PharmaTher Provides Research and Development Update and Milestones

PharmaTher Provides Research and Development Update and Milestones – RICH TV LIVE – June 10, 2021 – PharmaTher Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or “PharmaTher”) (OTCQB: PHRRF) (CSE: PHRM), a clinical-stage psychedelics biotech company, is pleased to provide an update on the research and development initiatives of its psychedelic product programs and upcoming milestones for 2021.

Rich picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i wanted to speak to you about this

Is their website a clinical stage psychedelics biotech company which i brought to you guys first and it is absolutely on fire i’m not going to go through everything right now on the website but please put them on your watch let’s put them on your radar they’re absolutely on fire their website is and we’re going to take a look at the stock right

Now so today they’ve been as high as 64 cents currently right now it’s 60 up 20 this has been an absolute rocket it is now up over a thousand percent that’s right over a thousand percent since november 2020 so about a thousand percent in about six months absolute rocket ship phrm is the symbol in canada in the us the symbol is p h r r f and you can see i’ve

Been tracking this i’ve been bringing you guys the news i brought you this pick first and you can see they’ve been absolute rocket as well in the united states trending up with massive momentum now let’s talk about why so on i’ve been bringing you all the news i’ve been interviewing the ceo a lot of good things are happening this is another psychedelic stock

And on june 1st they had news pharma there and ts rl enter into code development agreement for microneedle patch delivery technology for psychedelics and antivirals that started the momentum okay and and some other news before that and then this came out today and it’s been rocking pharma there provides research and development update and milestones for 2021.

So let’s go through it farm with their holdings limited like i told you guys phrm in canada phrf in america a clinical stage psychedelics biotech company is pleased to provide an update on the research and development initiatives of its psychedelic product programs and upcoming milestones for 2021. we are well positioned both financially and operationally to

Execute on our remaining milestones for 2021 which includes completing a phase two study with ketamine to treat parkinson’s disease game changer a phase two study with ketibet for treatment resistant depression and the development of our novel microneedle patches for delivering psychedelics such as ketamine psilocybin dmt mdma and lsd said fabio chianelli

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Ceo of pharmacare the recent fda acceptance of our ind to proceed to a phase two study in parkinson’s disease will pave the way for us to confidently submit future inds and advance clinical studies evaluating novel uses formulations and delivery forms of psychedelics to treat various mental health neurological and pain disorders now this was what really

Started rocking the stock a fda phase 2 clinical study for the rest of 2021 pharma there will focus on advancing three promising developments through clinical studies ketamine for parkinson’s disease this is a huge game changer following the fda acceptance of the company’s investigational new drug application to proceed with a phase two clinical trial to

Evaluate the safety efficacy and pharma pharma coconut of ketamine in the treatment of levodopa-induced discensia impatience and parkinson’s disease the company has begun clinical trial startup activities to begin enrolling patients in q3 2021 and to announce clinical results in q4 2021 for those interested in the study identifier nct

One 04912115 titled a multi-center phase two randomized double-blind perspective active placebo control trial of sub anesthetic intravenous infusion of ketamine to treat levodopa induced discensia in subjects with parkinson’s disease assuming the phase ii clinical trial is positive the company requests a meeting with the fda to discuss its plan and obtain

An agreement to move to a phase three clinical study under the 505 b2 regulatory pathway in 2022 ketabit trademark for treatment resistant depression the company is preparing a pre-ind meeting request and briefing documents to submit to the fda to support the clinical development of ketibit trademark and the phase ii study for treatment resistant depression

Company intends to file the pre-ind meeting request this month and obtain fda feedback on its clinical study design and file the ind in q3 2021 with the overlap with the clinical operations from the parkinson’s disease study the company has already activated startup activities and identified potential clinic sites to screen and enroll patients for the proposed

Phase 2 study in q3 and q4 2021 the aim is to share clinical results by the end of this year and the stock has been on fire following the company’s recent submission to receive orphan drug designation for ketamine for treat als the company is working with its clinic clinical advisors in finalizing a proposed phase two study design the objective is to request

A pre-ind meeting with the fda in q3 2021 and submit the ind in q4 2021 farm author has an exclusive license agreement with the university of kansas for the intellectual property protecting and potential use of ketamine to treat als which was discovered by dr richard j barrow md john a stanford phd and dr matthew macaluso d oh preclinical research has shown

