Pathway Health Corp. President Wayne Cockburn (TSXV: PHC)

Pathway Health Corp. President Wayne Cockburn (TSXV: PHC) – RICH TV LIVE – June 22, 2021 – WAYNE COCKBURN – President – Over 25 years of healthcare experience specializing in strategic planning, corporate finance and capital market strategies, corporate partnering governance, mergers and acquisitions. #pathwayhealth #waynecockburn #richtvlive

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Join our trading club at and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi how you doing today i’m your host rich from behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it’s wayne coburn the president of pathway health how you doing

Today wayne doing very well thanks how are you i’m doing great thank you for joining us wayne maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with pathway health sure so i first heard about uh pathway health back in 2018 when the company was in the early stages of transforming itself into a full interdisciplinary pain management

Business i thought their strategy at the time was uh was really well thought out and i was also impressed with the people involved and neither of these facts have have changed as far as my background i’ve been in and around the healthcare business for over 25 years now and prior to that i was in the investment business for over 10 years i’ve been involved in

Capital markets in total now for hard to believe over 35 years and i have experience in taking companies uh public in both canada and the united states very exciting and can you tell us with this new ipo that’s going to be going public what your goals are your main goals for the first six months for pathway health sure uh while our goals for the first six

Months of being a public company really aren’t any different than they were uh when i joined the company back in uh 2019 so we have a number of initiatives underway uh but they all essentially feed into our three main goals which are to continue to aggregate patients bring patients together through acquisitions and referrals to sign partnership agreements

With excuse me as many canadian pharmacy companies as we can certainly before the next round of health canada changes to the cannabis act and finally to continue to expand our product and service offerings to our patients uh our customers and our pharmacy partners it’s very important to have a very strong team can you go through your management and directors

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And especially talk a little bit about their success in the pain management sector and the public markets yeah well we’re very fortunate to have a senior leadership team that’s made up of experienced executives all of them with health care and operational experience three of our top executives for example have more than 20 years experience each in healthcare

Including pain management four of us have more than 25 years experience each in mergers and acquisitions and two of us have more than 20 years of capital market experience including taking companies public in both canada and the united states can you give our viewers an idea of how big the pain management sector is especially with more alternative approaches

Available now compared to the old traditional methods yeah the the pain management sector is enormous as you can imagine if you’re an adult and you don’t have some chronic pain the chances are you know quite a few people who do it affects one in five canadians and this number is pretty consistent right across all developed countries in terms of dollar value the

Numbers vary and it depends on where you get your information from but the one consistent statistic across all platforms is that the direct and indirect costs associated with chronic pain are more than cancer diabetes and heart disease combined wow so it’s an enormous sector what is the projected growth of this sector and how much of it do you think pathway

Health can capture well most people believe the size of this sector is going to continue to grow uh because of an aging population but having said that it’s very difficult to put a number on what the rate of growth will be is it 5 is it 10 the way i would characterize it is that the rate of growth of the sector is linked directly to the rate of growth of the

General population and in particular uh the rate of growth of people 50 years of age or greater this also makes it challenging to estimate how much of the overall market pathway health can actually capture because in some parts of our market there are limiting factors such as the availability for example of specialists to treat patients but having said all

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That we can more easily measure the change in trends of treatment patterns with chronic pain patients particularly among those who are more and more inclined to get involved in choosing the treatments that they receive for example over the past number of years chronic pain patients are choosing to integrate more natural approaches to pain management in with

What would be called more traditional modalities of pain and that includes the use of opioids and i think as more independent evidence of of efficacy of these natural approaches come to the forefront you’re gonna see a lot more physicians and other health care workers become uh more supportive of this integrative or or interdisciplinary approach if pathway

Health were to compare itself to its competitors in the sector what would you say sets you guys apart i think that there are two things that really set us apart from our competitors the first would be the range of products and pain services that we can offer our patients is much broader than our major competitors and here i’m talking about the traditional

Methods of treating chronic pain the second thing i think that sets us apart is our experience and independence when talking about medical cannabis and chronic pain we’re the largest provider of medical cannabis services in the country which means we’ve had more experience than anyone else and to my knowledge i don’t believe any of our competitors have the

Relationships with the pharmacies companies that we do and this i hope should become more apparent after the next round of changes to the cannabis act by um by health canada it’s extremely important here at rich tv live and we’ve got investors all over the world that are going to be learning about pathway health to understand the share structure can you

Break down the share structure for our viewers and how the company intends to attract institutional investment as well as retail investment sure we currently have 93 million shares common shares outstanding of which approximately 56 percent are held by insiders and these shares are all subject to a three-year escrow agreement so they’re locked up um fully

Diluted there are approximately 113 and a half million shares outstanding but none of these derivatives securities are exercisable at less than 50 cents per share which is the price that we did our going public round back in in march in terms of attracting in terms of attracting institutional investors i believe that we need to show them one or two quarters

Of performance before they’d be willing to commit we’ll also need to demonstrate liquidity in our shares so that they feel confident that they can sell their shares as easily as they can buy them and i think finally if we’re successful in uh gaining research coverage on pathway i think this will also help in attracting institutional investors if there was

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One thing you would want shareholders to know about pathway health today what would that be that’s a great question i’m glad you asked it based on things that we’re hearing um about the next round of health canada changes to the cannabis act i believe the focus is going to be on medical as part of these changes i think that cannabis derivative products uh

Such as cbd and cbg are going to be made available to consumers through retail pharmacy stores across canada and when this happens ask yourself what companies are likely to benefit from this well i believe pathway health is well positioned to benefit from these changes on a few fronts including our relationships our existing relationships rather with canadian

Pharmacy companies and we hope to expand these relationships to include working together on cannabis health products so i believe that we’re going to be in a really good position to benefit from what is likely to become a new consumer package goods category once these changes to the cannabis act are made that sounds great what is the best way for shareholders

That are going to be watching this video to get in contact with the company if you have any questions well i’d have them go to our website and register their name on our investor tab or they can reach out to the howard group which is the investor relations group that we’re working with or they’re certainly welcome to reach out to me directly super excited

To see you guys launch thank you so much for your time today wayne coburn the president of pathway health thank you very much for having me today always a pleasure now remember if you like rich tv live smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do

Your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live in saying that i do believe that because this is a brand new company that it is undervalued under appreciated underexposed put on your watch list put it on your radar and thank you for watching this is your boy rich from mrv live saying have a nice day you

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