Pay In Roubles?

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Business and finance newsletter. visit the one of the biggest economic worries in europe invasion of ukraine is that russia could cut relies on russia for a significant percentage its energy needs, and there are no easy substitutes but, they do still need to sell to europe. roughly 43% of the kremlin’s federal budget that they can’t afford to lose. they currently and

Have no easy way of rerouting this gas are set up. so, both europe and russia are austria and germany in particular, rely very off the taps for even a few days would cause inflict much greater economic damage on russia, the entire russian economy. germany and austria do have emergency plans the first of three steps designed to prepare final stage, the governments would bring

In gas rationing. foreign countries must start paying for natural be cut off. the way this new decree works, to russia (which are basically all of the – i guess he could probably view ukrainians are required to open an account both in foreign has not yet been sanctioned by the us and russian oil and gas. these countries would accounts, gazprombank would convert this into

Payments for natural gas. though putin’s order comes into effect for being delivered right now are not due until be an immediate threat to energy supplies that this plan is likely to be extended to coal, metals and other key commodities too. gas supply disruptions, as it imports less is actually already sanctioning gazprombank), prices rising in the global markets as the


Availability of natural gas falls. western sanctions that were put in place last will strengthen russian sovereignty, and that contracts, if western nations oblige. well, back in early march the rouble lost — after american and european sanctions has recovered and on thursday it traded at putin invaded ukraine. at first this might look impressive, and that’s effort

To make it look like the sanctions holding up for a variety of reasons mostly by moscow. when the sanctions were first imposed the were quickly imposed preventing russians from central bank additionally, more than doubled people to hold on to their roubles. these banking system functional. additionally, foreigners meaning their investment money is trapped to convert 80%

Of their revenues into roubles, right now, banks outside of russia have essentially so when you see that the exchange rate has this apparent strength in the rouble is masking russian economy. analysts estimate that russia’s year, wiping out fifteen years of growth, contraction that is expected with russia continuing to export oil and gas. them “self-sanctioning” by

Quitting the country even if sanctions don’t require tell you about today’s video sponsor – the useful and unbiased financial and business to your problem. the daily upside is a totally team of financial professionals with real thing i read every morning as it is informative, you the most important news with real analysis. yesterday, that was helpful in making todays

Or just looking for a great source of business free to sign up and they send you one information it enough. sign up using the link in the description below. any difference? well, the fact that russia is still able to this hole already severely undermines the buy the gas from russia in euros or in dollars, to convert 80 per cent of the revenues into money gets converted

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First and then the exporters is simply who does the currency conversion. or in roubles, moscow receives foreign currency, or for propping up the rouble. so right now, the main reason putin is making to appear to be pushing back against western that dislike the us or the eu might join in of more geopolitically aligned countries. what currencies could easily replace the

Dollar it would not be the chinese yuan due to their can’t be moved freely in and out of china. right now. if you are in the process of typing there is no need to even finish your comment, your opinion far better than anything that you could write. be worried about further sanctions being placed supporters of ukraine are suggesting that accounts from which moscow could

Withdraw putin’s decree may have been, in part, an ok, so, what do the existing supply contracts gazprom is entitled to renegotiate the terms they have dozens of different contracts with would be a long process. if there was a dispute be settled by arbitration in stockholm, and be required to continue flowing while the dispute is being settled. in breach of international

Protocols, and to want to do. russia honored their supply war and it would appear that russia does not korea quite yet. this is likely why they also a lot of people did not expect them to. ultimately, and still wants to leave the possibility of deal is signed. germany has said that it is prepared to ration eu’s largest economy) into recession but cutting off europe would

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Mean lost revenues russian state. it would also speed up europe’s in the long run, adding to the country’s it might not be wise, in theory, russia could much operational difficulty. gasfields are damaging them. some gas, but not much could or turkey, but russia would probably end up but they don’t have a lot of storage capacity, down wells. there is no gas pipeline

Connection between one would take three or four years. putin may feel he has hit back at the west in truth it makes almost no difference, but destroy any remaining trust in moscow as an don’t forget to check out our sponsor the video description. it’s a great newsletter this video, you should watch the one on the ukraine next. have a great day and talk to you again soon. bye.

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