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Well howdy there you made it into this video where we’re about to get into palantir stock and teledoc stock p l t r and t dock all right both these stocks for a lack of a better word they have crashed right both these stocks have crashed and so we in this video i want to talk about both these companies in depth okay and i want to share some thoughts on both of these

Stocks kind of good news around them some bad news around them and my views do i think at the end of this video we’re gonna come to a conclusion do i think these are money maker stocks or do i not think these are money maker stocks and i want to share with everybody perspective so you kind of really understand about these two companies on if these are the sorts of

Right stocks for you or not now first thing is when it comes to these two stocks they’re not the small they’re not small caps right teledoc’s a 10 billion plus dollar company as far as market cap goes and palantir is a 30 plus billion dollar mark cap and that’s after these stocks have crashed right palantir today was trading in the 15s teledoc today reached 76.14

And both of them hit new 52-week lows here today literally all right and so yeah a lot of thoughts to share in this video i hope you guys enjoyed it as always make sure to subscribe the channel it’s absolutely free to do so alrighty so first thing i want to talk about here is when did most folks enter palantir stocks so if you look at a 52 week high of palantir

Stock the first thing you’re going to understand is this stock hit a 52 week high of 45 right but most people did not buy the stock at 45 and so i think that’s why a lot of times just looking at a 52-week range although it’s fun and it’s interesting right and it’s relevant you’ve got to understand like most people did not buy the stock at 45 so they’re not you know

Some folks especially if they’re bears or if they’re negative on a stock they don’t like a company they like to make out like oh you’re down huge you bought it at 45 it’s like dude most people weren’t buying the stock at 45. where most folks have bought palantir stock in my opinion is between and 27 that is where the stock has been trading at for a long period of

Time and so people have likely been buying these shares and accumulating this stock palantir between those prices now keep in mind people are still likely down big on the stock because imagine you started buying it 27 or even 26 so let’s say you started buying at 25 right and then it went down to 23 and you bought more and then 22 and you bought more and then 21

And you bought more and then 19 and you bought more and then 17 you bought more right and here today was trading at 1516. you know you’ve still gone through basically a crash on this stock but it’s not quite as dramatic as it seems if you just look at a 45 right but that’s where most folks have entered and so i think this is a this is an important point right out

The jump here is keep in mind like folks are likely under water well there are underwater and palantir stock but it’s not like it’s a crazy climb up from here all right in teledoc stock this stock hit a 52-week high of 308 but keep in mind most folks did not buy this stock at 308 dollars okay most folks have entered this stock at the 100 and 200 range you know why

Because that’s where the stock’s been trading at for the longest daying time okay maybe some folks just got in it once it bounced under 100 and that’s very very recently but let’s be honest most folks are in the 100 to 200 range i would say if i looked at most folks that own teledoc stock tdoc their average cost basis for the stock is probably around 150 roughly

Okay so i mean yeah to get back to 150 that’s quite a ways when you’re trading at 76 here a day right and you’re closed at 82. so there’s definitely a ways to climb on teledoc and i feel like people are probably a lot more underwater and teledoc than palantir however do keep in mind i would say if we’re going to judge which one of these companies is a much more

Popular stock it is pallentier by a mile a lot more folks talk about palantir it’s much more relevant it gets a lot more views and more those sorts of things than a teledoc right and keep in mind kathy wood owns both of these stocks and she’s you know a huge believer in both of them but she’s much more of a believer in teledoc you can tell based upon like which

Ones are her biggest holding right teledoc’s usually a second or third biggest holding on a given day palantir is usually down around like 15 to 20 biggest holdings i track her holdings on the main arc fund on that’s our website where we literally track her her stocks on a daily basis see what she’s uh you know like the weight of her positions

You know what she’s got the most money in those sorts of things and so most folks are down on teledoc quite a bit that are involved in the stock and i call these stocks cousins of each other because they a lot of the characteristics of these companies remind me of each other both have big huge long-term opportunities now first thing you got to understand about

Palantir and this is really really key okay this is so dang key if you believe this company if you run projections on and you believe the stock’s going to do a billion dollars plus this company is going to do a billion dollars plus a net income within five years i don’t think you really have anything to worry about in terms of this company it just flat out in

