Penny Stock to watch: American Premium Water Corp (HIPH)

Penny Stock to watch: American Premium Water Corp (HIPH) – RICH TV LIVE – September 21, 2018 – The Company, based in California, is a developer, producer and marketer of premium consumer goods, including the LAlpina brand of biotech-driven water products, the Gents brand of luxury accessories, the Worthy streewear brand, FashionCoinX, a utility token blockchain exchange focused on the fashion industry, and THRD Coin, a multi-branded utility token. In addition to its hi-pH alkaline water, The Company produces LAlpina Hydrogen, a hydrogen-rich water with no chemical additives, designed to maximize health and energy. In January of 2018, the Company produced its first prototype of LALPINA Hydro CBD, a CBD infused variation of the beverage that adds the many benefits of CBD. Gents, is a producer of luxury hats and other fine accessories and apparel. The Company has distribution across many luxury outlets, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstroms, and other high-end channels. The Company added the Worthy streetwear brand to the portfolio in June of 2018. Expanding on its expertise in branding and fashion, the Company acquired the license to operate the FashionCoinX exchange, a blockchain exchange focused on creating utility tokens for the fashion industry. The Company created THRD Coin, a multi-branded utility rewards token that is also first token to be traded on the exchange. The Company maintains a large and growing presence on social media, with over 1million followers across its brands while getting endorsements from entertainment figures, including Flo Rida, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and today i want to talk to you about a stock that you know right now the markets kind of up and down we’re not much red but we got a little bit of red and we’re not having the biggest day obviously in the markets a little bit of red you know nothing too drastic but we’re a little bit red so on days like today


Sometimes like i’m not gonna you know sell in the red so these are days where you’re buying you’re looking for opportunities we found in our community an opportunity a few days ago with a penny stock that we’ve been talking about in the rich tv live community in our secret group and this stock has been seemingly doing very well simple as hipaa chits a penny stock

Be careful guys penny stocks are very very risky very volatile but we got in kind of early we’ve been watching this let’s just say for about a week and we started talking about in our group when it was probably around yeah i would say around here around three cents and since then it’s now up to five cents and we have members that have made a lot of money on this

Already and you can see that it’s exploding here it’s having a personal best day here from what we’ve been watching it so this is a stock that people within our community you’re playing with now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about

Here on rich tv live but look at this it’s up 1,300 percent since december it is a three hundred ninety four percent in the last three months so obviously it could come back it could retrack because it’s up a lot anything that goes up like this could easily come down it is a 88 percent buy on bar chart which is very powerful with the top one percent signal strength

So the long-term indicators mostly agree with this trend so there’s a lot of power behind this it’s a 32 percent one of those cheap ones you know be careful with it you know perceive a caution buying the red sell the green don’t chase anything in the green we have members that have been buying this it was that $0.03 obviously it’s up to five now they’ve done really

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Well just wanted to bring it to your guys attention kind of like a little gift here because we are 25 days 12 hours 7 minutes and 53 seconds away from history in canada h i ph american premium water corporation let’s read a little bit about what they do hydro and diffused cbd water la la la pina hydro cbd water can go a long way towards administering doses of

Cannabinoids cbd for those who deal with chronic ailments such as inflammation pain and anxiety disorders those are also huge potential benefits for athletes who may not only use la pina to hydrate but also to minimize the inflammation pain and stress that physical activity places on the body so there’s some information here about what they’re doing there in the

Cbd business they are in the hydro infused cbd water industry so you know take a flyer on it guys 5 cents edit your watch let’s put it on your radar people in our community are winning on it right now they’re happy they’re winning they’re talking about it not close the phone is blowing up right now if you want to talk about it i’m telling you what do you think you

Can see the volume is 28 million shares the volume is pretty massive and if we look at the company information here so they’ve got 208 million shares issued outstanding which isn’t that bad consider they’re only at 5 cents their market cap is that 7 point 8 million so this definitely has room to grow guys i’m not saying you should buy it in the green we always want

To buy in the red sell in the green but based on what i see here right now it looks like it could do pretty well the only thing that concerns me about it is it has a and i don’t like this i’m gonna be honest with you it has a pink limited yield sign so h iph if you guys are king you guys need to get up to date on your filings and you guys should go fully reporting


If you guys can go fully reporting and you can actually be more transparent with your investors this stock could skyrocket so put h ip h on your watchlist put on your radar the phone is blowing up have a great weekend next h ip h go to wwe go to wwe tv hover over stocks where we have all the information and tools you need to get everything for free all

The tools to find all the information that you see here and reach tv live every single day which you can get absolutely free you don’t need to pay for any of these tools what do you guys think about hipaa if you like the videos smash the like button we are 25 days 12 hours five minutes away from history in canada subscribe some of you guys probably haven’t been

Unsubscribed youtube’s got some crazy crazy glitch subscribe for more updates follow your boy hit that bell for notification every time we have a breaking update a stock to watch you will know first right now our community is winning big on h i ph it’s a penny stock be careful if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich looking at american

Premium water corp h ip h a big winner for our members hit that like button comment down below let me know what you think think it’s a winner i think it’s gonna go down let me know peace

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Penny Stock to watch: American Premium Water Corp (HIPH) By RICH TV LIVE

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