Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year

Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year – July 3, 2017 – 4K

What’s up i’m back now today i want to identify a stock that is not more than seven thousand percent since last august and it’s a company that i’ve been talking about since i started my show it’s gone up like seven hundred percent in the last few months alone the players network the symbol is p and tv now ask rich why is it up so much rich why is it going up

Every single day rich what’s going on with p n tv rich well if you’re wondering you came to the right place so let me show you why it is on fire and let me explain to what i would do if i was you looking to buy this stock now as you can see the bid is at 16 to the offers at 16 5 there’s a huge spread there which is an alert right there not to buy ok and i’m gonna

Explain to you why i will not buy the stock right now and while why i will not chase this stock ok so let’s get right to it shall we so the first thing i want to do is i want to go to bar chart and i’m bar chart right away p n tv says here it’s a 17 cents bar charts a little bit delayed it was at 17 cents up 6 percent it opened up at 19 today ok it’s currently at

16 but bar chart has pn tv the players network at a hundred percent by and ranks them to the top one percent signal strength they also say that the long-term strength is in the top one percent so bar chart say that this trend will continue however bar chart is also saying they aren’t highly overbought territory so be careful and watchful of a trend reversal so we

Don’t want to get stuck holding the bag now let’s see how much they are up ok in the last month alone they are up one hundred and forty-four percent in the last three months alone they’re up four hundred and thirty percent and this has got me whistling down the road right here let me tell you it’s definitely got me whistling right down the rope yummy whistling

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All the way down the road cuz in the last year since last august the first it’s a seven thousand two hundred eighty six percent that’s right seven thousand two hundred and eighty six percent if you put in a thousand dollars you would have made seventy two thousand dollars in one year this is what we call a unicorn people it’s on fire now what has been the boom

In the last month it became a fully reporting bulletin board company and since then it started to skyrocket now before that what was the catalyst well it’s in the medical marijuana industry but let’s find out some more it’s gotta be whistling all the way down the road so let’s read what is pmt players network inc is a diversified holding company operating in

Marijuana and media pnm tv owns approximately 85% of greenlee farms holdings llc greenlee farms which has a nevada state issued medical and recreational cultivation and production licenses the cultivation license enables greenlee farms to grow marijuana and production licenses enables them to create extracts which are used for cartridges oils and edibles greenlee

Farms is operational and has started generating revenue is a wholly owned subsidiary developing a social network and lifestyle channel destination for the marijuana industry is launching the go-to source for information entertainment products and services for people who relate to the marijuana lifestyle and an active social community marijuana

Accelerator is the division of p.m. tv which has established an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs with investors and develop partnerships marijuana accelerators mission is to identify and develop ventures in the marijuana industry so this is marijuana and television to lighting now the other thing that just happened last week

Is nevada legalized recreational marijuana because of this pn tv skyrocketed last week now i like to really get into it get deep into it now remember guys do not chase stocks if stocks are up thousands of percent or hundreds of percent one hundred and forty four percent or four hundred thirty percent in a couple months i will not chase the stock wait for the

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Stock to plummet wait further shores to get their hands on it wait for it to get into the red go all the way back down to like six seven eight nine cents then you position yourself then you get into the stock that’s how you win if you chase the stock thinking you missed it you’re going to get hurt it’s a bulletin more company it’s a medical marijuana space it’s

In nevada and they just legalized recreational marijuana that’s why the stock is going up but i’m gonna tell you exactly why i am not buying it at this price right now you want to know why let me show you why let’s look at their financials can you see their financials i want to make sure you guys can see their financials properly now this is what’s alarming to

Me december 31st 2016 then four hundred ninety eight thousand dollars in assets as a march 31st 2017 they have four hundred fifty six thousand assets they only have eleven thousand dollars in cash that is pathetic okay if they have left cash in the bank in you why would you put your hard-earned money into this now i’m not saying it’s not a good company you’re

Not saying they’re going to make money or they’re not going to make money but they’re trying to say that there’s their revenue generating well where’s the revenue pn tv i see $11,000 my bank and seventy seven grand in assets that is pathetic their total assets combined with construction i guess they’re building a facility is 450 6004 that let’s look at the debt

What concerns me is the debt one point six million dollars the debt would and over a hundred percent in the last couple weeks and it’s got no money in the bank and lots of debts so i’m not chasing this stuff i’ll be watching the stock if you want to learn how to read financial statements if you want to learn how to win i’m gonna tell you okay you go to otc markets

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Calm you click on filings and disclosures and you read the cues this is the last quarter now hopefully the new cue that comes up is going to show some revenue but as it stands right now this is a company that has very little money in the bank very little revenue whatsoever and still has a lot of debt so will i buy this stock maybe will i chase the stock no but

Currently the stock is it stands just went back up the 17 cents which is a good sign it’s up 8.1% on the day it’s traded 5.2 million shares but i will not chase the stock beware of the trend reversal and the next time the market crashes and you see it in the red that’s what you want to buy it buy low sell high visit rich tv live don’t forget to subscribe click

The like them below and comment on the show cuz all i do is bring your winners i’ve been talking to your systems to those at 2 cents now it’s at 17 congratulations to anybody that has won if you’re winning you’re watching all right thank you everybody have yourselves a great day i wish you all the best of the luck now remember don’t chase stocks buy low sell high

When they’re in the red that’s when you buy when they’re in the green yeah it’s your watch list and just watch it and the next time it has a bad day and it gets pummeled and it’s in the red and it goes all the way down that’s when you buy it alright guys i’m out thanks

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Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year By RICH TV LIVE

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