Terms of the short term who knows what can happen with pallentier who are on a 10 or 12 or 14 or whatever right but that’s just all short term stuff at the end of the day if palantir gets to a place in the next five years where they’re doing a billion or more than a billion dollars of net income the honest truth is this is likely going to command a 50 60 80 maybe

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Even 100 billion plus dollar market cap depending upon how much growth they have after that point if in five years from now this this company is doing you know 1.5 billion dollars of net income they’ll likely command an 80 billion to 100 billion 100 billion market cap on this now if you don’t believe they’re going to be doing a billion dollars plus a net income

In five years i think it’s a hard buy actually i really do if you can’t run those numbers also if you can’t even run revenue projections and net income projections with any sort of confidence it’s a dangerous stock to be in you know i why would you be in this stock if you can’t run numbers right you’ve got to be able to run the numbers to make this valuation make

Sense and this goes for all growth stocks not just palantir i don’t care what it is i don’t care if it’s palantir i don’t care if it’s tattoo chef i don’t care if it’s tesla i don’t care what it is paypal anything that’s a growth stock you can’t be in these stocks if you can’t accurately you know uh project roughly what net income is going to be in the future in

Revenue is going to be in the future because those numbers are what’s going to be that what dictates where that long-term stock price goes and like literally if you don’t know how to run these numbers because here’s what happens if you can’t run these numbers the stock price is going to go down you’re going to get freaked out you’re going to get shaken out and

Will end up losing a bunch of money right and selling the stock you’re going to read an article that’s bad right and you’re going to be like oh my gosh a growth rate’s not going to hit the certain number in a given quarter and then everybody’s got to write articles about that or talk about how this company’s done because they’re not hitting these numbers now you’re

Going to get shaken out of that stock so this is why whether you’re in a palantir or any of these growth stocks whether it’s ones i own or i talk about or anybody talks about out there you better know how to run revenue projections and net income projections for these companies over the coming years because if you can’t you’re going to get shaken out so this is the

First thing to kind of keep in mind in regards to palantir in regards to teledoc you’ve got to be able to justify that this company can get to 400 plus million dollars of net income in five years as long as you have them doing 400 mil plus a net income and you have the revenue number to get them there the gross margin number to get them there and why net income

Will get there you have nothing to worry about in this stock so what it could go back down to 70 or 50 or 55 or whatever okay big deal that’s just a buying opportunity as long as you believe they’re getting to this number and here’s why you can run the numbers to get them there right nothing to worry about there now do i personally think uh palantir can get to a

Billion plus in net income in five years i do okay uh yeah just flat out where i think their revenue is going to be in how profitable i think the business model is going to be i i think they’re going to do a billion dollars plus of net income in five years from now same exact thing with teledoc i think teledoc is going to get to 400 mil plus a net income in five

Years but don’t take my word for it run your own numbers run your own revenue projections and net income projections if you can’t get there you can’t own these stocks you just can’t because they’re they’re these are gross stocks that you’re going to get shaken out of in a massive massive way okay now if you this is this is this is so dang key okay this is so key

Tesla right so if you were investing the stock right there was five years of law when it came to the stock and you have to understand that if you’re getting in growth stocks you can go through several years of blah now tesla’s kind of uh i think the craziest example of this i think it’s a little unnatural for a growth stock to go through five years of blah i think

Part of it was tesla got massively overvalued at that given moment and then it just kind of led to a lot of worries and then there was a lot of fun and there was a lot of drama right but when it comes to a growth stock you got to understand you could potentially go through a year or several years of that stock downtrending or doing nothing just up and down and

Up and down and all around and this is why gross stocks aren’t usually for noobs in the market because if you’re a new person in the market you haven’t gone through enough time so a year to a new person the stock market seems like forever because that’s the whole time you’ve been in the stock market right for somebody like myself that’s been through 14 years in

The stock market the year start to run together man and it’s nothing for me to be in a stock for a year and to do nothing even in regards to tesla i did not time tesla perfectly i got involved with tesla in what 2018 2019. now that was a lot better than if i would have got involved in 2014 2015 but at the end of the day i did not time that perfect and for the first

