Pax Labs Partners with: Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, Organiram, and Supreme Cannabis Co.

Pax Labs Partners with: Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, Organiram, and Supreme Cannabis Co. – RICH TV LIVE – JUNE 9, 2019 – Vape heavyweight Pax Labs Inc. is partnering with four Canadian cannabis producers to supply the domestic market with marijuana oil, ahead of the launch of new legal product formats in October.

Good morning good afternoon good evening this is rich from rich to be live and i have some big news to you to bring to you about pax labs which has entered the canadian cannabis market and this news is absolutely huge for a fria aurora organa graham holdings inc and the supreme cannabis company inc which i think puts a bull’s-eye on all four of them showing just

How powerful all four of those companies are and is essentially outlining that all four of them have enormous enormous upside because they are the chosen ones and it’s all over the news it’s everywhere i go listen to this domestic market with marijuana oil ahead of the launch of new product formats for the legal marijuana market this october so this is actually

Quite significant especially because we have yet to really see um the emergence of what the vape market in canada will look like and the fact that pax labs is making a broad push into this market it is a very significant driver of what we should expect to happen in the canadian legal marijuana market pax labs as some of our viewers may know is the brains behind the

Company called jewel which accounts for about three-quarters of the u.s. nicotine vape market itself pax labs carved out jewel in 2017 and jewel received a 12 billion dollar investment from altria that values that company at 38 billion dollars that is to say vape is huge business right now and it accounts for roughly one-quarter to one-third of the legal cannabis

Market in us and several us states which is what some analysts expect to be replicated here in canada pax labs is partnering with a free up aurora organic gram and supreme cannabis for major canadian cannabis producers to source their cannabis extracted oil for this their their upcoming packs bait devices what will vaping marijuana look like in canada well these

Devices look almost identical to the nicotine bait devices that most of us are not familiar with that’s it that’s essentially what most people should expect the jewelled devices it looks like a usb key that you inhale through a pod that is attached to that device there’s also cartridges that with a 5-10 millimeter screw that you can replace whenever you finished

With them and there was also going to be disposable products as well where once you’re finished with the actual pen you can throw it away or recycle it as you need there there’s also more specialized products in the market for those that want a different kind of user experience but given those those markets are still yet to be determined especially in terms of

The regulations which we have yet to see any sort of final information from the government yet do analysts have their hands around what this could mean financially to the companies involved financially right now we have yet to really determine how much that this is going to increase share prices given that we don’t have a price point for these cannabis products but

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Given that vaping is essentially a way for new cannabis users to enter the market those that don’t necessarily want to ingest cannabis through traditional methods it is expected to be a very strong driver and and one thing that i forgot to mention these are very high margin products as well you’re getting much higher margins than the 40 50 percent that you would

Get with flour you could expect to get to 70 to 80 percent margins it’s it’s a very significant business and the pac’s labs involvement here is a very very good sign of better things to come david george koch thanks a lot for keeping us up to date on that story so this is the big news that i really i really wanted to talk to you guys about so vape heavy weight

Packs labs inc is partnering with for canadian cannabis producers to supply the domestic market with marijuana oil ahead of the launch of new legal product formats in october so everybody is getting ready for legalization of edibles i’ve been telling you guys this i’m gonna keep telling you guys this this is going to be a huge resurrection in the cannabis sector

And it may have already begun with pax labs this is the news that is trending using cannabis through a vaporizer is widely expected to emerge as one of the most popular formats in the legal canadian pop market given its popularity in american states that permit recreational cannabis use it’s also a higher margin product relative to dry flower and believed to be

Key to introducing legal cannabis to users who aren’t fans of traditional methods of smoking the drugs now you can see here these four companies that were in the news doing a partnership with pax labs we seen a little bit of price appreciation especially from the supreme cannabis company which was up six percent on friday on this news so supreme cannabis company

Aurora cannabis organa graham and áfreeá are the chosen ones they are the chosen ones for pax labs this is enormous for those four according to recent scotiabank research report vape products and cannabis concentrates represent roughly one third one third okay one third 33 percent of the total market in states such as california colorado nevada and washington

For example demand for vape products in colorado accounted for 23% of the legal market in 2017 from 12% in 2014 so this is huge news and i think this could be a catalyst for one of the most undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies in the entire cannabis sector the supreme cannabis company this is a company that has a chance to be absolute giant but yet

They’re trading as if they’re just a small company they’re not a small company they’re a huge giant they’ve been here since the start but every one of their partners every one of their peers has passed them by look look at the prices of everyone else look at organa graham these companies have all been around for about the same amount of time organic i’m training

At 956 fire trading at 174 aurora cannabis trading at 1013 áfreeá trading at 960 seven and then we got fire trading at 174 but they have been chosen what does that tell you about fire to me it tells you that they are one of the most undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies in the entire sector with enormous and i say enormous upside now if we look at

