PlantX Life Inc. CEO Julia Frank (CSE: VEGA ) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF)

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Hi how’s everybody doing today my name is rich your host here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of plant x life julia frank how you doing today julia hey thanks for having me i’m really really good thank you thank you thank you for joining us all the way from germany very excited to speak with you a very big fan of what you guys are doing

With your company and i have a few questions for you the first one being plant x life is the digital face of the plant-based community and a one-stop shop for everything plant-based can you tell us a little bit more about what you offer sure as you said uh we are the digital face of the plant-based community and the one-stop shop for everything plant-based and

I mean that’s our message and we really really much mean that so um the idea is to have a massive e-commerce platform where we can house any kinds of plant-based products and services under like one big umbrella so either if people want uh plant-based products meal delivery plants or simply find uh plant-based restaurants all around the world and we can basically

Offer any vertical on our platform so that’s basically um what we are aiming to achieve i love it i love the angle and this is a plant-based world we’re going in that direction and i think what you guys are doing is a huge need now what sets plant x apart from other competitors in the plant-based space yeah what is uh unique about uh plant x is um that it’s not

About a single brand um like i mentioned before we are acting as like an umbrella and our aim is to include all plant-based brands like basically under one roof and we are also constantly adding new brands to our to our product page and yeah we basically want to to carry any a plant-based product that we think um has our quality standards and um i mean when you

Think about it for example if you want let’s say plant-based pet food but you also want a plant-based cosmetic you want um plant-based plant-based meals delivered to your home you don’t have to like go to let’s say three or four different websites basically you can like get everything you want on on our platform and i think that’s amazing and that’s pretty much

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Unique absolutely and what made you decide to get into the plant-based space i mean i i have been working in the automotive field i was working for for bmw uh almost five years which which was amazing but to be honest like the automotive industry is not like my full passion to be honest but i was always like interested in like healthy nutrition i i work out

A lot i like to be like i like pretty much live a very healthy lifestyle so this is really really my passion and when i get the chance to meet uh sean dollinger the founder of of plant x and he told me about his vision his ideas and that he’s looking um for someone who can like build up the company with him together i was like hey that’s exactly my thing um i

Also have the vision that plant-based industry is the future and um that like people start to like rethink their lifestyle also especially uh with with corona um and then i was like you know i was like okay i’m the right person for you i definitely want to do that and then i decided to um yeah to join plant x and now i’m the ceo always since half a year now wow

So it’s really exciting congratulations thank you so much now can you pre briefly talk a little bit about the plant-based industry and where you think it’s going in 2021 i mean the plant-based industry has has exploded the recent years and i think especially with with corona the people spend so much time at home it’s it’s really important um to stay sane uh

You know and not get crazy in in these lockdowns and i think the people are much more health conscious and like really think much more about what they put into it into uh their body and um i think that’s one reason why we really like hit the right timing with our company and the people you know like the whole plant-based space is like dramatically growing and

I think only in the in the last two years um the growth was over 29 in them in the plant-based fields and to be honest i think um it’s gonna it’s gonna like explode within the next year even more because you know with the pandemic um people you know like i said i think everyone kind of rethinks their their nutrition and everyone also like my friends circles

They start to work out you know like everyone is kind of changing they have their habits and i think for us it’s like a big chance and especially for the whole plant-based market absolutely i agree with you 100 the company has reached a number of milestones in 2020. can you tell us some of the highlights from the year i mean my personal highlight was when we

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Started being publicly traded which was uh in last year in august and i mean you have to think about it like we started um the company in november 2019 and then being publicly traded in august 2020 after the website was actually live in uh in april 2020 i think that’s that’s amazing so um that was uh definitely one of my personal highlights and one of the the

Biggest milestones in 2020 but i mean we also acquired an amazing company it’s called bloombox club uk it’s a planned subscription company and believe it or not but home delivery for plans also exploded the last two years you know people spend much more time at home so you know it’s like very important to have a nice environment and i mean what’s what could be

More convenient than like uh bringing plants uh to your doorstep you know so that was also an amazing achievement and then um last year we announced that we are gonna open up our um two brick and mortar stores um one in san diego the other one in in squamish in british columbia and by the way also one in um in tel aviv in israel so yeah i mean we had quite

A lot of milestones that we achieved in 2020. that’s exciting what are your most excited about for 2021 obviously 2020 was a really good year we’ve just started 2021. what’s getting you really excited about 2021 and what should investors look for in the coming months i mean i’m i’m definitely really excited about our our expansion um especially into europe

I mean i’m i’m originally from germany so for me especially the german market is really important and um i mean obviously the expansion is in general really important uh for for the company and therefore also um for for the investors and um i mean also we will expand our our our meal delivery into the us at the moment we are um available all over canada so i

Think that’s also going to be like a like a big part and like i said um the the opening of the brick and mortar locations in san diego in in squamish and in tel aviv are also you know just amazing so i can’t wait for that fantastic now in order to be a successful company you have to have a great team can you tell me a little bit about your team and the members

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And what sets you guys apart um i mean like like the founder uh sean dollinger um he has more than i think more than 20 years experience in e-commerce and he started his first company i think with 17 which i think is uh is very impressive and his last company was the most greatest traded stock um i believe in 2017 with over 1.8 billion shares traded and uh i

Think he he’s he’s gonna do the same um with uh with plant x and um you know we as like an amazing team that’s our goal to achieve that and um yeah i mean we have our cmo she’s amazing um when you check out our website you can see like the website is just amazing i mean i love the design and the style and the user experience is amazing and she brings she brings

In a ton of experience with um building up platforms and then we have uh lauren repkin our cfo he has a successful practice in toronto he has um been an accountant for over 15 years so yeah i mean we are a really amazing team and um we have a like a great management team with with the right amount of experience to succeed that’s great it’s very important to

Have the right team in place we as a community here at rich tv live we have investors from all over the world that watch our show in fact about 90 countries are watching rich tv consistently every month now those investors are going to want to get in contact with you they’re going to be asking questions they’re going to have a lot of interest what’s the best

Way for them to get in touch with you yeah please everyone who’s interested feel free to contact us we’re more than happy to share more information and feel free to send us an email to info at thank you so much julia frank the ceo of plant x life thank you for joining us today continue all your hard work and we’re going to be watching very very

Closely the evolution of plant x life thank you for joining us today and we’ll talk to you soon thank you so much julia have a great day thank you guys for watching if you guys like the video please smash the like button comment down below subscribe and share the video everywhere this is rich from rich to be live with julia frank the ceo of plant x life have a nice day you

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PlantX Life Inc. CEO Julia Frank (CSE: VEGA ) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF) By RICH TV LIVE

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