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What is the best business model in the world today i’m going to share with you guys what in my opinion is the best an absolute most practical business model that you can do today thursday subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about the world’s best business model by far ever

In history guys this business model was non-existent five ten years ago guys it was until the recent years that also this business model became legit and became more known and it’s still a business model that’s not very known by most people that we’re going to be talking about here today guys and and in my opinion it’s the best business model out there now how

Do i decide what’s the best business model ever well i decided on a few things is it practical is it practical that you can start it and you can do this business model and you can make a success of it that’s that’s the main one i mean it would be great i would love to take out in lisanna be the next day amazon or be the next apple is it practical hell no that’s

Not practical i’d love to be the next snapchat or facebook is it practical for me to start the next snapchat or facebook absolutely not it’s so impractical you know it’s ridiculous it’s almost laughable so that’s that’s got to be practical right these type of this business model is practical it’s got to be number two is it’s got to be low cost to startups because

If we’re starting this business model i want it to be if it’s going to be the best business model then it’s going to be obtainable to everybody right engages the obtainable to people that have ways of getting financing of a million dollars or ten million dollars or 20 million dollars because there’s only a very select few people who can get that type of financing

Right so it that’s not very realistic if it’s a very capital-intensive so the business model it’s got to be very very very cheap to start it’s got to be profitable right off the bat almost from day one it’s a profit machine there’s got to be that guy and the last one is it’s got to be something that you can make money constantly you can make money all the time

Garde lesueur whether you’re working or not working the only con to this business model is the only con is this is not the type of business model i think you can become a billionaire from it’s not to take business model that you’re going to become the next apple computer or microsoft or something like that this business model however you can do very very well for

Yourself you could be a millionaire or multi-millionaire from this business model and what is it it’s a passive income business model passive income in my opinion is the greatest business model to come around ever in history in my opinion guys because of all the things i just said everything i just said that’s absolutely what a passive income type business model

Is it’s low cost to startup it’s practical everybody can do it everybody’s got something they can do as far as passive income bringing in money guys it’s profitable for day one and all those kinds of things so passive income business model is amazing how does a passive income business model if we’re from a regular business model right well first off how do i make

Passive income obviously i make passive income i love teaching about passive income because i make it and i love teaching about it so how do i make passive income well the main the main thing i do is youtube which is passive income i mean i post that videos every day but the money the majority of the money i get each day is from videos i produced in the past but i

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Might have produced weeks ago months ago over a year ago whatever guys so that’s one way i make money off book sales which i have a book that’s the only book i have right now this summer or maybe next fall i’ll have an entrepreneur type book that would launch so right now that’s my only book i have out there but i’ll have to by the end of the 2017 and i also make

Money from affiliate links that are linked in the description of some of my other favorite books some of my favorite movies a few other things i have linked in that description amazon pays me for any affiliate links like that guys so those are kind of my three passive income streams now how does it differ from a regular business model well here’s how it differs

My passive income business model right that was way cheaper start than my real estate marketing company my real estate marketing company was very well not very capital-intensive the grand scheme of things but still i spent probably 5000 plus dollars on equipment to start my real estate marketing company when i start at that and the 2015 beginning of 2016 guys so

One it costs me almost nothing i actually used when i started this channel this youtube channel i use the gopro and i just had happen to have so i film from that gopro i bought a $20 microphone and i was all ahead i didn’t have lighting’s or anything like that i didn’t start buying that stuff i didn’t have any soundproofing foam i didn’t start buying all that stuff

Until the channel started getting built so for me it was virtually almost free to start my passive income model and that’s how it started from the youtube channel right his word differs so when i’m on vacation i was on vacation three weeks ago right i was in arizona i went to mexico and stuff like that when i was on vacation i still made money every single day every

Single day everyone’s every single minute of every single day i still made money while i was on vacation hey that’s that’s like the american dream right that’s freaking awesome guess what happened with my real estate marketing company when i was gone you know how much money i made from that zero because i wasn’t in las vegas and that’s where my company is and if

I’m not there to physically take pictures of homes do videos for customers all those kinds of things that i don’t make any money because i’m not there to do the job so if i’m not there to do the job that i make no money i don’t have any employees so i make no money whatsoever guys that is the most beautiful thing about a passive income type model guys because you

Can make money all the time doesn’t matter if it’s christmas doesn’t matter if you work that day doesn’t matter anything you make money now there’s a lot of a lot of different ways you can make passive income is i like a million of them i’ve gone through the guy videos on this channel about the five vest or ten best passive income type business model specifics on

