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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and go to rich tv.io join our global community of investors built by investors for investors where you’ll be able to learn about undervalued

Underappreciated underexposed investing opportunities and i want to take your attention right now to pond technologies pawned in canada under the symbol p-o-n-d and p-n-d-h-f in america a company that has found a way to take co2 that’s right tons of co2 and essentially turn it into sustainable products it’s true and we’re going to break it down right here

Right now exclusively on rich tv live let’s take a look shall we here’s pond technology’s website pondtech.com symbol in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange pond p-o-n-d we derive value from emissions you can learn more about the company investor information technology algae products pawn naturals and contact information scroll down and learn more

About pawn tech pond biotech and pond naturals the technology we design and operate scalable bioreactors that use our society’s most abundant product industrial greenhouse gas emissions and our specialized growing systems to cultivate algae and other valuable biomass our systems effectively close the carbon loop and create wealth from waste for our partners

You can learn more you can also click on the video right on their website to understand and learn more as well rip we hold a series of patents on the process by which we take gases from industrial exhaust to grow phototropic biomass into a reaction zone our patents are registered in several jurisdictions including the usa the european union china and canada

This allows us to evolve the technology in our system grow different crops aside from algae and apply our platform to different sources of industrial exhaust gas fluid or solid carbon capture and utilization and algae products you can also see their latest news right on their website and let us turn your waste into revenue these are some of their partners and

Then contact information now wanted to show you guys their socials this is their instagram we are following them on instagram where you can get lots of information and latest news this is their youtube we are also following them on youtube their linkedin we’re following them as well on linkedin this is their twitter we are also following them on twitter you can

See here pond is a canadian technology company with applications in pollution abatement nutrition the food and cannabis industries we are following them on twitter and on facebook this is them on facebook right here so we’re also following them on facebook now this is their desktop deck corporate presentation for 2022 the symbols for pawn technologies in

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Canada p-o-n-d on the toronto stock venture exchange and on the otcqb exchange in america under the symbol pndhf we derive value from emissions the pond overview pond technologies is a canadian technology company that has developed an innovative on-site method of capturing and transforming harmful co2 emissions into a saleable asset in the form of protein-rich

Algae pond’s proprietary platform harnesses raw unfiltered stack gas to fuel the growth of various strains of algae under tightly monitored conditions year round and completely autonomously two tons of co2 are consumed to produce one ton of algae one of pond’s pilot proprietary photo by bioreactors can be reinstalled installed on site requiring fewer than

Two thousand square feet of space to operate and can absorb six to ten tons of co2 per year producing three to six tons of clean algae biomass this represents a demo facility and the use of clean algae as a protein-rich ingredient has surged in the last five years most notably by manufacturers in the pharmaceutical agricultural and biotech industries controlled

Growth outperforms current competitors outdoor methods versus pond growth platform on the right you can see on the right controls total growth environment including tight light gases and temperature in enclosed photobioreactors increased yield less contamination operates 24 7 year round a fraction of land required and uses less water than outdoor farms you can

See in comparison to current competitor outdoor methods and you can see the market opportunity food and beverage and nutraceuticals target market 10 billion fish and animal feeds target market 20 billion biotech 600 billion and bio remediation 100 billion and look at the cagrs for those four industries huge compound annual growth rate the market for algae

Is a multi-billion dollar industry and our patented technology can capture various market segments pond’s proprietary technology is protected by an extensive ip portfolio including 26 active patents in the key markets like the united states europe taiwan china and the middle east you can also see the patents pending and the algae platform protection notable

Relationships and partnerships with some big names and company divisions pawn develops and commercializes technologies and holds associated ip monetized via proprietary equipment consulting licensing and royalty fees so you can see pond naturals pond carbon and pond biotech and you can see the areas of focus company divisions pond carbon pond biotech and

Pawn naturals you can see the company’s strategic goals and the business focus so some big goals and pawned carbon overview pawn carbon develops carbon capture projects providing operational resources from initial consulting to project completion and you can see the pawned carbon active projects and pipeline a large pipeline of projects pond biotech upon

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Biotech overview palm biotech represents an immediate and long-term value creation opportunity by using pontex algae-based system to develop and manufacture valuable algae strains for use in human and animal therapeutic solutions and pond biotech biopharma solutions problems for biopharma grow quality proteins at scale for diagnostics and therapeutics pond

Solution for biopharma genetically modified algae strains controlled growth environment for genetically modified algae that can express proteins for diagnostics and therapeutics consistent quality due to contained growth systems proven scalability proper protein folding and less expensive pond biotech market opportunities immediate opportunity diagnostic

Reagents cost advantage and reagents and no requirement to develop testing platforms future opportunities human therapeutics and contract manufacturing pawn naturals quick overview pawn naturals is a manufacturing operation that develops algae-based products to sell to clients in the food beverage and nutraceutical industries this here is a photo of an existing

Commercial production and extraction at pond’s british columbia facility company ownership and financials this is the equity table company insiders own approximately 21 of the shares outstanding on a fully diluted basis you can see here common shares issued and reserved and common shares issued and reserved 51 million 304 thousand and 22 and including

Warrants fully diluted 77 million 7 330 shares so a very tight share structure that’s exactly what we look for and you can see financials historical q3 year-to-date performance so q3 2021 q3 revenue increased by 70 group revenue for q3 2021 totaled 2 163 000 for q3 2020 1275 000 an increase of 888 000 which is the 70 increase q3 2021 margin revenue less

Direct costs and expenses was 903 thousand 42 percent versus 175 000 13 in q3 2020 q3 2021 operating loss of 557 000 was lower than q2 733 000 and q1 1 million and 3 000. so q3 year-to-date 2021 for the nine months ended september 30 2021 2021 revenue increased by 30 to 4 million 364 000 2020 three million three hundred and sixty seven thousand for the nine

Months ended september 30th 2021 a margin of one million three hundred and thirty five thousand thirty percent versus six hundred and forty eight thousand nineteen percent was achieved you can see here industry comparables some other companies and their market caps qst on the venture exchange ades fuel tech ftek their market cap and green lane renewables grn

Dot to which we’ve also covered and pacific green technologies pgtk on the otcqb bion iron environmental bnet also on the otc markets with their market cap lik tech international liqt.q and m-e-e-c on the otc markets with their market caps take a look at the leadership team you can see the management grant smith is the chief executive officer and you can

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See other key members of the team as well grant smith has as an executive with 25 plus years experience in the global health supplement and ingredient space co-founder partner at rfi ingredients a large manufacturer for ingredients to well-known consumer brands across north america prior to this grant served in the leadership role at various major consumer

Package goods companies in north america so you can see the team here and the board of directors you can see grant smith is also director contact information if you would like to get in contact with the company feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions at pond technologies holdings head office 250 shield court unit 8 markham ontario and

Feel free to contact cole stevens at corporate development our product data driven growth data collection ai driven analysis culture control light control bioreactor optimized a algae growth and continuous harvesting ai controlled automatic harvest and nutrient replenishment so you can see the bioreactor the sensor ai driven data analysis and determine

Exponential growth algae harvest and maximum biomass extraction building long-term partnerships bioreactor and led products sensor products and data collection and optimal growth data maintenance and replacement data analysis and software licensing new and reoccurring trial for client specific algae love to know what you guys think of this video if you like

The video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe what do you guys think of pond technologies we deliver value from emissions remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich

Tv live but we like pond technologies we broke down their share structure we broke down their revenues we broke down the sectors of focus and areas of focus love to know what you think if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live you’re bored rich from rich to be live bring in the

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