That the administration of ketamine preserves muscle function in advancing als and increases life expectancy when given the early stages of muscle decline and muscle decline is a major issue for people when they get over the age of 50. micro needle patch for the delivery of psychedelics for the second half of 2021 farmer third will focus on working with its


Research and development partners to advance next generation micro needle patches for the delivery of psychedelics hydrogel forming microneedle delivery system for ketamine pharmathir is working with professor ryan donnelly under a research agreement with the queen’s university of belfast to finalize the patented hydrogel forming microneedle patch development

To deliver ketamine and ketibet the research leverages the successful proof of concept achieved in delivering s ketamine the s plus in a timoner of ketamine via the microneedle patch which may overcome the drawbacks associated with ketamine administration in an intravenous or nasal spray format validation and tech transfer to support clinical studies will be

Completed in q4 2021 interim development results may be made available as they arise through 2021 micro dosing psychedelics with gel ma microneedle delivery system the company is working with the tarasaki institute led by dr ali khadem hozani under a research agreement to finalize the development of a proprietary micro needle delivery system comprised of a bio

Compatible and biodegradable gelatin methyloin gelma compose it for use with psychedelics such as psilocybin dmt mdma and lsd the gel ma patch delivery system is the driving force of the company’s psychedelics micro dosing program it is expected that validation results in delivering these psychedelics will be completed in q4 2021 interim development results

Will be made available as they arise through 2021. so as you guys can see farmweek there is busy my goodness clinical manufacturing and supply the company entered into a code development agreement with tsrl inc to jointly develop a patented hydrogel forming micro needle patch delivery technology license from the queen’s university of belfast to control the

Manufacturing and supply of micro needle patches for the company’s respective clinical and commercial drug programs pharma there is focused on incorporating psychedelics i.e ketamine psilocybin dmt mdma and lsd and tsrl and focused is focused on incorporating antiviral medications i.e xenomivir other antiviral therapeutics and vaccines in a microneedle patch

With the potential to improve the safety i.e fewer side effects efficacy bioavailability optimized dosing regimen including continuous system delivery and compliance example storage distribution and self-administration of these compounds that currently must be taken orally inhaled injected and intravenously recent activities included in the tech transfer for

Scale-up and manufacturing of clinical supplies to a gmp contract research lab and a pre-ind meeting with the fda that achieved agreement with the agency on proposed 505 b two product development plans the company aims to validate clinical production of the microneedle patch this year and to enter into clinical studies in 2022 to deliver certain psychedelics

Such as ketamine cytosibin dmt mdma and lsd about pharmacare holdings limited symbol phrm in canada phrrf on the otcqb exchange a clinical study psychedelics biotech company focused on the research development and commercialization of novel uses formulations and delivery methods of psychedelics to treat mental health neurological and pain disorders pharma

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There is currently conducting an fda approved phase 2 clinical study with ketamine to treat parkinson’s disease and is developing a novel micro needle patch for the intra intradermal delivery of psychedelics you can follow them on twitter you can follow them on link it in the twitter looks like this this is their twitter you can see i’m already following

And not many people know about these guys yet and you can follow them on linkedin and you can see i am already following them on linkedin as well so feel free to follow them there and once again their website which i believe everyone should go to and be aware of is a clinical stage psychedelics biotech company you can find the investors deck

And everything you need to know about the company their focus recent press releases all right on their website love to know what you guys think they’re absolutely on fire up 200 since my last video about a month ago they’ve been just ripping non-stop as you can see currently at 60 cents up 20 on the day and their volume has just been like you can see here

The average volume over the last three months is 433 000 shares today 1.45 million and ripping up both in canada and the united states you can see pharma there is on fire love to know what you guys think if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe did you get into this rocket are you riding the

Rocket did you sell are you thinking about buying now are you looking for a dip let me know comment down below is your boy rich remembers to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners we brought you farmer there first and we bring them to you first thank you guys for watching now remember rich tv live is strictly for information

Education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the best is blessed and you absolutely deserve the best you can see this trend clearly trending up the trend is your friend and this trend is clearly trending up so love to know what you guys think

Did you guys get it on this rocket it’s your boy rich remember to be live and i’m out peace you

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PharmaTher Provides Research and Development Update and Milestones By RICH TV LIVE

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