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Year i own tesla stock it did a whole lot of nothing it downtrended i had to go through a lot of of you know hate on the internet and how tesla was blah blah you know oh my gosh okay and so this is why grow stocks aren’t really for noobs because during this time period what the stories we don’t hear are the people that got shaken out of tesla and likely took a 10

20 loss in the stock we never hear stories about those people or maybe even a 30 loss in the stock that came in any time during that time period and got shaken out we never hear their stories because they’re not the heroes they’re the ones that lost money and i guarantee you there’s a lot of people that came and went in tesla stock during those years and likely

Sold for losses they didn’t really have a clue what the heck tesla was really up to it was a more complicated business model right tesla’s a more complicated company kind of like a palantir and a teledoc are there more complicated companies this is not a restaurant chain this is not a food store okay these are more complicated stories and complicated companies in

General and if you’re in this sort of stock you got shaken out this is why grow stocks aren’t for most noobs that’s why i i didn’t even start in touch and grow stocks until i’ve been in the market for at least three years if not four years because there’s no way i would be able to accurately or even anywhere even remotely accurately project future net revenues or

Or net income so those sorts of things i wasn’t at that sort of level keep in mind i had nobody to teach me literally i watched some warren buffett interviews and something like that everything i had to learn was self-taught this is way before youtube had a bunch of great videos out there way before there were courses or groups to join or anything like that and

Nobody teach me so some people nowadays can learn at a more rapid clip than i did but keep in mind these stocks are usually not for for noobs because you’re likely going to get shaken out and we never hear the stories of all the people that came and went and tesla stock and took losses on that stock because they didn’t really have the conviction okay now i want

To talk about we talked about kind of you know net net income and those sorts of things but let’s talk about the the hurricanes for these stocks because both these stocks have hurricanes around them and when i talk about hurricane what that is essentially it’s a a stock market term i kind of coined when you’re you’re in just a vicious storm and it’s like how do

We get out of this vicious storm like when’s it end right and then you get to the eye of the storm you think it ended and then it still goes on and it’s like like when’s it when’s it end so both these stocks do have that i talked about in a video called tom nash you must understand about this about palantir stock recently where i talked about essentially palantir

Is going to have to go through a lot of bad press over the coming years you’ve already seen it over the past year or two it’s going to have to go through a lot of years of bad press a lot of um you know things are going to surface i i could almost guarantee you you’re going to have some former employees say some things you’re going to have to do this i witnessed

This on facebook stock and it has affected the facebook stock price over the last few years there’s no doubt about that like facebook stock should be performing way better than it is but it’s not because it’s always in drama right congress wants to talk to them and this and that and this and that and when it comes to facebook stock the great thing for facebook though

Is everybody’s addicted to using one of facebook’s things whether that’s facebook or instagram or whatsapp so most people have kind of give facebook a pass on all this right palantir if you could get into some of those articles i shared in that video and as the volunteers more success their revenues build they’re gonna have to go through more of that no one’s

Gonna have palantirs back in the end when it comes to the general public like they did facebook where people kind of turn a blind eye because they’re like yeah facebook might have done this or they might have done that or you know the politicians said facebook did this but you know what i love facebook i love instagram palantir doesn’t have that they’re not going to

Have that sort of loyalty so that’s kind of the hurricane that palantir has to go through and they’re going to have to push through this over the coming years in that gauntlet of just like getting thrown around from the from the public essentially okay when it comes to teledoc they have a very different type of hurricane they’re going to have to go through when it

Comes to teledoc the hurricane they have to go through is this a company that’s going to go from massive growth to still impressive growth but it’s way decelerated growth right from an 84 growth rate in 21 down to a 27 percent that’s like falling off a cliff when you’re talking about a growth rate right 27 is nothing to sneeze at that’s amazing it’s amazing but

Gosh it’s a long daying way from 84 so that’s the hurricane teledoc has to go through now is it’s like oh wait you guys were growing 80 percent now you’re growing 20 what’s next year 19 15 what’s the following year 12 and then people start assuming like it’s gonna get much much worse and the growth rates will continue to just you know skyrocket down when all along

It might be very possible that teledoc could put up 20 revenue growth consistently right for several years into the future and have double digits maybe for this entire decade that’s very much a realistic possibility but in the short term everybody’s going to get very caught up into oh you were growing 84 i remember that now you grow 27 what happened to you guys you

