it after i kind of left it out because they didn’t really think it was going to affect the markets that much so let me go through what’s in this and what companies could benefit what companies could be hurt and why this really is not going to affect the market that much

As you can see the cnbc article says right off the bat the impact is going to be more modest than you might think now some of the losers are going to be drug companies but this change is going to be very gradual and faced in very slowly and the reason is because the law only allows medicaid to negotiate a few drugs in the early years of implementation specifically

Medicare is only going to be able to haggle over 10 drugs and not until fiscal year 2026 or four years from now and then new medications won’t be subject to negotiation for between 9 to 13 years after their market introduction so while this will hurt pharmaceutical stocks it’s going to hurt them very slowly and there really won’t be any impact for about three to

Four years now some of the winners might be car companies but really only companies like ford and gm it’s not going to help companies like tesla lucid or rivien and part of the reason is because the bill caps the price of eligible vehicles at 55 000 which excludes the most popular versions of tesla’s model 3 as well as every other model they have out right now it

Also excludes all of the models from lucid motors and ribbian until they are able to produce some cheaper models at some point in the future the bill also includes requirements for domestic manufacturing of ebs and their battery components in order to qualify for the extended credit and right now it’s not clear if any u.s battery plant can meet the law’s requirements

Now another winner will be utilities and homeowners about a third of the tax credits are to extend tax credits to encourage construction of renewable electricity plants more reliance on renewables should also benefit rate payers since new wind electricity pants are now much cheaper than new facilities that burn coal or natural gas and surprise surprise one of the

Winners will be hedge funds and one of the losers will be public company shareholders that’s you the reason is because the plan imposes a one percent tax on stock buybacks which will hurt returns of anybody that holds public shares of companies including retirement plans and pension funds and of course you and the other thing i should make really clear is that


Even though this is called the inflation reduction act it won’t actually help reduce inflation at all economists say the impact on inflation is below zero meaning that it is so negligible they cannot even measure any impact on inflation whatsoever so that’s an overall summary of the quote-unquote inflation reduction act in short it’s not going to have a very large

Impact and what impact it does have will not take effect for another three to four years so i really don’t think it’s gonna move the stock market that much and that’s why i’m not really surprised that the stock market traded flat on monday despite this bill getting passed all right now moving on to some of the biggest earnings from monday novavax cut its 2022 revenue

Guidance in half novavax cut its revenue guidance to between two to two point three billion from a previous forecast of between four to five billion nova vac shares dropped 33 percent after hours after already dropping 5 of the day and all birds dramatically slowed the pace of new hires as their loss widens all birds shares dropped 13 after close and upstart missed

On q2 earnings on funding constraints and they also provided soft q3 guidance not surprisingly upstart dropped over 14 percent after the close and finally while palantir beat on revenue they missed big on earnings palantir was expected to report a three cent per share profit instead they reported a one cent per share loss palantir was down over 14 percent during the

Day on that news now i know a lot of these earnings are affecting you as a retail investor especially if you own shares in these companies but a lot of these companies are small caps they’re not going to have a major impact on the market overall so just keep that in mind that while the earnings are bad and these companies certainly are losing quite a bit of money

The stock market overall will probably trade flat again on tuesday as everybody just kind of holds their breath in anticipation of what that cpi number is going to be on wednesday now with the stock market trading flat like this it does provide quite a good opportunity to do something like a straddle or strangle where you can make money by buying a call and a put

And hopefully the market has a big enough move on wednesday to where you make money whether the market moves up or down so that would be the one option you guys might want to consider as far as how to play the cpi numbers on wednesday finally i just want to get into the earnings that are coming out on tuesday and wednesday morning so you can look forward to those

Tuesday before the open we have norwegian cruise lines spirit hilton evgo and workhorse quite a few stocks that a lot of retail investors own then after the close we got some really big stocks for retail investors including coinbase roblox plug unity and wish so tuesday after the close is going to be huge and then we follow it up wednesday before the open with wix

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Jubilee and pay safe so again no major earnings that could affect the stock market on tuesday or wednesday morning however these are going to be very important for retail investors who are heavily invested into these stocks so good luck to everybody who’s playing earnings personally i like to set earnings out i don’t like to play them because they are so volatile

And so incredibly difficult to predict i personally just stay away from earnings but the cbi print that might be one that you want to play now if you want to know everything that i’m buying and selling and all the stocks and options that we’re buying you can come join us over in the vip discord the vip discord we post all of our trades before they are officially

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If you want to get the moomoo one you can sign up at stock moomoo that’s stock all right guys i hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe and if you’re on youtube click the bell icon to click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video i hope you have a lot of success training and i will see you tomorrow you

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