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The five-year chart of all these stocks they’re all up they’re all up every one of these stocks is up even fires up but they’re not up as much as the rest of these i mean these bad boys have exploded like a look at aurora cannabis like they have been a enormous success for shareholders okay any way you slice it this stock has gone up now the question is what will

These stocks do now that they are working with pax labs let’s read a little bit more about this for example demand for vape products in colorado accounted for 23% of the legal market in 2017 from 12% in 2014 while the use of cannabis flower declined to 54% from 66% during the same period as new products such as vape pens are added to store shelves we expect some

Customers to spend to shift from the current flour and oil offerings scotia analyst ben isaacson and oliver row wrote in the report least last month additionally these new formats could attract more users from the illicit channel where the products are currently offered increasing the size of the addressable legal market this is what i’m talking about right now

Everybody that’s doing this is doing it illegally in canada if you wanna buy vapes legally you’re gonna have to do it through one of these license lp’s that’s just the way it’s going to be that’s the way they’re structuring it they’re doing that on purpose they want the piece of the pie so you gotta look at the chart on organa graham wow i mean you want to talk

About a beautiful chart does it get any more beautiful than this 18 cents on september 2015 now at nine dollars and fifty six cents that is unbelievable growth absolutely unbelievable growth and i believe this news proves that these bad boys will only get bigger and will only get better i mean the charts of these stocks are unbelievable absolutely unbelievable now

A lot of people say to me rich you know the markets are so difficult i’ve been getting eaten up in the cannabis sector rich over the last year or two ask yourself who you’re buying are you buying africa are you buying aurora cannabis are you buying organic ram are you buying supreme cannabis company these are the companies that you should be looking at because

These are the companies that the biggest players are partnering with and if they’re gonna partner with the biggest players then why wouldn’t you partner with them if you’re holding some tiny little penny stock and you keep losing money ask yourself what are you doing as a trader what exactly are you doing and why are you doing it after you inked aurora cannabis

Organa graham holdings and the supreme cannabis company will supply packs with cannabis extracts distillates and resin for its pax era pen and pod vape system a device similar to the drule product which is a dominant player in the u.s. nicotine vape market packs labs quickly emerge as one of the biggest companies in the tobacco and cannabis sectors given the

Popularity of its devices which are used for vaporizing marijuana flower oil and waxy extracts but it doesn’t grow or sell the plant packs labs founded joule which has been about three-quarters of the u.s. vape market three quarters that 75% of the vape bart market in america this is an enormous deal an absolutely enormous deal it doesn’t get bigger than this pax

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Labs founded joule which has about three-quarters of the us vape market and carved the company out as a standalone entity in 2017 last december tobacco giant altria group inc invested twelve point eight billion u.s. in joule ju ul for a 35 percent stake in the e-cigarette maker valuing the company at us thirty eight billion dollars as well vaping has drawn the

Attention of practically every canadian cannabis producer while health canada’s final regulations on cannabis extracts and concentrates are yet to be released most major pot companies are set to have a vape strategy in place despite not releasing much info on those products ray grace wood senior vice president for marketing at organa graham let’s take a look at

Organa graham once again one of the best success stories in the cannabis sector over the last few years and we’ve been talking about them since they were under $2 they are now around 950 so ray grace would senior vice president for marketing at organa graham said the company is earmarking about one quarter of its cannabis for the concentrate market in anticipation

For the demand it hopes to see for vape products the company also plans to produce cartridges and disposable devices for the canadian market he added we think the vaporizer market will be the second biggest market next to dried flower in the short term and the biggest driver to get new customers in the space wow that is huge you can see this muses everywhere guys

This news is literally trending everywhere this is huge news for the entire sector and specifically for these four stocks this news is absolutely huge once again áfreeá arora organa graham and the supreme cannabis company have a enormous partner enormous we think the vaporizer market will be the second biggest market next to dried flower in the short-term and the

Biggest driver to get new customers consumers in the space he said in a phone interview with bnn bloomberg cohen and company analyst vivian azor said in a report on wednesday that kronas group inc is expected to be a major player in the vape segment as it leverages its 2.4 billion strategic investment from altria heiser said kronos is using out ria’s old r&d

Facility in israel to advance its next-generation vapor devices which uses technology and out redeveloped over the last several years for the tobacco market she added that she expects the vaporizer market in canada to be larger than what is seen in the us as companies use more innovative technology to win customers wow huge news breaking news have to bring it out

To you guys have to break it down to you guys i think this is going to be enormous put áfreeá organa graham arora cannabis and the supreme cannabis company on full alert all four of these companies are going to be absolute giants in the cannabis space for the next five to ten years you can book it is your boy rich from mercy live and i’m out peace

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