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Fell off right and so that’s the hurricane teledoc has to go through and that’s kind of the worry for for teledoc okay now i want to talk for a moment about are these stocks money makers i think this is very very important do i think these stocks are money makers okay also make sure you download the hungry ball on your ios and android store that’s my app and uh

Some other youtube creators out there basically this is to track your stocks your cryptos on a daily basis keep up with news in the market we’ve got big updates coming for you guys in 22 a lot going on there all right so are these stocks money makers all right so first off in regards to palantir i think there’s no question that palantir is a long-term money maker

Long-term money maker no question right short-term can be very very volatile for this stock it’s a it’s a it’s a growth stock at the end of the day in these gross stocks we know can be very very volatile and for pallentier to shoot to 14 or 12 dollars it’s not out of the realm of possibility it’s not like that’s a crazy price right because people are looking at and

They’re like well they’re not profitable in any meaningful way right now when are they going to be meaningfully profitable probably not 22. 22 possibility of profits but if it is it’s very very small profit right and so in this sort of market where it seems like the algos are maybe even fund managers but especially the algorithms are caught up into short-term uh

Metrics you know that’s a volunteer is in a tough spot in the short term but at the end of the day do i think volunteers a long-term money maker more than likely okay i would put my odds on that do i think volunteer is the best risk reward in the stock market no i don’t but do i think it’s a money maker yes i do over the long term okay tello doc i view this one

Very very similar to palantir right uh only difference is teledocs losing a lot more money and relative to their company right in regards to tel doc likely isn’t profitable in 22 whereas a palantir at least has a chance for profits or small profits right uh teledoc’s likely not profitable in 23. you’re probably pushing profits out to 24 for teledoc so that one i

Think comes even with a little more risk than a palantir right now do keep in mind that that i think teledoc’s an easier business for wall street to wrap their heads around than palantir and i don’t think teledoc’s gonna have to deal with a uh a crisis in terms of um any sort of you know a ton of bad articles written about them on how they’re the worst company

In the world and those sorts of things right i don’t think they’re gonna have to go through that they’re gonna be seen as almost like good guys and so i think that’s good for them and i think it’s a very easy stock for fund managers that want to play nice guy right in terms of having a stock in their portfolio that is seen as a good guy i think it’s very very easy

Right and we do know the healthcare uh field is is in need of massive disruption and needs uh you know companies like teledoc to succeed and teledoc looks like they’re in the best position to succeed in the virtual healthcare market over the coming years and that’s in regards to physical space in regards to mental space which is another huge opportunity for teledoc

So the way i view these is i view teledoc as a better long-term money maker than a palantir i think teledoc comes with more short-term risk than palantir because they’re so far from profitability where pallentier you know like i said is much closer along that game plan than a teledoc so but i view teledoc as a bigger long-term opportunity than a palantir in terms

Of you know what its market cap can go to versus where it’s at now versus kind of palantir so that’s the way i view these stocks but man they’re hard stocks for if you’re brand new the stock market these are going to be these are just hard stocks to hold because you’re going to have bad stuff reported you’re going to have um you know numbers not be hit sometimes

That’s going to throw people out of stock you have a bad article you’re going to have to go through some drama and that’s in regards to all grow stocks you know 2020 yeah i think gave a lot of new people the stock market a very false perception that investing growth stocks were easy right it’s not easy you have to go through some really down times for a year two

Years three years heck in tesla’s case five years right five dang years of just a tough time in drama and drama and drama right you have to go through that time period but the end of the day do keep this in mind keep this in mind in regards to volunteering and teledoc at the end of the day they have massive long-term growth stories in in most years in the stock

Market especially over the last 14 years i’ve been in the stock market guess what most folks want to hold stocks that have great long-term growth stories for the short term these stocks can get thrown out but i’ve seen it time and time again most years that folks what do they want to hold they want to hold the big long-term growth stories and both these companies

Have big long-term growth stories which is going to drive money there over the long term okay anyways guys hope you enjoyed a video like this i hope you appreciate it much love as always i appreciate you guys joining me thanks for being subscribed to the channel thanks for having notifications on and have a great day

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