Business models you can do out there that will you know work for you or might not work for you and i guess barely touch the service on that guy’s there’s so many different different ones out there so like i talked about now when you when you do a passive income type business model right you need to have what something in the center of that plate so let’s let’s

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The think about your eating a big dinner right you need to have the steak there and then you know you can have the potatoes over here and the green beans or whatever else but you’ve gotta have the steak there’s a lot of people that try to try to do a passive income model right they learn about it either on my channel or somebody else’s channel or whatnot they just

Can’t really crack the code because what they try to do right off the bat they’re trying to get too many different things going at once and then they never really built the center thing so you’re going to build something in the center before you build anything before you have anything before you want the whole model to work you got to get that that center thing

There that steak you got to get that for me it was youtube and so i spent all my time just building up youtube for the first year and then after that i had an affiliate link then after that i launched a book and still i still focus mainly around the steak which is youtube that’s my my golden a is youtube guys so you got to figure out if you want to do a passive

Income take business model what is going to be your golden egg it might not be youtube i see a lot of people start youtube channels and ninety-nine point something percent of them all fail right because they either didn’t put them to work they didn’t have the strategy do it or they just weren’t they just aren’t good enough on camera you got to understand being on

Camera is a skill in itself i mean and there’s lots of different talents why do you think on tv most of time that people are beautiful and when people get old right what generally happens to them they get fired from the network and they get released they get that you know the last check cut and then all some they’re bye-bye because they’re not good looking guys so

You got to understand there’s different types of ways and if you’re let’s say you’re an ugly person we gotta talk frank right we’ve got to talk frank let’s say you’re an ugly person you’re just talking very good-looking but you want to do something on camera or whether it’s youtube or facebook video or twitter video or whatever type of video right you got to be

Damn good on camera if you want to succeed in a camera world where people have to look at your face you better be good on camera that’s all i’m going to say about that it’s not impossible you’re just yours added efficiency whereas if you’re a hot chick guess what man you be on camera you might still get views and people watches just because you’re sexy like

Thanks to the straight-up god’s honest truth and anybody that wants to deny that if you go jump off the bridge because it’s just simply true if you are really good-looking the chances of you getting more and more views is really good if you’re not very good-looking or you’re ugly and we can all just ask ourselves that physically then you need to be damn good on

Camera whatever you’re doing and so what what i’m trying to get across as far as my point goes there is is on youtube might not believe you twitter video now might not be for you facebook video whatever those kinds of things are but maybe a podcast is something where you’re talking you know on or on the podcast where you can have advertising on that podcast right

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That’s definitely something you can do down podcast you can have all affiliate links in there so if you start a podcast to do something success on you know successful there you have people actually clicking on links you’re talking about guys a lot of different ways to make money and guess what those podcasts can get viewed for years to come years to come months

To come same thing with anything video related guys so the opportunity is absolutely out there it’s the best business model it’s the most practical business model in my opinion in the entire world and it’s the only one you can really unless you have a lot of employees right maybe you have a start of business and somehow you you make it a success and you have 100

Employees a thousand employees 10,000 employees then maybe you can go on vacation you’re still making money technically right and you can don’t do this and that but the chances you’re going to get to that stage very very slim i mean the amount of people that actually build a company to a hundred employees a thousand employees 10,000 employees and even at a hundred

Employees you still need to be very involved with that distance even on vacation it takes tell like 10,000 plus employees where you can be zoned out you can go on vacation for a week a month or whatever and in the company will still be ok without your input every day and being on the phone constantly and responding to emails guys so passive income model the absolute

Best in my opinion out there it’s not even close between all the others and you just got to figure out what type of passive income business model is for you maybe you’re really good at writing books maybe you’re an author right i’ve seen people where they write books and that’s the main core of their business they’ll write whatever kind of genre they write usually

It’s a fiction book right and their fiction writers and then they kind of have some podcast here and there that they do and that’s not as popular as their books like the book is their stake what they do podcasts also where some people tune in and you know they talk about the book or maybe they kind of give a different plotline they were thinking about in the book

Or maybe they have a youtube channel where they get some views coming that way a lot of different things like that guys so make sure when you do the passive income model if you do it have your stake focus on building that then focus on adding the side dish and side dish here and then and then everything will kind of work and next thing you know you’ll be able

To treat that like it’s your living because you’ll be able to make a living from it you know four thousand six thousand ten thousand dollars a month or more i mean these people have run these type of business models and make hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars a month guy so it definitely can be done it’s practical low cost and you can make money every

Second of the day it’s a beautiful thing guys so hope you enjoyed this today if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance news channel we talk entrepreneurship we talk the stock market more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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